The name is new, but the guild has actually been here a while. I have recently acquired "Horde Royal Protectors". As you can see, I have re-named the guild. To much drama with the old name. The rebuilding is upon us.

As the title says, we are recruiting. LF 4 stellar DPS. I don't care what class you are, just as long as you know how to play it. As of now we have TANKS and HEALS. If you are either of those, feel free to contact me. Would like to get to the point of having to rotate ppl for needs of the encounter.

No website (maybe in the future), no application, just a toon name and your progression is required.

Of course I have a guild bank and vent. Wouldn't be able to raid without The crew that is lined up as on now just want to start enjoying the game again. We will raid and kill bosses, but have fun doing it. This is a game and shouldn't have to be a job. If you are stuck up and think this is everything, move on. We want RAIDERS, but real life does come first. The other issue to us is drama. I WILL STATE THIS NOW, NO DRAMA. Just come with blood in your eyes, and death on your mind.

If this sounds enticing to you, feel free to contact me in game. If you have questions, contact me in game. Come be part of the re-building!!!

"With Odin on our side, we will conquer the world"