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85 Draenei Priest
totally new to healing anything outside of 5 mans. I wanted to try PvP but I'm lost. My first one was AV, I couldn't seem to target anyone. I had the raid frames open but couldn't use them to target players. I could see who was in range, and that was great, but I could do little to nothing except randomly click to target people and hope they needed heals. I'm just using the default UI and probably won't be trying to learn an addon as this is just something new I wanted to try. I've seen in other threads people talking about mousovers... my question is, what are they and how do I set them up?

I'd like to be able to select a heal and then drop it on someone I see in the raid frame (in range of course). Couldn't figure out how to make that work.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Pick up vuhdo. This addon will grey out players not in range give aoe advice for when casting PoH. Vuhdo is a smart addon and it will only alert you to things to can dispel. Thus when poisons are on a friendly you will not be alerted but magic or diseases you will be.

Vuhdo will also alert you if you are missing buffs. Vuhdo will let you auto cast trinkets if you wish. Vuhdo will also allow you to have private tanks or in the pvp case. Have a special fram for your buddy if you roll together.

Vuhdo has built in mouse overs so all you have to do is click to heal. If you have a ghetto mouse with only 3 buttons you can always place " target" is one of your mouse buttons so you can click to button spam till you get a better mouse.
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Healbot is better for a new healer, vuhdo I like a lot more but requires a little bit more time setting it up. decurse is another great mod to help with dispels. once you get used to a healing mod, you will enjoy healing a lot more. There's plenty of vids on you tube to help you set up these mods to.
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VuhDo, default sometimes bugs out when people drop group which makes it hard to click on people to heal them.

I swapped to VuhDo about a month or so ago and it's a great addon :D Takes some time setting it up but it's well worth it.
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90 Pandaren Priest
For battle grounds mouse overs work pretty well. It can be as simple as.
/cast [@mouseover] heal
Make a macro in the macro UI, drag the icon to a button on your bar and assign it a keystroke. Mouse over a target and hit the button.

There are tons and tons of ways to "skin this cat", you just have to find something that works for you. I posted a macro that I use with healbot here.

In coast mode I use healbot, when the stuff hits the fan the macros come into play.

Hope it helps.

Edit: Might I add, that mouseover keys strokes will work on healbot and player frames on the side.
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