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Hello people of Scarlet Crusade I'm looking to transfer here and would like to know how the rp is on both sides and if there are any guilds looking for new members. I plan to start fresh on your realm as in no heirlooms or anything like that. And I'm fine with any race or faction and is there also a role playing channel in game I could join to get to know everyone?
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inb4 the Negatve Nancies.
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06/01/2013 05:06 PMPosted by Penseroso
inb4 the Negatve Nancies.

Nothing constructive there, you just wanted to be in first. Mhm.

To the OP:

RP here mostly happens within the context of guilds. You'll have to read the guild recruitment threads to find out which ones. Or maybe someone will be nice enough to post here about their RP guild. There used to be more open RP here, but not any more.

I don't know about an RP channel (horde side, anyway). We have a channel for making world boss raids.

We're a medium population server--right now, there are 245 horde on line on a Saturday night; alliance will have about twice as many.

My suggestion is to roll a throw-away toon here first so you can get a feel for the server yourself. Check the AH, see what's going on in trade chat. And then decide.
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You can join my RP guild.
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Verily doth I suggest that thee shouldst joine mine and Days of For's guild; tis a wondrous place full of enthralling tales, exciting adventures and thrilling bouts of combat. If thee doth wish to have a time of fun and fulfylment, I doth be truly unable to praise our guild enough. 'Tis truly, and I doth not deceive thee, thy best guild on thy server.
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