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90 Tauren Druid
I want to give my pally healer some suggestions to get his hps up. I have ran pugs with some pally healer, pre-5.3, and was never able to keep up to their hps. Now I know hps isn't everything, but it seems he could be doing more. Here are a few logs to glance at. One is a Heroic Jin'rohk kill an the other two are reg Duru and Primordius which we 2 healed.

I would love to get some pally feedback to give him some more in depth advice. I have a holy pally alt, but just don't have enough experience with the class to really break down the class's finer points. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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90 Human Paladin
just comparing me to your paladin, not saying my way is perfect, or even correct but heres the differences i found between us

NOTE: before you go back to him and say " why cant you so the same as this pally" it is quite possible its a gear difference, there are different ways to heal each boss and some come out superior but you cannot beat someone if the have 20 ilvl on them, for some fights this tier paladins are quite a hard class to use (im thinking twins, primord ect)

note: my fight took 1/2 the time your did but i believe my advice will still be valid

i do not run the glyph of LOD and only used it twice on this fight (during storm) other than that i stay to eternal flame

i used holy prism 5 times (after every tank swap) where ithacus seems to have only used it twice

i was able to regen 70k mana from seal of insight, thats double the mana ithacus got from his trinket, i recommend always melee the boss if at all possible.

other than that everything seems fine, it might be a overhealing issue rather than a hps issue.

i apologize my logs for normal twins are expired here is a heroic kill, as i said before i belive the points are still valid.

i swapped my beacon 28 times, where Ithacus seems to have not bothered (not a huge deal) i could recommend beacon swapping more often, on this fight i actually find myself swapping my beacon to the ranged members, particularly our hunter who loves to draw the celestial buffs for us (as she runs back into the 60 yard range limit)

Ithacus actually regened more mana from seal of insight on this fight than i did so that's an issue on my part :D

i have no idea how that trinket he has works, i have the trinket but it became part of my vendor spec pretty quickly when a saw the amount of spirit on it. but it seems he is letting it sit on 6 stacks, maybe use it to shield the tank.

just keep in mind paladins are not the best at fights with a lot of aoe damage and no possibility of stacking up, not quite like druids.

i am stumped!

i see very little difference in these fights between myself and Ithcaus.
it seems he is doing everything as he should on this fight and is not able to pull ahead of your druid simply cause there is no damage to do so.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
but you cannot beat someone if the have 20 ilvl on them


I don't want to call it gear dependency, but our raw power gains from just a few ilvl points is massive.

Going from my gear into a challenge mode.... I cringe.. the loss of power is just staggering.
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90 Draenei Paladin
I looked over the H Jin'rokh and N Primordious logs and he seems to be doing the basic things properly, such as keeping holy shock on cd, holy prism on cd. I am unable to tell if deaths were his fault or not due to me not being there and what the circumstances and healing assignments were, but I do know a few things.

You have a lot more gear than he does. If you both had the same amount of skill and effort put in towards those logs, you'll do significantly more healing. You have significantly more int than he does as well as a legendary meta gem. He does not have a legendary meta gem and thus is not going to be able to have as much mana regen to support a ton ridiculous amount of additional casts when it procs. Also he doesn't have a Horridon's Last Gasp Trinket. That spirit trinket with the on use absorb is just down right terrible compared to Horridon's Last Gasp. He may not have a choice otherwise. Once he gets a H.L.G you'll see the potential for his healing to go up a bit. When he gets a legendary meta gem, tracks it and actually tries to get 2 holy power with flash of light and tower or radiance when it procs or perhaps just one holy radiance if group healing is better atm, you should see his hps go way up, at least 20%.

Another thing that I can't see is how much use and effectiveness he's getting out holy radiance. I strongly recomend an addon that allows you to see who is the best target for holy radiance and daybreak and thus which target will allow you to heal the most people, or even if people are close enough together to consider using it. I believe vuhdoo and grid can do this.

Short Answer: Can't tell a whole lot without looking over his shoulder but he seems to be lacking the necessary gear to compete with his fellow healers. That may or may not be his own fault.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Thought of another thing, and can't remember if logs will show this or not (see below). Overlapping IH. If he has slightly better latency than you, he may just end up "sniping" your proactive heals.

Looking at the log:

I notice Lupitz doesn't have IH as his #1 heal, but Ithacus does.

IH should always be your number one heal, yet he does't have it all.

The second log posted shows the same thing. No IH for Lupitz.

I run 25 man Normals with another pally, and I unfortunately do this to him sometimes.

Without IH running, you will be losing 25% of your heals, which means they would appear 1/3 larger. That would put you much closer to him.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
That's a good point, but I think Lupitz is the tank >.>
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
That's a good point, but I think Lupitz is the tank >.>

Bah, misread it. I was thinking 2 pally healers.

In that case.

His Heals line up just before or right with the incoming damage. So he's proactively healing, but it looks like he's got his timing off or his target selection off with HR and Daybreak/HS.

If you look at his overheals, he's running almost 90% on those two, and those are his heavy hitter spells for raid healing. That's what is causing his LoD to be so high on the charts in comparison to everything else. Basically he's throwing away healing.

He's targeting DJhots primarily for the HR (about 40% of the healing is going there), and himself for HS. He's not using HL at all (didn't really use DL or FoL either, but that's not a bad thing). Beacon is on the tank.


1) Failure to use most mana efficient spell, which transfers 100% to tank (HL). Use it during Low/No damage phases to keep light absorb shields up, between HS cooldowns.
2) Not rotating HS around enough. This may be damage dependent, however if he is doing above, it will self correct.
3) He's doing Tank then Him on EF, with not much else. I'd recommend Tank (3), Him (1-3), Everyone Else (1). DP to blanket. EF blanket is a great tool, but he's not capitalizing on it.
4) HR/Daybreak Selection & Timing. He's either getting sniped, or he's choosing a bad target for HR. Since his healing is Proactive (and matches incoming damage), I'm leaning towards sniping. This isn't anyones fault, just bad timing. He can probably adjust his primary HR target (right now it's you). I recommend it be Tank or Him (Tank is always on mob with melee, and if he sticks with the range he can self heal and get them). The same goes for Daybreak procs. The biggest thing on Daybreak is making sure to swap to the new lowest health person.
5) Follow up with EF Blankets if "individuals" are still low. Use LoD if "groups" (melee or range) are low. He Likes LoD, and gets good healing out of it, but it tends to offer better rewards as an absorb shield if you can't get at least 3+ people in a group healed up with it. Hence picking and choosing whether to use it or EF.
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