Which realm will ShC be merged with?

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Do you think it will be another RP realm or 2? Normal realms? Maybe one with a larger horde to alliance ratio?

I'm pretty sure it won't be a PvP realm. I think they'll look at the the current populations and maybe match us with a few lower pop realms. They will probably leave all the mega realms like Illidan, Moonguard alone. I would think they would be in the same battlegroup, or at least in the same data center.
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Given we're CRZ'd with other RP realms, I think it's fair to assume that's going to remain the case. RP realms exist, in theory, to give RPers a place to roleplay and hang out, where griefers of RP can be reported for violating that agreement of realm type. We'll probably be virtually merged with the realms we already share a CRZ with. None of those realms are particularly high population on their own. I kinda look forward to it, as Alliance side especially an injection of new RP blood would be welcome.

I do wonder if they'll change the server time to be shared, though. Maybe the NA realms just needs to go to PST by default (and I say that as an East Coaster).

Currently, Moon Guard is CRZ'd with RP realms like Wyrmrest Accord (another large server) and Cenarion Circle, a couple others I think. I feel bad for them, as the dregs of all the realms go to MG to troll in Goldshire, and it makes their shared Elwynn Forest an awful place. Despite the number of people in the inn making it standing-room-only and even affecting the ability to quest properly (William Pestle acted phased out and I couldn't trigger rested when I made an alt on WrA), there apparently still aren't enough people in that zone to split off. Or there are, but it makes little difference, as the other "instance" of Elwynn would be just as bad. I got out of there as quickly as I could!

With the move to virtual realms, I kinda hope large servers are left off the list--and/or Blizzard could do something about actively policing lower level zones and making things more obvious about what realm types mean when people go to select a realm and create a character, and select a name (tightening name filters would be good too; a lot of people use accent marks to get around them now). I'd like to see pop-up things one has to click on before being allowed to select that realm type. Not everyone'll read them, no, but for new players it would help, and also leave less of an excuse for griefers.
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I pray we're merged with WRA
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I hope we are shoved togeather with a relm that will help ballance out the horde to alliance ratio. as far as the rping goes on Shadow Council i care less about that , just hoping for some new blood.

Also lets hope world PVP makes a come back.
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Well, this is a RP realm. So it'd be nice to have more RP and fresh RP blood at that. Though both factions could use new RP blood too (or at least a better ratio of certain races maybe!). Right now, I really recommend RPers check out my last post in the social thread for current Alliance RP events, or check RP Haven, where both factions have updated social event listings. There IS RP happening, regularly!

I haven't PvPed regularly in years, and rarely ever in the world. There are PvP, and even RP-PvP, servers for that. ;)

Though a few battles and world PvP stuff would be nice now and then. Right now, with CRZ, it kinda mixes up how people can interact in the world so far as world PvP goes, especially with multiple people from other realms trying to get into the mix (yay zone borders!). But I don't think we're that unbalanced compared to some realms.
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