My concept of disc priests..(battle healers)

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i know a lot of healers out there still didn't quiet do the shift just yet ... but if you use your healer right, you should technically be using all your abilities to do so. so therefor using your damaging spells all while keeping your group alive... every healing class has that capability and should use it in way.. shammies have their totem guardians , they also should be using lightning strike for the toleurique currents bonus. but as a constant! so mana is always up and the raid or group is receiving your heals,... monks i say ah!!! and Woot!!! now thats a battle healer!!! just test it out ok so you spend more mana that way ... but you therefor gain more mana drink(Sweet!).. think about it... pally healers have always been super OP in healing and healing threw dpsing, , priests!OMG WHAT THE HECK is wrong with every other class when she's around? nothing! she absorbs your healing while still giving hers!! talk about an overpowered class! .. all you need to do is read evangilisme and attonement and you follow that train of thought ... lay that 50K dps and still out heal every other class!! Food for thought!.. i think its time to start doing the switch heealers the time of being lazy and waiting for dmg to come is so cata .. if not LK this is MoP i say battle healers all the way ! I am also willing in helping some healers in doing the shift and or understanding the concept that you too are a part the dmg meter so therefore your also contributing to that win and not just by spamming a totally outdated rotation!
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This is so poorly written I almost couldn't finish it.

That being said I get what you're saying, and I am a Disc priest who will use DPS spells when I am not needed to heal too much, but you can't get carried away because if something were to happen and you need your mana for major healing.. It might all be gone before you realize it, because you were too busy helping the DPS.

If a healer doesn't have to heal that much, good then the tank is well geared and the DPS are dummies, but lower iLVL players shouldn't play with this kind of style until they have the mana/regen to back it up.
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Dude monks, pallys, and priests can already battle heal. Druids and shaman deal enough damage without battle healing. A Druid can lay on the HoTs and dps for the rest of the time. Shaman have totems and shock spells. Battle-healers are already out there people just don't do it.
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