Hunters seem boring... New DPS class?

86 Tauren Druid
Only among mediocre players. In top guilds where everyone is bringing near 100% hunters are quite lacking.

Thank you!

I have been saying this for the last week in many threads and keep getting told they are fine.
I see post numbers for 50 percentile heroic raiders and they say BM is middle of the road, and people scream they are fine!
I then go to 70-80-90 percentile and watch hunters plummet to the bottom yet everyone keeps trying to say they are fine.

They are crap when played at a skillful level, no topping meters in LFR or normals is not what we mean. We mean when put up against equal geared and skilled players with a decent to high skill threshold, hunters are bad and getting worse.
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90 Night Elf Druid
06/01/2013 08:51 AMPosted by Soldinar
Could you suggest a DPS class to play that is wanted in dungeons/raids.

No. There are always too many DPS.
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90 Tauren Paladin
Competent dps are always wanted in five mans. The ones that interrupt wait for the tank and all that.

Raids a lot depends on the group is the best answer.
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90 Orc Warrior
Just be good at dps , pick what you want but be a very good player not a herp derp giving everyone a bad name. Everyone hates a bad DPS no matter the class. a Good one can really turn the tides and does not get the attention that tanks and healers do , but if you suck , watch out. Play well and play what you enjoy. Dont go hopping around trying all different classes never getting truely great at a single one.
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90 Dwarf Hunter

Its no harder or easier than any other class, you may find it easy to play a hunter or difficult to play a monk or a rogue but that doesnt mean its so.

Its the same thing, you build your points or focus or whatever and then you dump. If you dont have an addon to tell you what ability to use as a monk or a rogue then get one, theres tons out there just like how weak auras works for others.


It doesn't have anything to do with difficulty (or I didn't intend it to be that way), which I think is why you're confused. The discussion was around 'feel'. A cooldown-based class has a different feel than a build/spend resource class. Of course they are all easy, and can be simplified to a ClcInfo-style addon. Be a healer if you want to avoid that level of simplification. :)
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