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90 Human Mage
Hello people of Dragonblight!

I am currently residing the server of Uldum, and thinking about switching over to this one. I would love to know a little about the server, such as economy, raiding, pvp, guilds, overall attitude of the players, and such.

I would love to go into this server with a guild to call home :) So let me introduce myself and hopefully I catch someone's eye. I am a 505 frost mage, looking for an ACTIVE, SOCIAL guild that is somewhat into raiding, but willing to help a beginner, such as myself, out. I would love to be around a laid back group of people who are fairly social and consider their guild members as a family. I am a 19 year old girl (that's right: GIRL) and would prefer a guild with people around my age, or a little older.

Respond here, or in-game message me :) I appreciate hearing from you all!
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Come join <Pants Party>. I hear that Hellsbane is a real swell guy.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Ameliorate has been around since 2009 and has the same consistent leadership since Trinnette and I started the guild. We have always viewed Ameliorate as a way to make better. We always strive to improve and be the best around even if that means only running two days a week. In terms of mentality we are a hardcore raiding guild, and we always will be. Even though we run on the weekends we still can compete with some of the top guilds on the realm. In most cases we finish in the top 30 of all guilds on Dragonblight.

Our attitude has always been to see the fight for what it is, without yelling at our members.

We have always strived to run the guild like a professional business who followed ethics. In layman’s terms we are very logical at what we do, but at the same time we are not going to punish a member because they made an error. In the long run, if you continually make that error than it might be something that the officers will talk to you about in private (never in the public eye.). In a business your supervisor should never call you out in public in front of all the employees. We believe that here as well, and many of us are very well versed in our classes that we can help another with their class, specializations, and talents.

We are here to help you as well as you helping us. With that we believe giving perks away to our members has always been a good way to keep members as well as ensure good members. In a normal business these perks could be something like a promotion or even insurance for your family. It’s the same thing here, as you will get promoted up in the ranks for showing up and doing your duty as well as get free items from the guild bank including flasks, food, and enchants. This is our way of offering insurance to our members.

In closing if you’re looking for a guild that will provide you with some of the best raiding experience in World of Warcraft while getting perks along the way, than maybe Ameliorate is for you.

If you are interested please contact us in game, or visit our Facebook page for more information including screenshots and videos of our boss kills. If you wish to look up our rankings on boss kills and such please look us up on GuildOx or WoWProgress. Both sites are updated with our latest boss kills.

General Information
• Guild Name – Ameliorate
• Realm – Dragonblight
• Time Zone – Pacific
• Raid Days and Times – Friday and Saturday from 6-10 PM (Pacific)
• Attendance – 90% (7 Raids per month)
• Website: http://amelioratedb.weebly.com
• Guild Master – Trinnette
• Lead Officer – Sathonas (RealID: Moonsorrow#1414)

• Tier 14 – Complete (16/16)
• Tier 15 – 8/12 (Rank: #15)

• Must be over the age of 18. Please understand that the majority of the members are above 30 years old. We are not looking to immature members or anybody under the 18.
• Ventrillo. Tanks and healers must having a microphone.
• Previous raiding experience. This can be from either looking for raid, normal or heroic raids from previous content.
• Item Level to meet the requirements and challenge of the raid.
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100 Gnome Warlock
<Enigma> is a level 25, casual progressive guild looking for Raiders for MoP! We are currently recruiting all classes. If you are over 18 and know your class well, are willing to listen to instructions from the Raid Leader, can make adjustments on the fly if needed and don't stand in fire, we may be a fit for you! We like to have a good time while making progress toward completion of each Tier. Please contact Jaedan or any officer in-game. Just /w anyone and they can send you to the correct person. We also always want Casuals to join us if you have friends interested. We look forward to hearing from you!
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85 Gnome Priest
This server has been dying for a long time, not sure I would pay to transfer here.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
DB on Horde side is dead, on Alliance its not dead. Easily can get Oon and Nal groups going, pugs aren't a problem either. It might be a little lower population than some of the high pop servers but finding groups and such doesn't have an issue here.
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85 Gnome Priest
There were 135 guilds that killed a boss in ICC on DB. There are 43 guilds that have killed a boss in TOT.

Dragonblight's not a ghost town but it's slowly dying off.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
While I can agree that a lot of guilds are taking time off, don't consider the server dead. Go look at some of the other servers, they can't even get a Nal group running at least we can get 3 full groups for Oon.

Also with LFR you see more casual players now who are not a part of any progression oriented guilds. In terms of raw population we are down, but so is every server.
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1 Human Warrior
Lol, I just clicked on Sathonas and the char no longer resides on Dragonblight. So I looked up Trinnette from his earlier post, and low and behold, she is also gone. Irony anyone? Perhaps the server is dying. Perhaps the game is dying......
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100 Draenei Shaman
crimson fury one of the oldest guilds on dragonblight has been raiding since molten core
hoping to cont. raiding

crimson fury lvl 25 guild is recruiting exceptional players for our 10man raid group we are 6/12 tot currently recruiting for 5.4 10man normal and flex raids. needing range dps and healers mostly right now min ilvl requirement is 500 with some raid exp. we are a fun friendly family guild. we supply flask,repairs,feast raid times are tues and thurs 6-9st. pst me or any1 in guild for more info

and well be happy to welcome u to db
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