Priest, Pally or Shaman

Trying to get back into healing and was wondering which healer has the least amount of CDs to manage and the better AoE heals. I don't mind using CDs when crunch time comes but I don't like having to use them constantly in order for my healer to perform. Not sure I'm being clear about it, lol. I don't want to worry about hitting a CD every time I want to throw a heal on someone. I prefer reactive healing over proactive healing. So vets, which healer should I be looking at that will be comfortable for me?
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90 Troll Shaman
I prefer reactive healing over proactive healing.

Try out a shaman. Although they have plenty of cd's , don't be afraid to use them! There is nothing wrong with having lots of cooldowns, don't think of it as extra work, think of it as extra goodies!

Remember to use Unleash Elements before dropping healing rain, and use your healing stream totem all the time too. Compared to Paladins with their holy power and hand spells, shaman are more straight forward imo.

I dislike the proactive model of healing since my memory is really all hazed away, shamans got the cooldowns and the powa' to drop huge heals fast, so no worries mon!

edit: hmm well I reread your post and if not shaman then Holy priest fits you perfectly. I love my holy priest BUT...I feel forced to go discipline sometimes as it is just stronger for 10 man raids and just overall, but I dislike the proactive healing model :(
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I guess my biggest problem is using the cds at the wrong time, lol. Having to deal with a lot of them seems like more of a chance to blow one at the wrong moment. I'm terrified of healing in MoP anyways, add having to use the right cd at the precise moment really causes me to hesitate to heal. I guess I just need to pick one and get to know it really well. Thanks :)
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100 Human Priest
Well, I can't comment on Shammy's now. Mine are stuck at 60 and 70. Also take my comments with a grain of salt as I don't go much past heroic 5s and the random LFRs. I mostly do guild stuff, farm old content, etc.

I think Paladin's are probably one of the easier healers to learn on right now. They are reactive healers mostly, like holy priests, but have absorbs which are just yummy right now. To really become good at a holy pally though, you've gotta learn how to be efficient at generating holy power. Once I figured that out, it got a lot smoother and easier. I think Paladins required the least amount of knowledge about the fights.

Holy Priests are very similar and just require you to be awake. They tried to add some complexity with the Chakra states, and I will admit at first they seemed daunting (especially at first when your state was based on which spell you first cast) but once you get used to it, it's fine. It does require you to know a little more about the fights so you can be in the right state or time the transition as necessary.

The one advantage about priests is you have two healing specs, which is just gravy as you can pick which you like. Personally, I like Discipline. I've always been a shield !@#$% even in vanilla (much to dismay of warriors at the time). It's always been my favorite spell as it's truly unique. Now, discipline does require a little more heads up on knowing when damage in coming. It has more CDs to use, but you sound like me at first and I always hesitated to use them. Now, I realize they are on 2-3 minute timers, so it's usually not an issue. I will even use them on trash if I'm being lazy so long as I know I have time before the boss for them to come back up. Spirit Shell was a little daunting at first until I learned how to time it better with incoming damage. It's incredibly useful though, and it's on a 1 minute timer so you'll use it a lot. I love to use it when I know I"m going to be unable to heal for a little while so I'll pre shield and do what I need to do (hymn of hope, etc).

If you are coming from a warlock, shadow priest will be a familiar transition. I got my pally to 90 and remembered I didn't like to melee much as DPS. Shadow OTH is wicked fun (pun intended).

So, my opinion, jaded as it is, is to try priest. The DPS spec is cool, Shadowform is the best visual ever, and you have two healing specs, which are very different and you can try both. And its rare when blizzard screws them both up concurrently.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Discipline priests have 4 CD's to manage and it requires you to know when the big aoe's are going to be dished out to stay high on the charts. The good news however, is that if you do this correctly, you likely will be at the top of the charts since your CD absorbs will never be wasted as overhealing. The other great thing is that 3 out of the 4 CD's can be macro'd together to have all three pop at the same time.

Take a fight like Megaera for instance:
You keep shields on the tanks and Smite/Penance heal while throwing PoM out often, and keep a close eye on the snake's health. Once it dies, you rush over into position, select a player, and hit your macro for Archangel, Spirit Shell, Inner Focus, and PoH. You continue to cast PoH on each group untli Spirit Shell runs out. That's all there is to it. But if you don't do this fast enough, you will waste some of your CD because casting 5-6 PoH with 2.4 second cast times takes a while.

The 4th CD is just a simple giant shield called PW: Barrier that you slap on the ground to reduce damage taken.

Holy priests on the other hand, may have the fewest CD's to manage overall. You have a single target CD to use when the tank gets really low and a giant AOE heal that works like Tranquility, but that's all as far as I know. (someone correct me if there are more). Holy priests are reactive healers, have strong single target heals, and very very strong aoe heals, however you will find it difficult to successfully get many single target heals off if you have a paladin in your raid as your cast times are quite long in comparison. The CD's are very easy to manage.

Paladins are both reactive and proactive healers. They have some of the fastest single target heals and their mastery causes overhealing to convert into a shield if I'm not mistaken. (correct me if I'm wrong on this, but I know it at least works somewhat like this). I'm not sure about what their CD's are like.

Shaman are entirely reactive healers. They feel very similar to holy priests with their single target heals, but their AOE heals require people to be stacked. I am also too unfamiliar with their CD usage to offer any insight unfortunately.
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100 Blood Elf Monk
personally if you are afraid of cooldowns, then i would shy away from paladins, as they have a ton of cooldowns/utility (hands mainly being the bulk of them). most of them arent really needed too often, but they do have their moments

i cannot comment much for priest or shaman (as its been awhile since ive used either), but monks have almost zero cooldowns lol. but can be one of the less forgiving classes to heal on
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96 Night Elf Druid
I feel like I have sort of mastered disc priest and pallidan healing. My druid healing has mainly been pvp where I always use cooldowns ans dont worry about mana so much. I want ro get back to my shaman 85. Im not crazy about the druid changes but do like the disc priest changes quite a but. My shaman is elemental atm. The priest is more proactive now and easy once you get used to it.
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100 Draenei Paladin
Paladin healing is what you're looking for.

I'm proactive with mine, but you can sit back and be as reactive as you want to be with instant Shocks, Eternals, and Prisms.

Cooldowns - I forget I have them most of the time. Certainly useful during high damage situations, you aren't nearly as reliant on them as priests. (My other healer's disc/holy, so I have some experience to compare the two).

As far as meters/raid performance, you can't get much better than where paladins are at for the (little) amount of effort it requires.
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