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Hello people of Shadow Council I'm looking to transfer here and would like to know how the rp is on both sides and if there are any guilds looking for new members. I plan to start fresh on your realm as in no heirlooms or anything like that. And I'm fine with any race or faction and is there also a role playing channel in game I could join to get to know everyone?
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On both sides of the faction fence we have /join Haven for rp channels, as well as the usual OOC channels. A lot of RPers use rp-haven.net to advertise events and post stories, art, discussion, and connect to other RPers of both factions.

Alliance side is pretty quiet, but we have regular weekday social events (check the latest post in the stickied events thread, or check RP Haven). Much of the Rp is in guild/amongst friends, and there isn't really a centralized space for random walk up RP gatherings outside of the weekly events. The majority probably takes place in Stormwind.

Hordeside's a little more active and open-walk-up friendly, as long as you're in Silvermoon. Many of the weekly social events happen there as well. They're generally bigger/more active than the Alliance ones.

We're an older, sleepier server; many of our RPers have transferred elsewhere or left the game, or stopped RPing in public for fear of griefers. We have a few core groups hanging in there, though, and the folks who remain are pretty friendly and helpful.

Good luck!
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>>> Wyrmrest Accord >>>
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can we just be honest and say the truth? this place is DEAD. D.E.D. dead. And the few people that are left, created NEW toons and RP elsewhere. This is a Mislabeled PvE server. Don't waste your money.
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