Spirit and Haste Caps (R. Shaman)

100 Tauren Shaman
I had roughly 8.3k Spirit yesterday when running LFR. I was comfortable with my mana regen and ending most fights with 125k-150k mana while being first or second on overall healing done and HPS.

If I undo of all my reforging and upgrade a few items, I could hit the 25% Haste cap. I'd fall from 9727 Spirit to 8864. If I upgrade items with both Haste and Spirit, I could end up closer to the 9k Spirit range. I'd fall from 3553 Crit to 2416.

I feel like I'd have too much Mastery for that amount of Crit, so I wouldn't have an issue reforging from Mastery into Crit. I wouldn't hit 3553 Crit again though, so I'd lose a bit of throughput and some mana regen.

I'm just not sure if 8864ish Spirit would be enough mana regen to support the 25% haste cap, and I'm not sure losing 1000ish Crit and some amount of Mastery would be a good idea for throughput, mana regen, and emergency healing.

Any thoughts?
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90 Draenei Shaman
I'd be hesitant to throw that much itemization at Haste at your ilvl.

However, if the gold isn't an issue for you, give it a try! You can always change it back.
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90 Troll Shaman
Rather than aiming for a high haste breakpoint at that gear level it is better to just get the Healing Rain haste breakpoint (10% raid buffed haste) and take Elemental Mastery talent. Macro EM to HTT then use EM again when it comes off CD.
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90 Goblin Shaman
Rather than aiming for a high haste breakpoint at that gear level it is better to just get the Healing Rain haste breakpoint (10% raid buffed haste) and take Elemental Mastery talent. Macro EM to HTT then use EM again when it comes off CD.


ancestral swiftness is a far better talent.

as for the OP, at your gear level you'd be crippling yourself if you hit that haste breakpoint. You'd be oom halfway through every fight.

you're not even hitting the HST breakpoint right now. Gear for 3764 haste and dump the rest into crit/mastery.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
OP I wouldn't aim for that 25% just yet.

From their own website, EJ still has this:

"Since HST and HTT extra ticks are for the most part dependent on your latency their first breakpoint of 3764(3306 for goblins) is greatly devalued."

Thus, I wouldn't necessarily recommend going for the HST haste point.

Most shaman at lower gear levels will go for 12.51% raid-buffed haste (thats ELW+1). This is 871 haste if you are spec'd into NS, or about 3040 if not spec'd into it (assuming a 5% haste buff in raid).

It is very hard to reforge down to 871 haste, thus you will often find yourself with an abundance of haste which isn't always useless but you won't be at any special breakpoint (like you said you are basically 2000-2100 haste away from the next breakpoint which is nothing stellar (riptide +2)).

Disregarding the instant cast portion of NS (i will get to that later, but it is EXTREMELY good), at this point you might want to consider using EM, especially if you are good at using and tracking cooldowns.

Right now I am spec'd into EM, but I change depending on the fight (have not gotten to go into ToT that much yet but I already know when I would change and for what fights. generally, if there is no stack up phase for healing rain I don't use EM).

If you elect to go for EM, get to 9.88% haste UNBUFFED (remember you will not get 5% free haste since you wont have NS). This breakpoint corresponds roughly to ~4200 haste (its not on EJ at least when I last checked).

What this does is give you a +3 HR (as opposed to a normal +1) whenever you cast EM. Thus you can an extra 4 ticks essentially of healing rain whenever you use EM if you get to this breakpoint (assuming the 5% raid buff).

Now, this isn't useful on every fight. Obviously any fight where there are set phases where you stack up and need massive heals such as healing rain (tortos stomp every ~40-45 seconds = EM every other one, maegera = EM every other one), it truly shines.

At the same time, the instant cast portion of NS is extremely good. Any fight where you don't get to abuse healing rain, OR where there is an alternative mechanic where you still need big and fast single target heals, you should spec it and reforge appropriately (you will probably have an overabundance of haste even when reforging unless if you manage to hit riptide +2 which again isn't super stellar).

For instance, I can make the same argument that NS is just AS good as EM for maegera due to the fact that the fire debuff can get insanely irritating late into the fight and rapid heals are required if that person is at the wrong place, etc.

Of course if you don't like tracking cooldowns or a lot of reforging, then just stick with NS and at this point don't worry about too much haste. later on you can get up to that riptide +2 or even healing rain +2 (that would be ANOTHER 2000 or so haste which is a lot to pour into one stat).
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100 Draenei Shaman
I think you should take a look at what your goals are.

For 10/25m I would recommend 50%~Mastery. Its your saftey net and while when healing 25m you often won't see it playing much of a factor, the times when the raid gets wrecked and you see it kick in are worth it.

From there I would evaluate if you would like to heal 10 or 25m. If you are wanting to do 10m I would forgo haste after and put all into crit. You will be doing a lot of single target healing and at low gear levels the Resurgance procs through crit can sustain you well.

If you are going to be healing 25m and mostly focuing on raid healing I would recomend doing everything you can to get healing rain haste breakpoints until you get to 7613 with AS. It makes a significant difference.

Try the playstyles out and see how it feels. Crit will always give you more mana, but if you are finishing fights heavy on mana then you can afford to tip the scales towards haste.
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90 Troll Shaman
AS averages... 5% haste.
EM averages... 6.66% haste.

Clearly, EM is trash. Especially when at 10% haste it jumps your HTT up to 40% haste, resulting in 2 extra ticks.

Honestly, I'm planning to go back to EM once I get the legendary questline done (1k haste on 2/2 legendary cloak...). At 31% static haste, EM will put me at 70% haste while active, giving 2 more HR ticks than I currently have and reducing my CH cast time below 1.5 seconds... which will make Asc just go bonkers. But getting that much haste without making BAD sacrifices isn't possible without heroic ToT loots.
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100 Draenei Shaman
I don't necessarly think EM is trash, but you overlook a lot of benefit you get for running AS in 25m. For the record I mostly used EM when I was raiding 10m.

AS averages... 5% haste.
EM averages... 6.66% haste.

AS doesnt average 5% haste, AS is 5% static haste.
How much haste EM gives is obviously dependant on the length of the fight and how many times you are albe to use it.

05/31/2013 12:21 PMPosted by Pitkanen
At 31% static haste, EM will put me at 70% haste while active

And over GCD cap. Don't get me wrong having EM can be nuts for situations where you can line up your ascendance and then again with HTT, but for me in 25m you lose too much if you aren't able to line them up exactly each time it is needed. With AS there's the added benefit of having an instant healing rain cast during ascendance.
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