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My druid really enjoyed all those rez timers this morning at Halfhill. I guess I was being super threatening or something...standing there...trying to level cooking >_>

You're a menace to society girlrage, we all see through your clever disguise.
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I really hate these !@#$%^& forums sometimes. I had a nice long detailed response for you Sam.

and yes Bubba, I did rename the guild.

It's a delicate issue. Loyal members leaving without a word...now that would completely suck. But you also know my feelings about GM responsibilities to guilds. I won't go into it here, but you know what the GM situation was before people left CSS. I told you I was worried that situation would send a negative message. I wasn't the only one who felt that way either. And that situation can suck if you are a loyal member.

Ok, So, I thought long and hard about how I'm going to respond to this.

First, I'd like to address that the sole purpose of CSS was to welcome those who were new to Cho'gall and wanted to level on the Alliance side. As someone who re-rolled here of my own accord, I wasn't very welcomed and needless to say, was not invited to a guild until I was in my 60s. (I believe that CPD stated that I needed to have a toon in their guild already in order to join) Hence why this was mainly a leveling guild. (The former leveling guild was Uprising, if anyone remembers them) I was very welcoming to Horde players who had mains on Cho'gall in spite knowing there may be conflicts. While I have seen many people come and many go as my time as GM it is something that I've learned to accept. This is a guild, people come and sadly people go. I know many people left CSS to join <The Alliance> I am sad to see they have left, but also happy, because they can do things that they themselves enjoy or wanted to do.

Now, as for the GM thing. I'm in school part time. I also work a full time with 36/48 hour work week along with the dance classes. I try and log on as much as I can, but when WoW is effecting my grades for school, I know it's time for someone to temporarily take my spot as GM. I do this so I can have some peace of mind. The last time I did this Kate held the seat for me. This time, Kate wasn't active so I found someone who I trusted despite them not being in the guild. As far as I can tell, there really wasn't anyone with in the guild who wanted it and I didn't want to dump the burden on someone like it was done unto me.

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I totally respect your struggle to manage time well, Orren. I also appreciate you sharing your motivation behind the temporary GM change. BUT OH MY GOODNESS...

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Only till Monday. He's not the only one.
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