Things You Don't Want To Hear Healing PUGs 12

85 Goblin Priest
Running Throne of the tides last night. Dk tank, ret pally, rogue, mage, and myself (am the only one in looms). From what i could tell this was the first time the rogue and the mage were in there. Not a big deal by all means. A few mistakes here and there but i am happy to explain mechanics. Throughout the run the tank is not doing a very good job tanking... he seems to believe that his only job is to hold threat (he is ok at it) and take little damage (he is pretty bad at it). He completely fails at positioning. He doesnt move mobs when they are surrounded by puddles and melee dps has no way to each em. He takes unnecessary damage, and i am pretty sure he does not believe in cooldowns.

Anyways, he gets smashed a few times by commander uthok. The rogue dies twice but asks what he is supposed to do in those situations (i applaud him for it, i honestly do). We head for the stonespeaker and get through the trash ok, and the following convo takes place:

Rogue: "Should i get out when those dudes are pummeling the ground?" (Again i commend you sir!)
Me (deadpan): "Yep"
DK: "Naw... doesnt hurt so much"

And this is the facepalm moment. I have numerous gripes with this:
1. An advice to avoid mechanics is a bad advice as it sets the wrong precedence for the future
2. The only reason nobody took much damage is cause i bubble everyone while we are up in the air
3. How can a dude who derps for half a dungeon justify himself as an expert to give out an advice like that?!

Anyways, i generally dislike people playing other roles commenting on whether something is easy or not to heal, but i really get worked up about bad advice.
90 Draenei Priest
BGs again, Arathi Basin. Horde is running around with 5+ people taking bases. We can easily counter this. I'm calling out incs assisted with Mind Vision because you know.. I'm hoping to win.

A shaman take offense to that and tells me to 'shut the f up dude'. He goes on to say that people just want to fight and not pay attention and hope to win. Calls me a 'rbg win trader' and a 'baddie' etc etc. I tell him to shut up and keep doing what I'm doing. We ended up losing but not too badly.

I'm just confounded at how many people ignore bg mechanics so willfully, but I guess since it's about the same in PVE I shouldn't be surprised. I really should get off a PVE server for that matter...
91 Undead Warlock
It would seem that BG are a breeding ground for idiotic players like you describe.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Was running old lfr to gear up some and get the sigils for wrathion.
First que is toes on sha.. easy
Next que I get fresh toes with a regular tot geared dk tank and an alright geared monk. The dk thinks he can ignore mechanics when placing skulls on the protectors... we were seconds from hitting engage. Tsulong and Lei Shi also take horrendously long with the stellar dps in there.

Once I finished toes I decided I was up for more torture, que 2nd wing of hof. We have a monk tank who has some tot heroic gear and a decent prot war. I think it's going to be easy... I've never been so wrong.
No one ccs the adds, nor interrupts the menders.
The monk tank is pulling 300k something and I'm pulling 125k or so for the#2 spot... as heals.
We wipe.
Monk leaves and a dps war goes prot. We down the boss, very slowly.

Amber shaper had people ignoring mechanics and just overall being bad. We did clear it on the first shot though
We get a new tank, prot war.

Empeess is up and is the worst boss fight I've had.
The new tank has no idea about taunting and is getting mcs thrown out. Miraculously 5 of the 6 healers are doing work. I'm at #1 with a rdruid closely behind.
One tank was pulling 94k dps with a lock and shammy pulling in the 80k range. The next closest you ask? 15k - 40k. Seriously. We, inevitably, hit the zerk. Tank asks what happened and has no clue what an engage timer is. The dps and bad tank blame the healers. After a laugh I /drop group

I called it a night after that.
hof took about 2 hours
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90 Draenei Shaman
I can't stand seeing guild groups in LFD. Because for some reason 80% of the time I get those kinds of groups it ends with me leaving, or getting kicked when I didn't do anything. Sometimes it's that they're horrible, other times they're screwing with my healing. Oh and one thing I hate is when I ask if people could not stand in a certain spot, or give a suggestion to a pull, and I get "shut up and heal!."....followed by a "we never have heals as bad as yours in our raids. They always heal us while we're sitting in the fire, quit being selfish." Colorful words from them usually follow every time. Seems people like to act tough when they have guildies to back them up. I just drop if I get dumb comments like that, or the guild starts to cause problems. just.....the stupid....if only I could heal that.

Also, I've noticed lately I don't even have to tell people not to stand in the fire. Which normally I do, but after so many "shutup and heal" responses I rarely do now. Yesterday I had a run where the dps would notice their hp dropping low, then get out of whatever they're standing in. I would continue healing after I see them getting out. Of course that happened throughout the run, it didn't happen just once and they stopped. was like they could read my mind every time they stood in something. O.O
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90 Pandaren Monk
It makes me so sad to see so many "bad tank" stories. Maybe it's because I main tank now, but it's not as difficult as a lot of these guys make it out to be to just look after your healers.
90 Orc Shaman
It makes me so sad to see so many "bad tank" stories. Maybe it's because I main tank now, but it's not as difficult as a lot of these guys make it out to be to just look after your healers.

I think that's kinda why I stopped playing WoW so much. I used to take tanking seriously to the point where it bothered me on an almost moral level when whatever group I was with didn't care about their fellow comrades.

To me, it didn't matter that it was a video game. We were on a team, and each of us paid $15 a month to even be in there. So I made damn sure I did my very best to protect the other members of my group. I learned as much as I could about my class, and spent all my free time going way out of my way to do those long quest chains just for that one blue that was better at a given level, just so I had that tiniest edge if it meant helping my team survive.

As long as people did their best, I didn't care how good they were. I was happy to help or coach them throughout the run if they asked for it. And when they started taking initiative and CC'd pats before I even called for it, THAT was the kind of play I appreciated.

When it came to me tanking or healing, I never cared that the hunter had "l33t dps". In fact back in the day that usually just meant he was padding the meters with AoE or some other trick that made my job that much harder, back when threat was a thing.

The best runs for me as a tank was when everyone didn't just do their job. They actually made USE of their classes full potential. Such as stunning, slowing, or CCing stray or out of control mobs instead of just panicking until I rounded everything up and hope the healer was geared enough. Back then doing that would've been a wipe.

The average skill of a random player was much, much better in BC than it is today.

I swear there would be players today that would be absolutely shocked at what was expected of the same class in BC. I'd love to see a mage decurse or have a hunter kite six adds for the full duration of a 10-min fight.

So when people don't even want to do anything more than faceroll over the keyboard, I have a very hard time figuring out why I should bother to keep them alive. And that's my own failing. It "shouldn't" matter what they've done, but I'm human, and it does.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Battleground story time!

Alright, so I just had three Strand of the Ancients matches in a row, all of them in-progress.

1. This one I drop in with 30 seconds until the round begins (you'll see what I mean by in-progress in a sec). I'm on Green side and I assist a Demo through the gate and a RDruid and I go to cap the graveyard. We only have a derping Paladin to deal with, so we (w/o communication, which was cool) combine Psychic Scream with Cyclone and cap it. As we're running to get in to a Demo, the match is over and Alliance wins. Apparently I joined on the 2nd round after the Alliance had plowed through (I should have looked at the time allotted). 0-1

2. This one I join in progress as well. I jump in to a Demo on the beach (green side) and start trucking up. Just as I pass the Green gate we cap the chamber. Defending round, the Alliance tear through us like tissue paper. 0-2

3. This one I also join just as Horde caps Relic Chamber, except I not only didn't even have enough time to get a handle of what was happening, we also won the match. So I joined a match and won 10 seconds later. 1-3
How about things you don't normally THINK healing pugs?

Like oh, I dunno..... "I wish I could kick everyone in this group but the hunter"

On my lowbie priest in Wailing Caverns. Have a 'tank' that is an arms warrior in prot stance, a druid that never even zones into the place,a windwalker monk, and a MM hunter.

The tank can't hold agro on anything at all, so for the first but pretty much EVERYONE is taking hits. Except the druid of course, because they are zones away questing instead. After a bit the hunter's pet pretty much becomes the main tank. The warrior and monk both end up taking a few hits of course because there is only so much a pet can do, but the pet does a much better job than the warrior could even dream of.

The monk however is also a ninja. Rolls on the healing cloak from verdan, and the shield from kresh. He had been rolling on pretty much everything, but since WC has a lot of agi leather I didn't think much of it but after this I noticed he even rolled need on crummy greens.

We struggle our way through the place, get back to start the event. Apparently most people had issues finding the extra spawns in the corners to get to the boss which isn't surprising since I think the hunter and I were the only ones who knew where we were going. The monk drops group just before mutanus spawns, and the warrior is off in lala land in the corner so the hunter and I solo him down with me getting all the sleeps.

The ring drops, the warrior and hunter both roll need on it and I just drop before the timer runs down for the druid that never spawned in to roll.
100 Goblin Shaman
It makes me so sad to see so many "bad tank" stories. Maybe it's because I main tank now, but it's not as difficult as a lot of these guys make it out to be to just look after your healers.

My grudge anymore is with hunters- especially the newer ones. Half of them don't know where their MD/FD button is and the other half have no clue what a trap is.

I remember when I was leveling my hunter- I made danged sure to use all of my skills when I was supposed to.
100 Draenei Shaman
I miss when Cata heroics made these threads move fast :( still some good reading though
90 Night Elf Druid
This post isn't so much 'what you don't want to hear' so much as what you don't want to see...

Dinged 90, and with all the gear I had gathered, crafted, etc., I was able to jump right into heroics. A couple guildies wanted to join me on my first one; a ToT geared monk tank and my core team's healer on her MM hunter alt. We get Mogu'shan Palace for my first one.

Zone in and we're joined by a low geared mage and warrior. Everything's going great, really easy heal...only had to worry about the warrior derping in the lightning on the first groups of adds. No big deal. First boss, easy sauce, and we start the march to Gekkan. Working on the two adds that spawn on the landing right above him, when all of a sudden they go FLYING over the edge and down into Gekkan's room. My heart stops...yep, here he comes.

My guildie's hunter is talented into Powershot and had accidentally (so she says :p) triggered it on those adds...

Anyway, we all jump down into the room, and I go into crisis mode. Since the hunter AND the mage didnt get a chance to dismiss their pets, we have Gekkan and his gang of four, the two caster adds and the non elites from the stairs that the pets pulled, along with the original 2 that were knocked into the room. And I have at the most, 6k spirit.

No one died. I was scraping the bottom of my mana pool, and I almost had to sacrfice the warrior who was tunneling on one of the casters, but the feeling I got when the boss went down could only be described as enormous satisfaction. "Nice healing" and "amazing heals" comments from the group...makes me think that maybe I CAN heal
90 Blood Elf Paladin
I just don't run heroics any more. So tired of the same ones >.> I'm less tired of the cata heroics than the MoP ones.
100 Gnome Monk
I miss when Cata heroics made these threads move fast :( still some good reading though

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Those stories are probably my most extreme. It was epic encounters like healing through the 2nd boss of Grim Batol's mace on my shaman or having a resto druid pull two groups in ZA for my prot paladin because I wasn't challenging enough to heal.

My guildie's hunter is talented into Powershot and had accidentally (so she says :p) triggered it on those adds...

I had a former guildy, one of the biggest trolls I've ever met, typhoon those guys. It really ground his gears when the pug tank said afterwards "That was awesome!"

I just don't run heroics any more. So tired of the same ones >.> I'm less tired of the cata heroics than the MoP ones.

I accidentally queue'd for one thinking I was headed into an LFR a couple of days ago and got Scholomance. Other than the feral druid afk'ing out of LoS and dying for the first boss nothing bad happened. Well, when he did come back for the other pulls he did push my fistweaving into 2nd place with his 140-150k single target dps.

Not having done any dungeons in a long time it was pretty fun.
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Those stories are probably my most extreme.

Stonecore. My little special place was always the hallway leading up to Ozruk. Both my shaman and druid pulled out some crazy stops to the most insane overpulls I have ever seen in that hallway.
90 Draenei Priest
Satchel run on my priest, Shado Pan. Everything is going well until we get to the packs where someone has to cleanse the body. We're at the one just past where most groups drop off the bridge into the water. Well, apparently someone pulled the first pack there, plus the one on the little island PLUS some across the next bridge. And, no one was cleansing the body. I attempted to do it myself 3x but kept getting gripped back into the group. 528 ilevel and they almost made me go oom, no joke, even popping fiend, trinket, and hymn of hope.

Second one just for kicks on my druid, Scarlet Monastery. DPS is low and I'm almost falling asleep. The warrior must sense this unspoken thought and some how starts dropping like a rock every pull and dies on the second to last boss. Says "sorry, I deserved that". Told him there's no way I could have outhealed whatever he did anyway. He died in a gcd.

Last boss, someone pulls add during the fight and I had to Shadowmeld to get it off me. But, when Whitemane sleeps us all, one of them is beating my druid to hell anyway and I nearly die while in a full sleep. I had to tranq that fight. TRANQ!! Siiigh.

*Edit* I also cringe when I'm a healer in an otherwise all guild group. It generally doesn't go well and makes me wonder why they had 4 people and not their own heals. Especially if they say they want to do achievements; I just leave.
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90 Draenei Priest
I actually feel kind of bad for this one, but on my druid healing Forgotten Depths LFR, we get to the hall before Ji Kun. I jokingly say "5 bucks says someone dies on snail". Someone else says "I haven't heard that every time". For some reason, that really irked my tater, so I says "5 bucks says its gonna be (that guy)". He "lol"s at that, and I symbiosis a priest. Position myself next to the first snail and Leap of Faith him into its path. Boom. First snail death of the lfr. "Nailed it!" I say with grim satisfaction. Another guy says "more like 'snailed it'". Laughs ensue, butthurt snail dying guy starts !@#$%ing at some random priest for the incident, and I got off Scott free. Afterwards, I was going to make a toon on his server to apologize, but I noticed he spelled his name with a stupid non English character and I thought "screw that guy then, if he can't make an original name". No offense everyone.
100 Pandaren Shaman
Healing on my lowbie monk I get Strat Service Entrance...

Tank decides to chain pull and not bother to grab casters... Well, some of the casters in there Silence you... So he's rounded up a rather large group everything from the start of the instance to the first tower, including 4 banshees... I get chain silenced, so I'm fistweaving... Well, he keyboard turns putting his back to the mobs he's tanking, and pulls the boss... While I'm silenced... With 20% mana since at low level fistweaving is pretty mana intensive and I don't have Mana Tea yet...

He drops fast. And of course, with the casters everywhere the party damage was already pretty high... So we all drop before my 4 second silence is over...

Tank starts complaining about my healing, one of the DPS starts insulting me, my mother, and my grandmother, and I just say, "You can't do that while silenced."
I report the DPS, ignore him and the tank, and drop group.

Queue back up, get the same dungeon, different group, manage to clear it no problem.
90 Draenei Shaman
07/19/2013 09:54 AMPosted by Riled
I can't stand seeing guild groups in LFD. Because for some reason 80% of the time I get those kinds of groups it ends with me leaving, or getting kicked when I didn't do anything. Sometimes it's that they're horrible, other times they're screwing with my healing.

I actually really enjoyed getting those when I mained a tank. I never had a bad one and many where completely awesome.

As a healer, I can't remember the last time I got a guild group but I don't remember a bad one. I have had random bad groups however.

I just healed Palace on my Priest, with a tank that had just over 400k health fully buffed including my PW:F. Had some scary moments but no deaths.

This Shammy got a group for SM Cath and the first pulls by the tank were everywhere. Multiple groups, barely any aggro from him, my face being eaten. Go go Shammy regen. He dropped after the first boss and good riddance. I would have hated healing the courtyard with him.

The WW Monk took over while we waited on a new tank. Slightly squishie here and there but we went along just fine until a tank joined us for the final few pulls and the last boss. Easy peasy for that tank - I always liked getting those groups as tank.
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