Solemn's Core team recently downed Lei Shen normal and is getting started on heroics. We are looking for the following classes.

Core team LF Ilvl 510+
High priority
Resto/Ele Shaman hybrid
Resto/Balance Druid hybrid
Medium Priority
Any non-druid tank with a dps off spec.
Any Rogue

Looking for hybrids that are comfortable playing both specs based on the need of the fight.
Those with lower gear levels who can present logs demonstrating exceptional ability in either spec will be considered. We are willing to run you through normal ToT to gear you up. We would also be willing to compensate the cost of a faction change for any exceptional alliance players who are interested.

Our core Team is a focused progression team that raids Monday-Wednesday 4 Server to 8 server (PST) with occasional raids on Thursday or Friday during progression if everyone is available. We have a second team, "Team Bacon" 4/12N looking for a healer and a third team being set up for anyone also looking to raid with alts or in a more relaxed atmosphere.

We provide flasks, prepots, banquets, enchants, gems, etc. and will cover repairs.

GM: Kovo
Officers: ZaganZee, Minispy
My battletag is ZaganZee#1975 or you can reach any of us via whisper in game for more information.
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