Mistweaver vs discipline - direct comparison?

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I recently tried - and fell in love with - the 'combat medic' playstyle of mistweaver monks and discipline priests. Healing has always been my forte in this game, but as someone who previously mained a resto druid (effective healer, but very squishy) I enjoy the ability to mix it up in combat while still supporting my group in both pvp and pve. I have a monk and priest of about the same level, and am currently trying to choose which one to take to cap. Currently, though, I can't really tell what they will play like when they get there. So, does anyone have a bit of experience with both of these classes who can explain a bit about how they compare to each other? I've learned so far that:

Disc has amazing mitigation and solid cc and defensive cooldowns. They are kinda 'clunky', in that they aren't great at juggling multiple healing targets and they lack a bit in mobility. Still a tough nut to crack, and being able to operate at range helps survivability.

MW is fast-paced, and can react to changing circumstances near-instantly. Very mobile, and better at juggling lots of healing targets. Survivability is all about being faster than the enemy, meaning that a careful balance must be struck between melee'ing and avoiding their attempts to pin you down.

Anything else that I'm missing, particularly relating to how these 2 handle at 90? Is it suicide to attempt the 'combat medic' playstyle in RBG's or arenas? Yes, I know - 'play what you find fun'...I've just been having a hard time finding info on this playstyle - especially solid info on the mistweaver. Thanks, any advice appreciated.
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It's comparing apples to mufflers - the playstyles are completely and totally different.
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I can see how disc and mistweavers are similar.
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So they don't have any strengths or weaknesses that could be compared to one another, huh? We should message Bliz, let them know they have finally perfected class balance :P.

But seriously, I wasn't asking for anyone to explain the subjective 'feel' of the classes or anything. Just what their big strengths and weaknesses are - I'm inexperienced in both, so I thought maybe I could ask people with more disc or MW experience than me.
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Mistweavers strengths are dealing with healing through aoe damage, (either consistent pulsing and/or burst aoe). Mistweavers also have zero mana problems and can spam heal. Due to our cheap chi generators and mana tea crit proccing

Downside, We have no real effective way of healing people who don't have a renewing mist. Also our tank healing isn't amazing either.

Mistweavers are also extremely strong when you're first dealing with new heroic bosses you are undergeared for. Renewing mist does a large amount of healing when it doesn't overheal.

Mistweavers also scale rather well with haste/int/crit. Each time you reach a new haste breakpoint (I.E 3145,6141,9158,12131,etc). The gameplay because much more fast-paced due to soothing mist's scaling with haste
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Mistweaver -

Focuses more on AOE healing through Renewing Mist and Uplift. Imagine if you took the hots of a Druid and the Holy Power of a Paladin and put them in one class. Revival, Chi Torpedo, Life Cocoon are all great as well. It is a bit tough to spot heal sometimes, thanks to how Renewing Mist works, but you can let other healers deal with that, or Soothing does the job well enough.

In PVP, you don't tank damage like other healers quite as much - your key to survival is mobility (and Healing Spheres). You get a lot of fun melee utility abilities as a healer which is kind of nifty - a disarm, a hamstring, Ring of Peace, etc, etc.

You get fistweaving, which can be fairly powerful in PVP, especially if someone isn't expecting the healer they're tunneling to turn around and punch them in the face. In PVE, fistweaving is only used rarely, basically whenever you care more about your DPS than your healing. Its fun, but don't expect Atonement level of cheesiness.

Discipline -

Did I mention Atonement? Spam all the Smites and lol at the meters. If the damage going out is low to medium, or you are between cooldowns and POH doesn't make sense, use Atonement. Its incredibly overpowered even with the recent nerf.

Discipline is great because it is so flexible (unlike that non-Discipline Priest healing specialization). Otherwise, its all about the Spirit Shell and predicting damage. That and Penance makes you a pretty good tank healer. POH is still strong, so don't think your AOE healing is weak, not by a long shot.

The only real drawback to Discipline is also its biggest advantage: absorbs. Absorbs are incredibly op once you get used to them. Absorbs are great for damage you can predict - the best thing out there, in fact. However, if damage going out is greater than your absorbs, Disc isn't so hot at actually filling the green bars once the damage has gone out. Don't stop healing, of course - just Disc does particularly well with a strong throughput healer to back it up.

I haven't done much Disc PVP this xpac - but here's generally the way it works: some guy at Blizzard thinks "Priest" means "Fairy Princess" which means "I need a HERO to RESCUE ME". Disc PVP tends to be about tanking all the damage and hoping/praying your teammates peel for you. That's less the case now that we have Phantasm and the Tier 15 talents, but that's generally how it goes - learn to love your pillar. Disc doesn't have the escapes and immunities of other healers, in general, basically. If someone doesn't actually focus you, you can also put out pretty decent damage (that's part of what has made RMP so strong in arena all these years).
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Quick and dirty answer:

Disc is completely ranged, whether healing or DPSing, and focuses on damage prevention through absorbs. Their single target abilities are more potent, and their damage to healing abilities are more fluid. Absorbs are also extremely valuable in raiding scenarios and Disc is the best at providing them.

MWer mixes melee and ranged , providing slightly higher DPS in exchange for the hassle of most of those DPS abilities and some other utility requiring melee range and more dedication. They need to be proactive when setting up ReM, but are rewarded with mega-HPS through Uplift and some other CDs.
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