We were at one point, server 4th for Tortos and then realized we were just half into it so we've revamped and regrouped. We want to be an excellent raid team that has fun and is rewarded for having fun while seeing end game content. We are in current want of a non-warrior tank.

What we bring to the table:

* No hassle guild repairs
* Guilt free flasks and consumables
* When we say drama free- we mean it. We've booted out several buttheads
* Several raid leaders who have the capacity to understand strategy and utilize every sort of composition to break the faces off a boss. Delegation is key to the success of a group.
* Raiders who've seen every expansion and raid from MC to Naxx 40 into Kara, passed Illidan , into the Lich King's face and piked Nefarion.
* Raiders who are mature enough to own up to their mistakes and immature enough to sing drunken Irish songs after a raid. In fact, half the raid actually knows each other irl in one way or another. It's pretty awesome.
* A guild bank that is used. I know this sounds CRAZY but I've been in guilds where people are afraid to take stuff out. Dude- if you need something, take it out, replace with a donation. easy as that
* Gender neutral - we don't care if you have a uterus or testes, we treat all members equally. (I've known this to be problems in the past for some people, you won't find stupid jerks around these parts)
* A family BBQ atmosphere where the tater salad is divine and fresh kegs for everyone
* A raid leader who is used to working with the color blind and deaf- we can make you macros

What we expect

* You're on time and fully repaired
* You have a smile on your face
* You know the fights and if you have to change talents around to suit the fight
* If you can't be around you tell us ahead of time and/or can help us find your replacement
* Sometimes we have to sit people and you're okay with this- but don't fret, we run 2 ToT groups
* You give and receive equally
* You have a sense of humor and aren't offended by most things.
* You realize since the cake is a lie, pie is much tastier. Although between cake or death you chose cake in which case... you have a brownie instead.

When do we Raid?

Weds-Thurs-Friday from 10 PM EST to 12:30 AM EST. We also run alt raids on the weekends in the evening around 7 PM.

We always have an open hearth policy for folks who want to be social and/or fill in raid spots. All fill in raiders get repairs + flasks and all members have access to the guild bank.

Contact Tarshana (formerly known as Venoxa), Rottingsoul, Raiden or Autoerotic for more information. http://collectorsedition.guildlaunch.com/