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I am making a post on this forum to warn any potential horde players and any former horde players to watch out for this guild. This guild has done nothing but harass me ever since I left them for a more progressive guild. This guild stops at nothing to try and troll you as a player or for that matter harass fellow players on the realm that don't see things their way or do what they say. I transferred my main from the Horde to Alliance in order to get away from them and to help some friends in their guild and they still continue to search for me just so they can harass me with crude text and trains. Stay away from this guild at all costs and if your already a part of it I suggest you leave now before you become their next victim. Pass the word along and know that you have been warned.
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and here i was just about to join them
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Let's be clear Mr. Religiousname.

You were warned repeatedly about violating the guild rules against homophobic, racist, or misogynist language. Between the warnings and your desire and complaints for progression, you decided it was time to leave.

You left for the Hordies, they are not progressive. Progressive means current tier. We are not progressive. Never claimed to be. The Shattered Union, they are a progressive guild. When the Hordies stopped raiding and their activity died down, you left to be with your real life friend on alliance. Fantastic.

We would not have had a problem with that, but you decided that leaving was not enough! You were tired of the times you could hear the choo choo trains and were left pissed. You decided to whisper people in the guild that we said things about them that were never said or that were said by you. You got some people to leave the guild and join you in the Hordies.

I still had little problem with that. That you could not leave with dignity and style, but rather lies and malice only indicate your character and concerns me none. What I have a problem with, is that you contacted and harassed our members OUTSIDE of the the game. For that, trains will come. Chugging and chugging down the tracks of inevitability.

To consider what was said to you crude, is laughable. While I can only speak for my self, my texts to your toon were in response to what you had texted to me and I played off of your content. So your post is your latest attempt defame and harass the Horde Outrunners, all because you do not like trains.
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People still play Horde on Anvilmar? Lawl

Also, @OP, how do you feel about moving to a more progressed guild and still having 2 Jinrokh kills as your grand total for this tier? Were those two kills worth your drama queen moment here and in game?

Horde Outrunners is obviously a dying social guild on a realm with a dying Horde side. Thanks for warning us of the dangers of something that probably won't be around much longer.
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just ignore them :P
but if you did violate their rules than thats ur fault..

but if 1/12 is 'better prog', you may want a new guild :/ (i dont see anything on wowprog)
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just ignore them :P
but if you did violate their rules than thats ur fault..

but if 1/12 is 'better prog', you may want a new guild :/ (i dont see anything on wowprog)

Made me laugh to see that even though you went through the trouble of transferring servers to get carried by a second rate guild through a few heroics in a current tier (the first time I believe you've EVER done heroics in a current tier pre-nerf) and you still don't know how to gear a blood DK. Good thing I quit, the heroics this tier must be retard easy.
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Badglad your posts always make me laugh. I always expect good things when I see your name in a thread! :P
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