Healing pets...

100 Tauren Shaman
As far as I'm concerned, healing a pet is its owner's responsibility. The tank, other healers, and DPS are more crucial to a raid's survival than a pet is.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Well if you got a warlock that's using a Felguard or whatever to dps and it get's killed because the lock is too lazy to health funnel and expects the healer to do that job, then it's just bull, but if for instance you are in a 5 man and a tank leaves for whatever reason and the hunter/warlock is using their Voidwalker/Turtle to tank, then I think it is appropriate to heal the tank, whereas Mend Pet/Health Funnel does not cover the damage done to them or it is a too much of a waste of DPS if there is a healer who only has one target (the pet) to heal. Rational thinking is good.
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Nope, I don't heal pets, and don't have pets on my frames. Pet classes have ways to heal their pets. As well as, pets take reduced damage from AOE.

Pets are the owners responsibility.
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90 Human Paladin
Normally shouldn't need to do it. I generally keep pets as my lowest priority. However there is an exception in addition to the tanking pet one noted above. If I take healing aggro and the hunter sends their pet after the mob the pet gets heals for the rest of the run. I was levelling my priest through the horrible detention block range and the above happened, making me set myself up a new rule.

But yeah for the most part it is a non issue. Usually the ones smart enough to peel off mobs don't have growl on or at least keep their pet up. It really depends on how bored I am. I don't have pet frames on healbot, but vuhdo I do.
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89 Tauren Priest
I have no issue with healing pets. If I can do it without causing harm to the party because of global cooldown, then I do it, if it will cause harm? Then the pets get no heals from me.

General rule: If it will cause the party harm, don't fuqin' do it.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Normally pets will be healed just fine by a mixture of splash damage (like from PoH, CoH, LoD, WG, Atonement, PoM, ReM, SCK, Chi Torpedo, Healing Rain, Chain Heal, and the like) and their owner's pet heals. It really shouldn't be necessary to target a pet unless they're actually tanking.
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100 Blood Elf Monk
I haven't played my warlock in forrreevvverr (prob beginning of cata) but did they remove the heal that takes some of your own HP and converts it into a pet heal? Is it just a straight heal now or maybe it's non-significant damage to yourself? You'd have to heal the warlock anyway because he/she is healing the pet. Just wondering!

Otherwise, I heal all pets when I can! Not in raids but everywhere else. I have never been yelled at for healing pets, nor have I ever been yelled at for not healing pets. If I see some poor puppy being pounded on in PvP, I'll make sure the puppy lives long enough to chew said enemy's face off. <3
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I don't even have pet frames on. All pet classes have a way of healing it themselves.


unless it's dark animus and arena where healing pets and dispelling them (arena only) actually matters.
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As others have mentioned, I heal them when they are tanking for a specific reason (tank died, or I heal our hunter's pet on DA). Other than that, they get whatever Atonement/PoH happens to go their way.
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90 Night Elf Druid
In 5-mans I specifically avoid using splash heals if possible when some player has their pet aggro on. I let the pet die and then go back to my normal spell priority. Some might say that's vindictive, but its not. The pet is disrupting the tanks vengeance generation and control. Besides, that pet will die shortly unless I focus heal the pet instead of the tank. I find a safe place to stand with the tank between me and that mob so when the pet dies the mob will run straight through the tank if I have healing aggro. Once out of combat I say in instance chat that the player needs to turn pet aggro off.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I like to heal pets all the time. I'm the type of person where I like stuff to die As fast as possbile. Enemy stuff that is. Pets help in dps and I would only be wasting my own time even more if i did not heal pets.

I heal pets as a secondary concern though, however, in arena they will always be healed to at least half, unless I can't afford gcds. In many cases, I can't afford to lose pets because they are too good.

Overall, I heal everything, everywhere. I believe it's good practice and I get self satisfaction from doing my job as good as I can. Sure, if you have a pet, you can most likely heal them yourself, but some people don't.

I don't understand why you wouldn't heal pets unless you had to conserve mana. Pet face pulls a mob? Well, I will still heal. I like tough situations considering how easy many (but still not all) aspects of the game are. Even if we wipe, I might get irritated, but not mad and I won't sweat over it.

But that's just me. Rarely will I find my self holding an arrogant grudge against someone because they pulled, taunted, or did whatever. The only time I usually get upset is when it is about arena ><

The only thing I don't get is why would you deliberately not heal pets when they are a valuable Asset to the team?
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100 Worgen Druid
The only thing I don't get is why would you deliberately not heal pets when they are a valuable Asset to the team?

Growl says "hello." If a pet keeps taunting off the tank the tank can't position the mob as well as losing vengeance and therefore dps. It's also a matter of not rewarding bad behavior; maybe eventually they'll learn why their pets keep dying.

That being said I very rarely have an issue with other players in pugs but it seems to happen more often with locks than other classes. I'm not sure why that is.
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90 Night Elf Druid
as a hunter i do enjoy my pet being alive. but since i am survival it is not that critical. but if i was a bm hunter. healing my pet would be like healing me. guess it just depends on how on the player and the fight you are currently on. if your having mana problems and the fight is long its best not to heal the pet (unless its a bm hunter or something of that nature)

You have to admit a hunter keeping growl on when there is a tank is just as bad as standing in fire. It's avoidable damage. When a player or pet take continuous avoidable damage they become a low priority to heal because that's a mana sink.

A hunter especially rarely needs to have their pet take aggro while the tank is alive. They can MD a stray mob to the tank.
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90 Human Paladin
nope. healing pets = waste of mana. if you REALLY have nothing better to do; DPS don't stand their doing nothing especially in a raid. in 5mans i would say it's alright their too easy to dps. in a raid you never heal pets like i said your wasting mana theirs always something to do when raiding regardless if even lfr.
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90 Tauren Monk
Sadly I'm a monk, so even if I hate the pet, they get healed anyways from all my group heals.
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90 Goblin Shaman
If the pet is dying it means they didn't turn off their taunt or tank isn't keeping aggro.
I heal pets because I get bored if I ever queue for dungeons, but before I got my gear and before I was level capped, no I never healed the pets because its my job to keep the players alive, not their stupid pets that die when you fart on them.
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100 Troll Priest
Nope- I never do. I don't even have the frames on. And when I play my frost mage / warlock, I never expect heals on my pets.
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52 Draenei Priest
I do if there is time between heals of others at my level though im usually to busy healing a tank thats retarded and is pulling to may chains.or if im asked to by my party.
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100 Pandaren Shaman
I dont track the Pets health, so I dont see them to heal them.
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