Healer Synergy: 10 Man Edition

90 Night Elf Priest
Did all of T14 holy priest/disc priest and its a pretty lethal combo aside from potential gearing issues. I consider holy to be the most well rounded reactive healer with echo of light HoTs and really powerful raid heals(spread or stacked). Add a disc priest to prevent as much damage as possible as the premier proactive healing spec and you're not gonna have many throughput problems. That being said any comp can work with talented healers that communicate and know each others tendencies.
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Did all of T14 holy priest/disc priest and its a pretty lethal combo aside from potential gearing issues.

I feel like that's a large reason there aren't more combos like priest/priest or druid/MW; Gear war's can often hinder your healers.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
We do Disc/Druid now, with a Shaman as our swing healer for the occasional 3 heal fight. It works pretty well and we have good communication with one another. I've been told we're running a "bad comp" since there isn't a Hpally, but I never feel a lack of confidence in my healers.

Two healing with a Druid feels pretty good as Disc, I focus on PW:S/absorbs while he tops people off with Rejuvs/WG/shrooms. We used to do Disc/Shaman with a different Shaman, but it was rough. They weren't an adequate player though, so I won't let that represent my opinion of Shamans.
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It often seems like shamans get unintentionally shafted due to their mastery and other minor factors when they are paired with a lot of other healers :-/
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90 Draenei Shaman
We 3-heal everything (cry), however here are my 2-heal team opinions.

(pre-MoP I was a Disc priest. I leveled a MW 1 - 90 for my guild in the first weeks of MoP and raided most of T14 on her but ended up not enjoying it/not being as good at it as I wanted to be... "couldn't" go back to my Disc priest even though I was already alt-raiding on her, because my former resto druid healing partner had chosen to main his Disc priest for MoP... so I leveled this shaman and finished T14 with her and have done all of T15 on her and love it no matter what the resto shaman community is upset about)

My dream team healer combo would be Disc & shaman, though Disc & druid or Disc & MW would be lovely as well.

Disc in the right hands (... my current co-healer Disc is *not* the right hands, unfortunately... hence the 3-healing) is completely ridiculous at damage prevention/damage mitigation.

Shammies, with their buffed-heals-to-low-HP-target Mastery, clean up anything the Disc priest can't contain.

Meanwhile, unlike pairing the Disc with the druid or MW, you have unending utility on top of the Disc's already-impressive utility.

Pairing the shaman with a Disc priest instead of any other class means the shammy doesn't consider stacking Spirit to the exclusion of their own throughput, because not only is there only one other co-healer to benefit from MTT... but that Disc co-healer also has no difficulty keeping themselves afloat mana-wise without sacrificing their own throughput for personal mana solvency.
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Ahhh Much appreciated input, thank you Ellarix!

I see how this combination could definitely work and I also understand and deeply appreciated the maximized utility between the two. I believe that skill is always the number one factor when it comes to success as a healer.

This is a combo I used to run in Cata very often. We had three heals and exceptional DPS. It would normally be me (i was more reilaible than my co-healers) and an H pally or resto shaman. I loved healing with them both but never truly understood the synergy between my shaman co-healer. Now i am enlightened :) Learning something new is always good.
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100 Goblin Shaman
For some reason, on this one, I love having a druid healer with me. Don't know why but I feel like they synergize well together. On my monk, either a disc priest or a shaman.
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90 Draenei Shaman
After thinking about what I wrote earlier, I'd like to add that I *do* hear what the more progressed resto shaman community is saying about resto shaman difficulties in MoP. I can't pretend that I see those difficulties, because my guild will only ever raid 6hrs per week. That means that no matter how well we do in those 6 hrs (and sometimes we're a bunch of derp-oholics), our team will *always* be padded by VP purchases and LFR loot that more-progressed guilds don't have while they get their early-tier progression done. Better teams than us simply do more with less. In that situation, with the current state of resto shammies, I have to acknowledge that maybe it's rare for a Disc-shaman healing team to work as well as I imagine it working.

Since that's never going to be my situation, I guess I should be explicit that it's what I think would work best for "my kind" of 10man - the casual 10man guild who put minimal hours per week into raiding, but see full heroic clears by the last tier of an expansion. And that realization requires me to acknowledge that Disc/shaman might not be "the best" 2-healing team in terms of "which two healers enable a 10man to clear all content early in the tier". Maybe some 10man resto shammies who *do* see early-tier heroic clears can weigh in with more authority than I have in that matter ;)

... I also hold out hope (despite Blizz's history with resto shaman concerns, apparently... ) that Blizz will manage to make some alterations to the class for 5.4, if the reality is that resto shammies hinder 10man progression-race kills.
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For some reason, on this one, I love having a druid healer with me. Don't know why but I feel like they synergize well together. On my monk, either a disc priest or a shaman.

I imagine it has soemthing to do with the idea that I mentioned earlier about the druids trickle healing (similar to that of a disc priests absorbs) being strong enough to offer drastic pressure relief but weak enough to allow shamans to truly capitalize on their mastery and increase over healing output.

@Ellarix This is a good point to bring up but perhaps not as hindering to a raid as you may think (in my opinion). I know shamans are however underrepresented and therefore acknowledge your struggles );

Know, however, that this does not mean shamans are bad by any standard!
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90 Troll Druid
06/01/2013 10:06 AMPosted by Lifè
What Do you guys think about a Shaman druid combo?

We run that comp right now, been just fine.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
To answer your question from earlier, yes. Holy priest/pally combo works nice for similar reasons to the Druid/pally. (Sorry, spent the day outside with the kiddos)
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Do you think doubling up on specific healers could Work too Shaman/Shaman, H pally/ Hpally etc. etc.?
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90 Draenei Shaman
With PW:S being spammed more again since 5.2, I'd say Disc/Disc is once again less than wonderful in 10man, though perhaps not so problematic as it was pre-MoP.

(for the record, I did plenty of H DS bosses Disc/Disc in Cata, though it was after the... 15% nerf, I'd think)

The difficulty for shammy/shammy lies in 1-tank fights and Earth Shield. I mean, it's nowhere near the problem of duelling Disc priests, as ES can be thrown on non-tanks and be at least somewhat useful. And I suppose there are plenty of 25man 1-tank fights too; multiple resto shammies' Earth Shields don't cause "problems" there. Still, ES on a non-tank is a... non-optimal use of an important ability except in situations where a non-tank is designated to act as an OT for a portion of a fight.

On the other hand, *all* shaman heals (ie... healing from multiple shaman, including enh & ele shaman) are increased by 20% on any Earth Shielded target. ... perhaps shammy/shammy is a strong option for fights with heavy tank damage? Still, I think fights like even *normal* Tortos would show that 2-healing shammy/shammy in 10man would be... not competitive.
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Thanks for the feedback and opinions, looking forward to more anecdotes
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2 Heals:

Holy Paladin - Great mastery and throughput. Also have awesome utility skills that can help 'break' certain encounters. Their small but widespread absorbs are great for adding a bit of breathing space to the raid.

Disc Priest* - Powerful absorbs that give the raid a lot of breathing space paired with amazing smart heals to quickly spot heal where necessary. Pain Suppression and Void Shift are also very powerful when used effectively.

3rd Healer:

Resto Druid - Fantastic raid healing.
Mistweaver - Good raid healing, amazing cooldowns and utility.
Resto Shaman - Probably the best cooldowns and amazing stacked healing.
Holy Priest* - Awesome instant and bursty AoE healing.

*Having a Priest that can freely swap between Disc and Holy is awesome. I'm still trying to figure Holy out myself, I find it tricky in my Disc gear as I run minimal spirit which I really starve for as Holy.

I think it's always good to have at least 1 absorb healer and then one of any other healer. I, personally, think 2 healing with any combination of Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, or Holy Priest would be more difficult than other combinations (but still doable).

Edit: The only healers I would consider doubling up as a long term thing is Holy Paladins as they can really do it all well in my opinion.
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90 Pandaren Priest
I don't believe this is a simple question to answer. Different specs are stronger for different situations by virtue of their individual strengths and weaknesses. This similarly applies to different healer compositions. It would be true to say it's often ideal to have a well rounded composition which brings a healthy combination of abilities, including cool-downs, throughput healing, absorbs, etc. But in some situations it's often better to have a composition that is very good in a select few areas, depending on encounter. So, much like spec, I think composition strength varies from encounter to encounter.

Of course, while a specific encounter may not appear to favor a specific spec or composition at first glance, it's perfectly possible to go outside the realm of the "norm" when it comes to encounter approach and tailor your strategy to your raid composition, including your healer composition.
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7 Undead Warrior
I'll give this to you from the standpoint of a 11/13heroic dpriest as well as being 16/16 heroic last tier. Currently any comp is viable for 2 healing. Every healer has been used for clear the content so unless your trying to push some end game content fast you gotta realize skill>class will always be true. Only in cutting edge progression will a few classes be "necessary". I will say for the sake of 3 healing i would almost always want a disc priest because 3 reactive healing classes will result in a lot of wasted healing. If your trying to 2 heal I personally like a hot class such as a druid/mw paired with a disc/hpal. Every fight can be different as mw might own tortos or a disc priest might be amazing for heroic consorts just because they are able to mitigate the star dmg with shields. Shammans can serve as a nice mana battery as well as being extremely strong on stacking fights where they can utilize cd's. However overall as ilvl increases mana isnt really a issue and spare a few fights shammans will be the weakest healer imo. And everyone talks about disc priests but holy priests are having great output on a lot of fights now. mana has always been a issue but were at that point with metas and natural spirit they can sustain healing throughout the fight. The only weakness they have is i feel "tank" healing is weak.
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90 Undead Priest
I've two healed most of tot with; shammies, hpally, rdruid.

Something about two absorb classes (hpally and dpriest) makes the damage pattern feel spiky.

Last week we cleared tot with a rdruid. Even though she was i496, the run had never felt smoother. We were all amazed on how smooth the run went.

Another vote for the rdruid dpriest combo
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