So was out messin around farming those dinosaur rare mobs today solo, and a couple dudes from Avant Garde, an ally guild, roll up and flag themselves on our amazing little PVE home, get tagged by the aoe I do on the scarabs so that I flag, and then gank me. I rez, fight them 2v1, it's close, but they've got CDs (heart of the wild). Once their CDs are down, they're then too scared to fight, and fly up as high as they can to escape, to wait out the flag and go back to PVE.

I'm cool with world pvp, but if you're gonna roll up on someone like that, at least have the stones to stick around and fight. It was even 2v1.

You know who you are. Any time you guys wanna get embarassed in wargames (since there's no way you'd have the MMR for me to see you in legitimate instanced PVP), hit me up.