May be starting CMs today

100 Pandaren Monk
and as a healer I can go on either my monk(main) or my shaman(alt) I would prefer my monk because I have heard bad things about mw CMs. Any advice for Mw CMs?
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
but the monk CM gear is pretty dull compared to the shaman one :/
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100 Pandaren Monk
Lol I know I eventually want it on both but wanted to prioritize my monk
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Really the only thing I can think of that you may have any problems with is the really heavy tank healing sometimes that has to be done. You'll inherently learn when it's coming, make sure to just have the chi to Envolping, get SM on the tank and plan your Life Cocoon before or after their big CDs.

Honestly mana management ought not to be too big of a deal because MW can raid heal with like 9k spirit without the legendary meta. Again, it's mostly just inherently learning which mob to mob you can do with just mana CDs and not using Restorative Amber and learning the combat drops in which you need to use your Amber. It does vary some depending on how clean the execution is but you get a general idea.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
If going for gold,

Grab Restorative Ambers - need lots.

Be ready to use cooldowns at a moment's notice - don't need your tank to tell you when to use one since it may be too late. at least when we did pulls we went extremely fast and so they have their own worries so you need to use them. just make sure you don't waste them when they use their big cooldowns.

Trash is the main worry, not the bosses. Bosses do relatively little in challenge modes. Trash, especially since you are trying to pull full rooms at once (+ the fact that they usually get new mechanics / abilities or the ones they have become more deadly). For instance in gate of the shattering sun, the hardest part is the trash before the third boss as they have a very nasty ability that needs to be interrupted iirc.

Also, be ready to go dps at certain key moments. I remember in scholo, with our strat I went dps for Lillian so that we could push her before phase 2. there are a few other spots that you need to be thinking fast and switch specs etc.

Invis pots make things easier, but are by no means required IMO outside of mogushan. Mogushan's timer is extremely tight and you its tough to get through without the use of pots. Of the rest, I cannot really remember necessarily using a pot or if we did, we were almost 3-4 minutes past the goldtimer and so it didn't help too much.

You should be active in the CC rotation. And I dont mean things like hex. If your group lacks aoe stuns, and, for instance, you are a shaman, you need to coordinate your capacitors totem with that of the other people in your group (if they have any). Preventing damage in such fashion is just as important as healing it up.

I would prefer shaman just because I had no issues with em :)
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90 Blood Elf Priest
The leader board on my server is run by two healers. One of them is a MW and the other a shaman. The MW holds more spots than the shaman, but that may just be a matter of motivation rather than potential.
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