pvp socket bonuses?

90 Night Elf Monk
With the recent changes to pvp in 5.3, i am wondering if i should gem all of my slots with +160 intellect (brilliant primordial ruby) and ignore the + pvp power bonuses and the + intellect bonuses. if i do not ignore them i end up putting gems in my gear that add stamina or haste, and i know haste is important but obviously intellect is my priority stat. for example, my gloves have a socket bonus of +60 int when i socket a blue gem, which would be +240 stam (solid rivers heart) or a +80 int and +120 stam (timeless imperial amethyst) and if i ignore the socket bonus and put in a +160 int gem i get more of my priority stat, which would seem to be better than adding a little stamina (or in other cases, haste, etc). im very conflicted on what to do and would love to hear other MW's opinoins on gemming pvp gear.

<3 jet
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm not a monk, but I think the strategy for gemming is the same on the paladin side. We just like crit instead of haste.

For me personally, I went ahead and went with the socket bonuses. I favor a crit heavy build, so I used the orange Int/Crit gems in my yellow sockets, while keeping pure Int gems in the red sockets. For blue, I went with Int/Spirit, as it gave me a buffer to buy the crit focused non set pieces such as belt, boots, bracers, etc.

The PvP Power socket bonuses are a little lackluster, so I'm not sure every class should really worry about that, but for every socket that gives a +Int bonus, you're trading 20 total intellect( 80 int from gem + 60 int from bonus), for 160 of a secondary stat. I'd say that's a fair trade.
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90 Human Monk
Unless youre running 2 piece PvE bonus (increases Renewing Mist heals), then haste should never be stacked as a Mistweaver in PvP.

Mistweaver Monks favor intellect > spirits (to whatever you feel comfortable), then all Crit. Nothing more. It is essential that you maximize your socket bonuses now since PvP power gems & Pvp resilience gems give 50% less than 5.2 and it requires more PvP power & PvP resiliences per point to get 1% in each stat.
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