Those moments that make it worth it...

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Hello my fellow healers!

I figured with all the pug horror stories around i might start a thread for those moments in healing that make it worth it. You know the types... when it SHOULD have been a death/wipe/etc. and you still pulled it out and even the group/raid had to bow down to healer awesomeness.

Yes, they don't happen often, but damn they are nice when they do.

My example:

Just recently finished my 2nd wing in ToT (my first time there, though i looked up the fights). Halfway to Megaera (at one of those bells you have to hit) somehow we end up getting a LOT of extra mobs. Like, it looks like a boss fight on my screen with all the crap going on. It takes a second to figure out that, yes, this isn't supposed to happen (first time, remember?) and start healing heavier, using some cooldowns, etc.

All told? i've had worse pulls in LFR before (heart of fear springs to mind) and i just had to laugh that it was the first time i've OOM'ed on trash in awhile (though i was at 25% after it ended since it slowed down a bit at the end). Also looked at recount and noticed myself at #1 and rocking 62k hps... nothing amazing in the long run but it made me happy.

Then chat blows up with "who pulled all those?" "how the hell did we live through that?" "what just happened?"

and finally "GODLIKE heals there" "seriously" "yeah"

/end story (same group 1 shot megaera and i'd cleared the bird boss on my first queue that dropped me right in on him already so i /waved and was done there)

it was a trash pull that had me healing harder than either boss in that wing that group did or any other pull and, even for being simple trash, made me smile.

Some healing fun and some rare praise after it... good times.

Ok all, your turn. What are some stories that made you smile, grin, giggle, cackle and/or contribute to your god complex as a healer? :)
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90 Blood Elf Priest
The other night I was raiding with my friend and he was playing tank. We were fighting Vizier Zor'lok and at about 40% health, two of the healers died. From there it was a domino effect of Dps falling and then in turn, more healers falling as the fight went on due to mana. At about 20% health it was just another healer and I, my friend, and two dps. We held our own for a while and then it happens; the other healer dies and I was left to care for the remaining members. zor'lok has less than 10% health left at this point and I'm about to oom. I used solace for it's 1% mana return and use that to cast PoM and PWS on tank. We lost one of the two Dps and Zor'lok has a sliver of health left. It was at this moment he used convert to control me and the Dps to attack my friend, the tank; luckily i was able to sneak off one last power word shield that gave our tank the added boost to down the bastard himself.

This is probably going to be one of my most memorable WoW moments. I noticed afterwards that the fight was so intense I was sweating profusely. I'm not claiming this as an act of incredible healing, but as an instance of an incredibly lucky healer.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
There have been a few memorable moments that have made healing worthwhile.

The most recent one.

Mogu'Shan Palace Final Boss. Tank decides to tank the boss in the exact center of the room.

Intense fight .. damage is spiking on everyone, due to the AOE effects.. cooldowns get popped early. Tank keeps the boss in the exact center of the room. health is dropping to 5% on some of the group at points...

I personally did my best healing that fight I have ever done. No one died, people were brought back from the brink of death, by skill and luck, 1 point EF's are flying when I have to , just to get a hot on someone to buy a few seconds, for a HS and DL or FoL.

Boss gets downed, Everyone is leaving , and from the Raid Geared Ret Pallie "Epic Healz, I doubt even the healers in my raid could of kept us all alive"
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90 Night Elf Priest
I rarely get good moments but I healed a nexus run and a dps /emote kneeled in front of me and said thank you for healing because i saved us from a wipe.

YOU'RE WELCOME. <3 <3 whoever you are I forget your name already sorry.
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