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Anytime I heal 5 mans I always fistweave since it helps speed up runs. Its a far better option than to pull for the tank. However as a result I do tons of atonement style healing and if a pet is not full health they often get hit with it whether I like it to or not. Generally if a pet is tanking and the tank complains about it I tell the tank "Hey, look at the bright side, free mitigation at the huntards expense". I don't consider it a mana drain if 80% of my atonement healing is all over healing since all I am really doing is dpsing.

I do have one story made even better with my idea to make the run as entertaining as possible:
Join in to a H-Jade palace and I can't remember what class of tank but we had 2 hunters in the group. As soon as we zone in one of the hunter instantly states in /i "You better heal my pet healer". Already I know this is gonna be a fun run so I state in /i that if his pet dies its his own fault for keeping growl on. As the run progresses both hunters leave growl on and the tank refuses to save the pets. As soon as a pet dies I state in instance chat the kill count for their pets. By the time the kill count of one of the hunters reached 10 or 12 deaths he is just abusing that caps lock key yelling how bad I am all the while the rest of the group just could not stop laughing.

I deliberately didn't fistweave that run just so their pets didn't get any heals outside of renewing mists. All that entertainment over some idiot not wanting to turn off growl.
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