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90 Draenei Hunter
Hello Arathor!

I’ve been gone awhile and don’t intend on coming back, but I did get this free trial so I figured I’d come here and chat a bit. Because I miss you.

When I left I left badly. I didn’t say anything to anyone, or talk about leaving – just . . . quit. I felt guilty for not talking to Kai or saying anything to my guild. It was bad. I'm sorry Ascent, so very sorry. You deserved better.

There are a lot of reasons I left: the direction the game went, Pandas, CRZ, class changes, Pandas, LFR, Pandas, and the fact that I’ve been diagnosed with MS and couldn’t play the way I was used to. And Pandas.

When I first had symptoms I was alarmed: pain in my eyes, poor reflexes, speech problems – sometimes my tongue just wouldn’t do what it was supposed to (don’t even think it). So I go to the doctor and blurt out “I HAVE AN INOPERABLE BRAIN TUMOR AND I’M DYING I JUST KNOW IT!” Well, that’s what I meant to say. What I actually said was “BLUGH IMMORBA TUMOR BLUGH!” So tests. Some weeks. More tests and more weeks. Anyway… Pandas.

In all their wisdom Blizzard decided that even though hunters had Arcane Shot as a filler, they needed four or five more fillers and a vast array of abilities to do the same damage. Hunters also needed to do crap dps unless they played perfectly, and then they could shine as slightly below average. I couldn’t play perfectly. I tried, I just couldn’t do it. I was literally in tears every raid night. The night I quit my husband found me crying at the computer after the raid. I told him, “I wanted the bow. I thought I could be better with the bow.”

He was all like, “Jesus Christ! Why are you playing a game that’s making you cry???” It’s one of the few times he’s been right. So I logged out, moved my toon and unsubbed. My poor performance was the last straw in a very long line of disappointments.

I was never fond of MOP. In fact I liked it less than CATA, and I hated CATA. All the places that held good times and fond memories were destroyed or changed beyond recognition. With them went world PvP. The community disappeared and WoW wasn’t a world anymore – it was just a game. Someone told me it’s the people you miss not the game, but that’s only partly true. One of the most exciting things that happened was killing the TLPD, just me and Jeep. I also remember those rare weekend mornings when I would log on early. I would drink my coffee and go farm or do my dailies. It was all very quiet and peaceful. I loved it.

I’ve been playing RIFT again and really enjoying myself. I’m in a very . . . mediocre guild, so I fit right in! My guild mates are awesome – I just love them! The other night in vent one of them played music from WRATH. The nostalgia was so strong it hurt.

I’ll always have those memories: getting the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix off Prince, finally being able to kill Deathelement and Veeks (ok I had help with Veeks but still) epic battles between Southshore and Tarren Mill, mount runs with my guildies from HARM, and most of all, my adventures with Fjord, Tyballa, Dyker and so many others.

To those of you who took the time to slog through this post, I hope you’re having fun and WoW is still magical for you. Peace out.

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90 Night Elf Hunter
What server do you play on?
Please contact me :D
I'm trying out Rift now
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90 Human Priest
Bodicca! Idk if you remember me or not but it's Moregord. I was just think about Arathor and I come to the forums and see that you stopped playing. Made me kinda sad since it was because of you that i actually started to pvp more than pve. It's sad to see old players from when i started to play this game go away :/ but it is what it is. Im not having as much fun as i used to have when i first started to play this game and like you said i think cata had somthing major to do with it. It changed alot of the old spots that i remembered and loved as a lowbie. nowadays you really don't have to move from stromwind to level up. jusat queue over and over again. Anyway hope you had as much fun as i did back then. Have fun in life :)
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Hi Bodicca:) I'm glad i gave u good memories of the past ^_^
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10 Troll Rogue
Miss you bodicca! hope you find that magic in all you do, real life and beyond. You'll always have at least one friend on Arathor , Maybe lurking in a bush..but they are here!
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90 Dwarf Hunter
We miss you Bodicca. BC/Wrath World PvP will always be the best times. So many memories. <3
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90 Human Paladin

This needs to be read. Not for the personal problems had by said member........but for the nostalgia purposes held. I feel the same way. I miss the ole days..........
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90 Tauren Death Knight
how bout u come back and meet all the new ppl and go pvp with them we will be waiting :)
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85 Dwarf Paladin
I am back. For PvP anyway. I won't bore you all with health updates except to say I'm doing really, REALLY well! Just, really amazingly well and very happy about it.

I don't know where to start though - I suppose I'll take my little pally into bgs's with my old gear and see what happens. I don't think I have a guild anymore but that's ok. :D

I can't bring Bodicca back unless I change her name because someone took it. Can you believe that? That son of a !@#$% . . .

Fury, give me some time to gear up and I'll be happy to start something.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Bodicca! If you read this, hit me up! I miss you lady! (This is So :) )

Battletag HappyPlace#1996

Miss you!!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Bodicca died irl.
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