ToT 25 N Puggression Newcomers

90 Night Elf Druid
Server Pug Details: Sunday June, 23, 2013

Hello everyone on Norgannon! Since the first realm pug seems to be going well. I'll like to try to get a pug for the current level of content for early morning weekends.
Here is the general info:

What: I will be pugging Throne of Thunder for the week. Expect to wipe as this is a beginners run to learn and improve on the encounters knowledge from LFR and previous raid content.

Why: I am doing this in an attempt to enjoy content on its normal difficulty and not that zergfest in lfr, to facilitate a teamwork atmosphere from different players across Norgannon, and generally to have fun with people from other guilds while learning and downing encounters.

When: Sunday June 23, 1200-1500 (will adjust to fit most players time if need be)

How to Sign Up: I'm taking sign-ups on this thread. Myself or another player who is interested in that responsibility will send out calendar invites to anybody who signs up here. Anybody who is interested in participating should post their information in this thread. I plan on balancing the raid as best as possible. So it is important that I have accurate information for each player.

Week 1: Defeat Jinrokh, Horridon, and maybe Counsel.
Week 2: Defeat Counsel, Tortos, and maybe Mageara.
Week 3: Defeat Mageara, Durumu, and Primordius.
Week 4: Well see.

Expectations: Know your class.
1- Show up in ilevel appropriate gear (minimum 495+ for ToT)
2- You are fully gemmed and enchanted in a proper way for your class
3- Know or read about the fights. Completed LFR ToT.
4- You are online 30 minutes early before the raid for invites.
5- Bring proper consumables (flasks/potions/food). Feasts will be provided.
6- Have Ventrillo installed and be able to hear.
7- Post if you need to AFK during the raid.
8- Do not troll, intentionally wipe the raid, or do things to interrupt/interfere with the raid. If you do, you will be kicked.
9- Don't act or be elitist. Don't post recount.
10- Loot will be typical MS before OS before DE/x-mog. Shards, patterns, etc, will be rolled on. Master looter might be utilized.

*The above expectations are the minimum requirements for someone who wants to start raiding Throne of Thunder. I am looking for people who want to be doing current content, who want to learn to raid it and are willing to put in the effort, and those who want to improve the server.

If anybody has any questions feel free to contact me in game or post them here.
I'm usually on from 1930-2300 server time on weekdays. Weekends on 1100 - 1500, 2000-2300.
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A person that's NOT Nayshia attempting to raid 25 mans?

Reality of week goals :

Week 1 : No bosses killed - Go back to stormwind multiple times or put up with people doing 20k dps and failing at mechanics.

Week 2 : No bosses killed - Keep the same players and be thankful they bother to show up.

Week 3 : No bosses killed - There might not even be a group.

Week 4: you won't make it that far.

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Don't be a 'Debbie Downer' Venom
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