Things You Don't Want To Hear Healing PUGs 12

100 Blood Elf Rogue
"I find the mechanics of this fight boring so I am going to ignore them and when my HP takes a 50% hit, you gotta heal me as I repeatedly ignore said mechanics."
Hit 85 on my alt so i qued up for temple. We got a 90 healer i though this would be smooth i mean its a level 85 normal instance after all. At least 8 deaths occurred during the instance mainly due to the druid not healing anyone. They were not even dpsing. When i called the druid out on it the rogue in the group who had died 2 times sticks up for him.

So basically cant kick stuck with a horrible 90 healer in an 85 instance. I start off healing the tank while dpsing to prevent wipes. This rogue keeps on going on and on about how amazing this healer is then proceeds to die 3 more times because the healer is not healing him... why is it that stupid players defend stupid players they only hurt themselves in the end.

After that run i decided nope dont want another crap healer so i go disc enter a ssb run and the tank is a prot pally in holy gear right down to the int boa trinkets. He was rocking 110k hp at 85 i dont even know how thats possible as a tank with the stam modifiers. I just left not worth it.
90 Draenei Shaman
"I find the mechanics of this fight boring so I am going to ignore them and when my HP takes a 50% hit, you gotta heal me as I repeatedly ignore said mechanics."

My favorite:

Tank: WTF healer I had to pop all cds to live
Me: Oh I'm sorry you were standing in smoke while all these adds back here were eating my face, so I had to pop an elemental and kept him healed since he was being a much better tank at the time...
90 Draenei Priest
On my horde druid, doing Gilneas. I said I would stay at Mines, it was a good idea since Alliance pushed like 7 people there. Healing like a BOSS,throwing tree, and every skill in the book just about. Alliance keeps pushing so hard it felt like an endless stream of them, finally ended going oom after I don't know how long.

Mage: Do healers know how to heal anyone but themselves?

Me: Nope I only heal myself.

Mage: Seems like it I didn't get a single heal.

Me: Were you even near a healer?

Mage: Yes, they were just running around as a bear not doing a damn thing.

Check leader-boards, I'm top heals by a huge margin.

Me: I'm pretty sure I hit you with a heal at some point.

Mage: Couldn't tell my bar wasn't even moving.

Open recount, healing taken, hover the mage, I'm top heals for the mage with 50% of their heals taken. I comment on this and add, "you're welcome"

He stayed quiet the rest of the battle.
100 Draenei Monk
Despite getting pumped by High latency. I was in a major Lag spike, and well with high latency, You are not able to get your message across in time. As he reaches 5% Hp on the brink of death, I finally manage to break free of the Lag spike and pop a Life coccoon on him.

As he has started the pull, I was ready to start fistweavng like normal, and yet I understand him not being able to know that monks can heal while Dpsing. And thats when I spiked awful, during mud sentence when I was trying to send warning. He backs away to the door and tells me "Are you fkin stupid heals?! I'm going to die!" As If my Life cocoon meant nothing to him. As if he didn't feel my desperation to keep him alive. All I could say was "Oi...."

I felt like crying cause, I felt terrible for even letting him reach that low latency or not, but was his reaction right...?
91 Dwarf Shaman
Mage: Yes, they were just running around as a bear not doing a damn thing.


"MY healer is running around as a bear! What a baddie!

If a healer is running around in bear form it probably means something is going very wrong for them. Of course the dps just complains about not getting healed instead of peeling off the poor healer to keep em alive.
90 Pandaren Monk
"This disc priest needs to use Atonement more, his damage is so bad."

Second time running flex on my disc priest, and I see this pop up in raid chat. Apparently, he was intending to say that to his guildmates. Frustrating to see, even though I was top heals. Rather than let it get my goat though, I threw it back at him. I pointed out that I was top heals on every fight but Norushen, and that I was only using Atonement during times where the raid can be supported by it; if the raid needs more powerful heals, I'll be using more powerful heals. He didn't say anything after that.

Afterwards I was whispered at by both him and his guild leader. He called me an !@#$%^- for being such a jerk, where the GL apologized and asked if I could come to their normal raids. They weren't too bad, but their raid lines up with mine, so I declined. Nice to see that some raiders still respect skill over numbers.
90 Pandaren Monk
I was pretty pissed at the time this happened, and I had hopped off of my Mistweaver to do some hunter DPS. I had gotten into a dungeon and, having not played hunter in months, forgot to turn off my pets taunt so that the tank could do their job. They playfully joked that I'm never going to let them tank, and I thought they were insulting me because I was mad at having wiped several times while soloing heroic Deadmines on my main (I'm prone to nerd rage .3.). The tank calmly explained to me what was going on, and I realized I had become that one douchey DPS that nobody likes, turned off the taunt on my boar, and sat through the rest of the dungeon in disgraceful silence, simply glad that between the time I had mained and alted a hunter that they took out the aggressive stance.
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100 Gnome Priest
Levelling a baby priest on a different server today, and she's currently in disc spec. Queued for a dungeon and got Shadowfang Keep.

The first thing I noticed was that the tank was slow. Then I noticed that they were wearing a dress. In fact everything they were wearing seemed to have intellect bar their weapons. Well, whatever, it's a low level dungeon and they're probably a noob. And I was right. They seemed to be changing stances a lot too - I realised that they were changing into tank stance for keg throwing to actually pull mobs, and then changing back into DPS stance to tank the mobs they had just pulled. Cause the tanky bit is the pulling and not the damage soaking, apparently.

Threat was all over the place, DPS were pulling, etc - though I didn't actually mind DPS pulling in this case cause they were less squishy than the tank - and the tank went the wrong direction on that staircase leading up to the next boss.

Me: You're going the wrong way.
Silence. The tank continues to go the wrong way and confused DPS range around randomly.
Me: Tank, you're going the wrong way, the boss is where I am.
Still silence. The tank and some DPS fight their way through the wrong part of the dung and end up just going in a huge circle back to where I'm standing, wasting my time.
Me: gj, you just went in a circle
Tank: ?
Me: dw, you just stay in your own world lol
DPS: lol

Sigh. I know not to expect much from low level dungeons, but still. Some basic level of awareness would be nice at the very least. How could you NOT notice you just went in a circle? It was a slow, painful exercise in patience. The icing on the cake came at the end, where a DPS pulled both the monstrosities and Godfrey at once. If it wasn't for PW:S I never would have gotten through that dung without wiping.
90 Tauren Death Knight
edit: Deleted. Posted this drunk and didn't make sense for the context of the topic.
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100 Pandaren Shaman
I was doing a Heroic Dungeon for the laughs, I got Stormstout Brewery. I have actually soloed it in the past. So I figure, nice easy run... I do decide to stay in healer spec...

First thing the tank does is takes off all his gear except his sword.(DK tank)
He then pulls everything up to the boss room.
He then turns his back to the mobs.

He of course drops like a rock, but I manage to keep everyone else alive. At which point I see in /i, "WTF HEALZ Y EYE DED?" from the tank.
I respond, "1, you were naked. 2, you turned your back to mobs. 3, you pulled more than you could handle while naked with your back to the mobs. Put your gear on and actually tank and I might keep you alive."

So now we're at the boss, we have a naked tank, a normal SoO geared Spriest, myself, a LFR Hunter, and a newbie Monk.
Tank puts on his full set of Intellect plate of varying ilevels, mostly 463s, but some crafted pieces with higher ilevel. He's squishy until he loses aggro to the priest, who actually makes a better tank than the tank...

Of course almost the instant the priest gets aggro, the tank goes off on him about how bad he is, how he needs to learn how to not pull aggro, and other such things...

I say, "Dude, I can solo this place and I'm quite sure the Priest could too. He's taking LESS damage than you, wearing the right gear, and he holds aggro. By the way, Intellect is not for DKs."

So then I see a vote kick pop up for the tank, I don't click yet, but it goes through. We get a new tank and speed through the rest no problem.
90 Draenei Priest
Twin Peaks, a disc priest friend and I carry the flag (on my druid) unassisted to our base.


We don't answer, we're too busy being alone in our base against a warrior and a rogue. We get a cap. We do a repeat performance for the second all while the shaman is screaming about our dps.


This is the priest that's with me running the flag. I find enough time to type back that the priest and I are you know, doing the flag? Cuuzzzz no one else is?

Then. THEN. The druid in quest greens at 284k health gets the flag, runs the flag, and ends up losing the game for us. There's the usual stuff from that guy like "U MAD BRO??". Ugh.
90 Blood Elf Priest
I was working on my druid the other day, and decided to take a break from questing and try to heal a Cata dungeon (which I hadn't done in a while.) Got into Vortex Pinnacle and off we went. Toward the beginning of the quest, RL intervened, and I was in a hurry to finish...but figured what the heck, these guys are doing okay, I can probably stay for the whole thing.

Sometime after the first boss, one of the DPS took a massive hit. I threw a rejuv on him and proceeded to hard cast, but during that time he died. He then started the "wtf heals, nice job" thing while we were finishing the mobs off.

I just went ahead and said peace out. Felt kind of bad for the rest of the party, though. But given that I wanted to get out there quickly...I just didn't feel like dealing with that sort of attitude.
90 Draenei Priest
I already know what the dps got hit by. Guessing you had just finished the first boss and had pulled a group of elementals. The elementals do an aoe attack that can literally kill you in 2 seconds. If that was the pull that you were on and the dps died in I would have said "wtf dps, stop looking at your meters and move out of the fire."
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90 Pandaren Monk
*Le me healing flex on norushen*

Raid constantly wipes because dps refuse to go orbs and so on
Yet somehow I get blamed for not having satisfactory healing to keep the group up. Like wot?
90 Pandaren Priest
First time poster, long time reader so here goes.
A little backstory, I'm in a group of guys that will be doing a bunch of pvp when they hit max (they decided to start out on a new server) and one of them has been leveling a warrior as arms and he is cocky as all get out. They apparently "tanked" low levels as arms, no big deal right? Last night they hit pandamania dungeons and tried tanking as arms. From what i heard on skype, it wasn't going so well. His teammates told him to switch to prot and I told him he needs to switch to prot, he really can't tank mop 5-mans as arms in his gear (low-level cata stuff). He disregards both his teammates and me and he eventually gets kicked.

At the time i was healing an LFR, making comments on what he could be doing to help his teammates (I'm no expert, but I have a prot warrior almost to max). He then said that he didn't need to be in prot since the dungeons were so easy and that he didn't need a healer. I scoffed at him and said that yes he did in fact need a healer. I said that I'd que with him as his healer to really see if he needed a healer and prove that he could chain pull up until the first boss without me healing him. He takes the challenge and we que up.

As we zone into stormstout brewery I tell him that he can pull as much as he feels comfortable with and i won't lay a heal on him, nothing what-so-ever. He just makes snide remarks that he won't need me. As we zone in he pulls the first two monkeys. In one swing he is down to about 25% health, just one swing. I comment that it looks like he might actually need me. I instinctively bubble him and by the time he does the next pull he is at ~40% health and no bubble. He charges in and promptly becomes a bloody smear on the floor. After much laughing I tell him he can walk back in and when he said "yeah i know" you could hear the rage in his voice. It was palpable through my headset. The rest of the instance went fairly smoothly, except for one instance were I am have "forgotten" to heal him and he got two-shotted.

The entire time after the first death he complained that it was the games fault, and blah blah blah. Yeah yeah, the games fault, rrriiiigggghhhhttt.
Whether this makes me a bad healer or not, whatever, but I do know he is the type of tank I don't want to be anywhere near. Mind you, if I hadn't been max leveled I 'm sure I would have had trouble keeping him up. It felt dangerous to even do atonement because his health would fall so dramatically so fast.
100 Tauren Druid
Had the week off work, so I took my fresh shaman and priest healers into LFR the other day. Shaman went well. Priest, not so much ...

Got in on a Nightmare of Shek'zeer. Run up towards Wind Lord. Folks disable the adds correctly (or at least, I think correcly - my last time through HoF was about a year ago).

Attempt one: everything is running everywhere.
Attempt two: ditto
Attempt three: ditto

As everyone in the raid try to tell the tanks "hey, one of you grab the adds, one grab the boss", one tank goes nuts:


Ok, so we think it's all set, right? The tanks have it figured out who is tanking the boss and who is tanking the adds.

Queue up another round of everything running everywhere.


That's when I left. Really ... tank was fully expecting to grab all the adds, while everyone did slow and low single-target dps on each add in order because he was incapable of holding aggro. Yeah.

12/06/2013 01:04 PMPosted by Britanníca
They apparently "tanked" low levels as arms, no big deal right?

To be fair, that's doable. Or at least, it used to be. When TBC came out, I specced my warrior Arms to make questing a tad easier, tanking dungeons at every opportunity. As long as I swapped gear, and did the sword-and-board thing, tanking was fine. But maybe with the way talents and spec-specific abilities work now, that's not possible.
90 Troll Shaman
"This disc priest needs to use Atonement more, his damage is so bad."

I've heard this before too! One of my many priests got vote-kicked in a 5 man in an 82 cata dungeon a few months back. Nothing was said the whole run, except a few minutes before the kick "why is the disc only doing 2k but the spriest is doing 8k.

But I really came to this thread about a group who vote-kicked 4 of the healers on a LFR Malkorok wipe because people assumed they were getting no heals. At least 8 people sat below 20% health before blood rage, we really wiped cuz only a few people were stacked up at a time for it. Y'know, "STACK ON TANKS" 3 people stack, die, a few more stack, die, etc.

I linked the dungeon journal, explaining you can't heal through phase 1. People were standing in breath and ranged were RUNNING AWAY from purple swirls. I wasn't kicked, but a couple of others, doing nothing wrong, were kicked.

We had to kick low DPS on spoils. Then we got to Thok and the tanks just weren't tanking the jailer at all. Like 8 people got melee'd to death. I LINKED RECOUNT DEATHS, PROVING IT WAS BEING MELEE'D. "well don't stand in front of the boss when he fixtates dumbass" .................................... Then after he was done fixtating, a healer would pull aggro on THOK, and get melee'd to death. We couldn't kick those tanks because apparently there is a limit on how many you can kick in LFR, so I dropped group.
90 Human Paladin
Not something I was healing (thankfully), but I really did feel sorry for the healers for this weeks lfr I was in.

On Immerseus, the boss gets pulled by accident but tanks seem to pick it up just fine, but they both just get wrecked until the group runs out of B.rezzes, a concerned dps questioned if the healers were even healing the tank at all... Anyways its a wipe and its chalked up to everyone not being in position, healers out of range of the tanks etc etc

Next attempt takes place after a 10 minute argument about where the tanks should stand, with one person saying it should be at the back of the room, one at the front, and some others saying that it didnt make one iota of difference since the room was circular. While it's a kill the tanks still died a number of times.

Continue on to protectors and I actually take the time to inspect the two tanks, DK tank with ~600k HP ilvl 494 with half gems and enchants, ok good enough for lfr, check the other guy, pally tank 500k HP buffed! ilvl 470 zero enchants and gems >.<

Mr Squishy Pally is on He and gets hit by every single gouge, and whats worse was during mark of anguish the debuff gets passed to him (I know that's the normal strat but it wasn't helping) giving him -50% armour for 2 minutes after every He desperate measure. It took 2 stacks of determination before the boss died, and that was with half the raid dead too... I left at that point, I reckon the pally tank died at least 12 times over those 2 bosses, and yet no healer even mentioned or complained about it. Such tenacity from the healers.

In a separate lfr on my priest, there was 6 dps deaths from the Sorrow's Inferno Strike, not including the 2 Life grips, and they all ran away from the group that was trying to stack with them *sigh*. I look forward to when I'm finished with lfr gear.
90 Night Elf Druid
Things you don't want to hear in guild raids

"All Healers need to work on a DPS offspec"

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