Help with Healing composition options.

We'd honestly like to start 2 healing going into 5.4, with a swing healer. I have stepped up and volunteered to do the swing healing spot (go me)!

I'm not fond of having only one healing class on my priest, nor am I fond of how shadow is playing right now. So I'm going to be going to the Swinger (NO JOKES WITHOUT ADVICE! :p). Our tanks are DK and Pali. Our core dps are usually a hunter, warlock, warrior, enh shaman, rogue.

Healer 1 is a (very strong) Holy Pali. Staying Holy Pali.

Healer 2 is a very strong healer. Can go with Holy Pali, or RDruid.
We're thinking the RDruid would be a stronger choice to help balance the Pali's toolkit out.

Swing Healer (ME!) options are: Shaman, Monk, Druid.
(My gut is leaning towards Shaman due to how mele heavy we already are (and less gear competition), but I can see a monk being a viable option as well.)

Thanks healy friends! (and those that hate me, IDK as long as you have something constructive to add :p)
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I would personally suggest what you are thinking of... the Shaman. Ele DPS is pretty straightforward (I mained as an ele shaman for several years before swapping to priest healing) so it shouldn't be too difficult at all for you to pick it up. Also, from my standpoint even on fights where you feel you need 3 healers you don't need 3 *full capacity* healers. It's more like 2 healers + cds/clutch healing and in my opinion NO healer excels at this role better than a resto shaman.

My group runs me as disc/mistweaver and our third healer is... you guessed it.. a resto shaman and I wouldn't trade him for all the tea in China.
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100 Tauren Druid
A decent boomkin is also a good CD+Clutch healer, but that would make your full-time resto druid sad when you rolled on the Int leather, and it would keep that token crowded. On the plus side, it would give your resto druid and holy pally the spell haste buff, which would make them happy!

Personally, I hate Boomkining, I much prefer playing an Ele shaman, but you may find it fun. Double druid on 3 heal fights is no problem at all, especially with a pally in the group.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Also, from my standpoint even on fights where you feel you need 3 healers you don't need 3 *full capacity* healers. It's more like 2 healers + cds/clutch healing and in my opinion NO healer excels at this role better than a resto shaman.

Agreed. Couldn't have said it better.

My 10man 3-heals everything, but we don't need the 3rd healer's hps outside of cooldowns. In our situation, what happens is:

- Disc priest gets to be lazy-ish (cuz he's lazy) and Atonement-dps more than he should
- Holy priest goes red Chakra and puts some dps in during lower-healing moments, and bursts when healing becomes more intensive
- I... heal my lil heart out and overheal everything, rofl, because I don't like "getting out of practice" for when we end up only having 2 healers online and/or the Disc is... not... a "forward thinking" player... he's pretty sloppy with his attempts at pre-shielding, so you're never quite sure whether things are going to get messy...

... if the RL (the holy priest) wanted to push us into becoming a more serious group, he'd actually be the one who went dps (since he's excellent at both holy & shadow, and while I absolutely will do my best if asked to dps, it's not my "calling"). As it stands, we cushion our derp with the 3rd set of healer cooldowns instead.
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90 Human Paladin
Well if you are swing healing i'd say go with the class that you find the most fun to dps on. Most fights should be 2 healed anyway.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Out of the three choices you listed, shaman would by far be the best to mix with a holy pally and resto druid.

I would however highly highly highly recommend disc priest instead though. hpal,rdruid,disc priest is hands down one of the best compositions possible.

Holy pallys have strong triage and absorbs, with not as much smart healing
Resto druids have amazing triage and smart heals, lacking absorbs
Disc priests have amazing smart heals and strong absorbs, lacking big triage

They balance each other out amazingly well. This is what we run with and I wouldn't change it for anything else.
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100 Dwarf Priest
I'd also say Shaman. Fits your group comp and you have very little competition for gear (only other Shaman).

Because mail seems to drop off of every boss for us, our Hunter and Shaman healer are by far the most geared in the raid (Hunter's 522, just from doing normal ToT >.>).

Our healing comp varies based on who we have on. Generally, it's a Holy Priest and Resto Shaman, with me switching between Shadow and Disc (though we three heal every fight in ToT so far, just to be safe), though I go full Shadow when our Holy Pally comes. We actually four-heal Megaera, though we should try to get it down to three heals, it sucks not killing her when the Pally can't come.

But our Shaman is a great healer, though it depends on the fight. On fights where we can stack (Megaera, Jinrokh), she does amazing healing, but she's less effective at fights where we have to spread out more.
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