Things You Don't Want To Hear Healing PUGs 12

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The kicker was that after I mentioned my guild's MT we got into another dungeon and s/he/it immediately left.

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09/01/2013 09:27 PMPosted by Elethia

Congratulations, sir!! After careful observation, we've determined that you're a !@#$ing %^-*!@#.
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1) Do you have a strategy for the fight?
2) Does everyone know what the strategy is?
3) Do the relevant people know what their interrupt is?
4) Does anyone have a redneck accent?

1) Nope
2) See 1
3) wut?
4) <.< I honestly could fail this one being from a small town in Georgia...
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This wasn't with a PUG, it was with my guild's main 25m raid.

We were at Iron Qon. Now we have all of the bosses up to Lei Shen on farm. Lei Shen is almost there. We just have too many people not good at mechanics, anyway.

We kept wiping right after Phase 2 where he pulls everyone in with the 'nadoes.

We had 3 holy priests, a rsham, rdruid, and hpal as healers. Normally we don't run with so many priests, the 3rd priest was a backup. Well during phase 1 we had a lot of wipes as well for numerous reasons. We have everyone in 3 groups and they stack and spread like we're supposed to. Well my group kept getting the spear thrown at them and no one would move and they'd just take it to the face and our group would wipe. Well they decided to put the marker on one of the priests so we would know where to move if a spear hit us....guess what, he kept taking them to the face and no one would move. Well finally we get past that issue.

Next issue. They put all 3 holy priests and 2 shadow priests in a group. PoM worked wonders since they kept getting canceled, I mean 5 people on top of each other casting it on the same target. It went from my number 3 heal, to my number 8/9 heal. I try and bring this up, but the lead heals doesn't listen.

Finally they decided to move us priests into separate groups to help out. Lead heals is !@#$%ing at us priests healing so low (not that this means much, I am normally top 1/2 healer and all of these attempts all three priests have been the lowest three healers). So what does he tell us to do? We should be casting more Sanctuary because we are stacking and that will boost our healing up. Yea, nothing to do with the fact that one of my big heals is being really gimped.

After all is said and done, I thought the third priest was disc because that's what she normally does, but no one thinks to tell me that we have 3 holy priests and one of us could have gone disc (I mean two of us are specced holy/disc). Well we didn't down him. And I was annoyed with the lead heals, because he wasn't listening to the things I was saying (oh he's never played a priest either). But oh well. It wasn't necessarily us causing all the wipes, we also had a ton of melee issues as well.

Moral of the story, check to make sure there aren't 3 holy priests. Next time I'll check when we have three priests and go disc the other two are holy.
Was levelling a healer at about level 40 or so, not sure which class.... it doesn't trouble me much. Tank starts with "I am new at this"... All good. I tell DPS "Count to 3 before you wade in when tank draws mob". I can heal new tanks pretty well by this time, have levelled with a few healers.

Agro is going everywhere and I am following this pally tank pretty close and just keeping the party alive. I ask the tank, "Why don't you drop consecrate"

(things you don't wan't to hear) "What is consecrate?"

The truth is that I figure the willingness to tank should be encouraged so I explained what he needed. We finished the dungeon and I ran 4 more dungeons with him and quite a few of the DPS stayed on as well. I taught the guy about LoS and healer agro as well. I hope he stayed with tanking. Seemed like a nice enough fellow.
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I have this thing where I love to level priests. Can't bring myself to actually main one, but anyway.

So, I'm waiting in queue as Shadow for 20+ minutes and decide to say "bleep it" and went Disc to get a better queue time. The moment I hit enter, it pops up. Awesome! Its Zul'Farrak.

First thing I notice is that the tank is rather chatty. I've healed long enough to know that if low level tanks talk a lot to no one in particular, that they're usually crap at holding/picking up mobs. He did not disappoint. He would stop to type out paragraphs while mobs are beating him in the back and on every member of the group. Time between pulls is getting longer and longer. I can tell the dps are getting antsy, so I tell the feral druid to pull if he's up to it. He does so like a champ.

We get to the part with the stairs and the millions of troll underlings at the bottom of them. Druid runs in and aggros them all. I spam heals on him, but he's not a tank and just gets slaughtered. Enter talky tank. He runs down to the rescue, drops consecrate and immediately turns his back to all of the mobs. He gets one-shot.

This is when the "WTF HEALS?!" starts. I politely explain to him how defensive cooldowns work and how facing away from things that want you dead is generally a bad idea. Also, that him staying alive is his responsibility as much as it is mine. I can't help him if he doesn't put the slightest bit of effort into helping himself. He calls me an idiot and that I need to learn how to heal. The rest of the group sides with me and he gets voted off the island.

We get a new pally tank. He asks why the other tank left and assures us that he's not bad and knows what he's doing. Dude runs into the pack of trolls and melts. /sigh I'm just about ready to leave when he says, "Oops! I was in holy spec!"

We have a bit of a laugh and the rest of the place goes off without a hitch.
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"You let me die when you were at 99% mana left ???"

Son, it has nothing to do with how much mana I have, but with the fact that you're freestyling it as a DPS, doing your own thing, taking on WAAAAY more than you can handle, while on the other side of the room, the mage decides to freestyle it, too. In the meantime, tank skidaddles, as he was there only for a certain loot.
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Or you were in the place where the priest stated they tried x amount of times to dispel but it didn't work! Don't be making snide comments like this knot head has. The priest may indeed have tried to continually dispel but if the group was to far spread out Mass dispel will not hit everyone. If it's something that has to use single targeting dispel. It may indeed be something I mentioned above causing a problem where there isn't time to get it done.

What I took was the priest wasn't even trying to mass dispel, but was trying to use Dispel Magic on friendly targets... That would be like me trying to use Purge on friendly targets, it just won't work.
Besides, there should only be one debuff out at a time on the fight that they were talking about.
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@Aelka - You seem a bit mad lol. If I recall I never had an issue simply using purify to dispel touch of nothingness. But then again I haven't done that dungeon in a while. I don't think it's an aoe debuff. So he probably should have been using purify instead of mass dispel.

Also Decursive. Get it. Makes dispelling so much easier. Since it's so hard to dispel as a priest. At least all I have to worry about is the gcd and not all the mess of targeting and pushing a spell.
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Ok. That makes sense. I guess I have run into a couple priests not realizing you don't dispel debuffs with Dispel Magic lol.

Now I'm going to have to run it to find out lol
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Lately I feel like my co-healers in lfr have gotten a lot dumber. Or Lazier.. Idk I'm excited for flex so I can proceed to do fun content. (I wish my guild wanted to do normals.), OK ON TOPIC!

Gripe: Anyway I've found that more and more healers will simply pop Tranq/Revival/DH/HT on the slightest sign of AoE damage wasting it so that by the time we ACTUALLY need it. The darn spell is still on a two minute CD. Maybe it's meter padding, maybe it's stupidity. All I know, is that it's annoying.

Story: In the last LFR I did on my Paladin we three healed Jin'rokh. When I say three healed I mean, Myself at the Top closely followed by a resto druid, with a dk in third. I literally have no idea what the other healers where doing. I think two died and one dc'd and one was in the wrong spec? Idek. It was strange.
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09/04/2013 06:43 AMPosted by Aelka
As far as I know, there is no macro that I have found or tried, that can be made to really make Purify and dispel magic work much better than just having to click on the target (or at least mouse over them with some macros) in the group, then clicking on the specific talent. But if someone knows of one that actually works, please leave it here and I’ll try it. Would be real handy to be able to simply make a mass macro that would just target everyone and cast purify on everyone when Purify is needed.

There's an addon that does this -- Decursive.

Ooooorrrr you could just use your eyes and brain and see the debuff and dispel it.
/cast [@mouseover, help][] Purify
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Ooooorrrr you could just use your eyes and brain and see the debuff and dispel it.
/cast [@mouseover, help][] Purify

But then I would miss my favorite episode on tv while eating cheesy poofs.....
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Healing Jade Temple today with a fresh 90 DK, he had maybe 4 463 pieces on him, and no 502 boots. Trash to first boss he pulls it all and stands in AOE, I tell him to not stand in that he tells me where to shove it. Boss adds die and he stands in aoe, same thing as before happens. Trash to second boss he pulls it all and I somehow keep him up, boss goes down without any problems at all. Trash to third boss he pulls the entire courtyard, all cooldowns popped and the group barley survives, tell him to stop acting like a geared tank, yet again he tells me where i can shove it. Boss time he refuses to move out of the ale, he barley survives again. Next trash goes surprisingly well. Last boss time, I have my hammer up for the add phases so I didn't really have to heal at all, after boss is down he claims that I am an awful healer. Next heroic I get a heroic geared monk, so I just danced the entire time.
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Boss time he refuses to move out of the ale, he barley survives again.

I get it!
Healing scarlet halls heroic dungeon today. Tank was a tauren warrior that I'd already encountered during a previous instance. He couldn't hold aggro but kept pulling massive mobs, my mana drops to non-existent and I've used every pot I've got to keep everyone up.

Before the next boss I told them to wait. No one listened, they rushed in while I stopped to drink, I rushed after them when I realized they weren't waiting, door closed in my face, we wiped. Cleared that boss with my mana once again down to zero. Told them to wait. No one listened. Tank ran ahead and pulled an entire room full of mobs and I knew we were done for. He could not hold aggro, I got stunned by the mob, he drops dead, I kept getting stunned repeatedly, we wipe.

Dps started whining "what the heck heals?" "this heals is terriable (sic)". I said yeah sure I was bad, blame the heals. And I got kicked because I "kept lagging behind".

A buddy of mine stayed on with the instance and told me they wiped again after another healer joined. He asked them if they were going to kick this healer too and they said "oh lol these guys hit hard".

Guess I should have cleared out of there when I knew I was in a room full of stupid.
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