90 Pandaren Monk
Hello, I was thinking about coming to your server, and I was wondering if there are any Shado-Pan themed guilds. If there are, can anyone tell me what they are so I can try to join?
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100 Human Paladin
I don't know that there are any Shado-Pan themed guilds here on CC ( I could be woefully mistaken, but I just haven't seen any around.)

However, most of our guild Alliance do have a theme. There's a pretty active list of them to be found here --> http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1072437309

And for some more tidbits you can check the macro of doom thread --> http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4139865934

Just let us know if you don't find what you're looking for and maybe we can help narrow things down so you can find a home.
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I play on both factions, and a Shado-Pan guild does not, to my knowledge, exist. That said, if there ISN'T one, that by no means implies there SHOULDN'T be.
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68 Blood Elf Mage
Though it sounds like a marvelous idea, most guilds with a narrow focus like that do not do well. I suggest you go for a general Pandaren guild that might have elements of the Shado Pan in it. I am not aware of such, but you could always start one!!

Perhaps other Pandaren in the realm would know of one. I wish you luck in your search!
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100 Draenei Death Knight
I'm going to agree with Pfaedra: the guilds that seem the hardest to get off the ground are:

1) Expansion-specific themed guilds (Argent Crusade or Ebon Blade, Shado-Pan, etc.)
2) Race-exclusive guilds (I love the idea of an all night elf guild, or all worgen guild, or even an all-pandaren guild, and the classes are spread enough amongst races to make it mechanically viable, but it's hard to get going)

Most of the organizations that get big story pushes in a given expansion tend to go very quiet after that expansion is over. I've been dying for an update on the status of the Knights of the Ebon Blade, but the most I got was something from Sean Copeland, Blizzard's lore-keeper, indicating that they're still around, but nothing about their current status has been released to the public yet (that peculiar wording makes me think there's something coming at some point, but I may be reading too much into it).

I tried patterning The Ebon Sanction as an Alliance-specific arm of the Ebon Blade, but in retrospect, I probably would have had more luck keeping the guild as The Reclamation, who was tasked with assisting Azeroth in rebuilding after Deathwing's rampage. If you aren't a Death Knight, there's little reason to ally yourself with Acherus, and you can't form guild-exclusive in-character groups, as there are no Death Knights who can be healers (though our tanks do well in healing themselves, at least enough to be less of a burden on actual healers). On top of that, guilds groups of Death Knights, even when pulling in a healer from outside the guild, would just constantly be competing with each other for gear. It just doesn't work well.

The Shado-Pan are more than just shadowy Monks. An all-Monk guild could work, as they'd cover all roles (though they'd be lacking in ranged capability). But the Shado-Pan don't have worldwide concerns. They're concerned with containing Sha activity, a condition that seems unique to Pandaria, and the focus of this expansion's story has already largely moved off Pandaria as we angle our focus towards Orgrimmar. In terms of lore, the Thunder King has been defeated. The Shado-Pan would likely go back into "active watchfulness" to curb further sha eruptions from the newcomers to Pandaria stirring up negative energy.

It isn't to say a Shado-Pan guild couldn't work; I'd love to see someone pull it off, as more RP is always preferable to less. Don't take my long-winded post as an indication that you shouldn't try, just be aware of the hurdles in place.

Good luck!
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100 Human Mage
As awesome as the RP community of CC is, I don't think we have the population to really support many of the very specific guilds. We'd need to really concentrate on not just convincing role players from other servers to come to CC (which we seem to do pretty regularly) but also on turning non-role player into role players simply to swing the population of CC more towards role playing again.

It's been tried. I can think of at least one guild that specialized in recruiting anyone interested in RP for the purpose of showing them how fun RP is. That said, it's been inactive for a long time. We'd need another guild like that - one the community really supported - if we wanted to expand the RP community to the point that specialized RP guilds would become viable again.

Edit: I have no doubt that CC's RP community could do exactly this. I've had the pleasure of watching or taking part in a lot of spectacular projects the community's come together to support. However, recruiting non-role players and introducing them into an RP environment isn't something very many of us are comfortable with.
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