Paladin Mastery and the Future

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Keep in mind there are PvP sides to this game as well. Hpallies are already fairly weak in PvP heals wise. The utility makes up for it, but any further nerfs can hinder Hpallies in PvP. They already took our LoH and mastery was cut. Please leave it at that.
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Oh, the irony of some of this thread. The OP calls people out on "logical fallacies", but fails the basic test of argumentation: the burden of proof is on the individual making the argument. Burden of proof means, you know, facts and data fashioned into a logical argument.
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It is true that Master counts for 40%+ the healing we do. It is true that this is OP. And bliz nerfed it last patch and is nerfing again this coming patch if you look at the notes. However, they cannot nerf it too much and for good reason. As of right now Paladin healing is designed this way. If too much mastery is taken away without a way to compensate for it in our normal output it will break the class. No amount of tweaking mastery procs or base stat weight is going to fix that. In order for mastery not to be so OP the class is going to need an design overhaul, which bliz wont do half way through an expansion.

And btw.. Jaesus your a disc priest.. your arguably just as OP.. so stop whining.
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Can we just agree to act as if this thread was closed and let it die? I stopped reading after the OP started name-calling. Also,

Kettle this is pot, come in pot.

LFR is not a good indication of healer balance.

Paladins are fine every healer is great, none of them are "weak" just people crying about not being able to pad on normal fights.
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