"Hearld Of the Titans" Achivment and Title

64 Blood Elf Priest
Greetings Cairne
My name is Azriel and I am A Disc/Shadow Priest on my way to level 90. However It was brought to my attention that a Title I have personally been dieing to have is now available again in the form of a Feat of Strength. Hearld Of the Titans, This is a Wrath of the LichKing Title, that proved to be a pain to Get back in the day, Due to all the Criteria needed to be met in order to be eligible. Well the time has Come my friends, I am Now recruiting 9 other Individuals Intrested in getting this Achivment and Title. The following is a list of what i will require for the raid, as well as the requirments of Accomplishing the Criteria of the Achivment.

Requirments of Group
    Two Tanks

    Two Healers

    Two Melee DPS

    Four Ranged DPS

Requirments of Getting the Achivment

Even though this became a Feat of Strength in Cataclysm, it is still obtainable so long as all raid members are level 80 (proof: Aelobin - The Maelstrom (EU)).
Both the achievement and title are account wide since patch 5.0.4

Here's some useful information for those who are attempting this in Cataclysm:
The key is no longer required to open the door to his room
The 1 hour time limit has been removed, so you can fight him for as long as you like
Armour items must be ilvl 226 or less, and weapon items (mainhand/offhand/ranged) must be ilvl 232 or less
It doesn't matter where your gear is from, so long as it meets the above criteria
Epic gems are allowed
Reforging is allowed (this includes mastery!)
Heirlooms are allowed (although you shouldn't really be using them)
The Cata leg enchants, MoP profession enchants and Savage Armor Kits are all allowed
You can use Cataclysm consumables (flasks/potions/food/ Adventurer's Journals)
It doesn't matter what gear or character level is used to clear the trash and bosses before Algalon
The hardest part about getting this title is finding 10 level 80s with the correct level of gear (or time/motivation to farm the gear). It's a great advantage to have a shadow priest to soak all the Big Bangs with Glyph of Dispersion, but a rogue (with Feint, Glyph of Cloak of Shadows, and/or Cheat Death) works well too.

Healing isn't too hard with 2 tank healers (especially if one is a pally and/or disc priest) and if the collapsing stars are killed at safe times. Average DPS needs to be around 4k each, which is a very easy benchmark to reach with consumables/buffs/reforging.

If you're looking for gear, a good place to start is the JP vendors and craftable items. You can then pick up some easy 219s from the ICC 5mans and ToC5 heroic, along with some 232 weapons from ToC10, Ony10 and the ICC5 mans on heroic.

This has become considerably easier since MoP. Tanks have higher parry from strength and can deal very good damage thanks to the changes to vengeance, and some of the MoP profession bonuses are usable on Herald gear.

If you are intrested Please Sign up Here, I will be making a List of the roles filled as time progresses and People sign up.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day

EDIT: We Are Shooting to Start this up Around the End of June. Please If your going to Sign up Make sure your toon is At level 80 and geared for this By then.
Edited by Azriel on 6/3/2013 1:44 PM PDT
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64 Blood Elf Priest
The Raid group

Main Tank: upgradeabull - Paladin - Prot
Off Tank: tuffnbuff - Paladin - Prot
Healer 1: Azriel - Priest- Disc
Healer 2: Kanrin - Druid - Resto
MDps 1:
RDps1: Khlamydia- Warlock - Desto

This is a list of Standbys that will be filled up after the group is filled. Should someone fail to show up, or Not meet the Criteria of the achivement we will pull someone from this list.
Edited by Azriel on 6/3/2013 10:11 PM PDT
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
druid: spec probably resto
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90 Tauren Paladin
I have an 80 pally tank
- upgradeabull-
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90 Tauren Shaman
got a pally frozen at 80 for just this occasion. willing to dps or tank
his name is tuffnbuff
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64 Blood Elf Priest
Mind being a tank then? if i get another tank i can have you switch to a DPS spot.
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90 Tauren Shaman
sure, i don't mind tanking
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I'll be looking to bring my level 80 rogue for mdps
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