Transferring my level 86 frost mage, 80 enh shaman, and 85 destro lock as I type this. I plan to get my mage to 90 in a few days. Anyway, I'm looking for a good guild on Greymane. One that is casual and has nice players, and likes to raid. I don't wanna be apart of a raid group, but I do like to raid. I just don't like having to be on at a certain time. I'm a fast learner, I've been playing since 2009. I've gone through 2 accounts, this one being my second, from leaving for a while and coming back not remembering my info. So if someone could please recommend me some guilds, or even just one, I would so much appreciate it :). Give me a guild name and someone I can contact in game. Hopefully the transfers go through tonight. Happy gaming.