Hamera's Cheesecake (OT Thread)

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The Rules:

1) Be excellent to each other. No one likes a jerk. Don't be a jerk in this thread. No fighting, no put downs, no name calling - or else Reta will beat you with a stick. >:(

2a) The title of the next thread is to be decided by general acceptance before this one caps; try not to overlap with previous ones. Whomever caps the thread should make the new one.

2b) Keep the ToS in mind when deciding on a thread title. This will make it far less likely to be deleted. Also, the title of the thread should always involve food! This is the healer forum and we're weird.

3) Copy and paste these rules and the below list into the first post of the new thread. Add the title of the new thread to the bottom of the list.

Titles of previous OT threads:
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Milk's Hand-Made Milkshake


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06/17/2013 04:44 AMPosted by Mist


Don't make me sick Tiriel on you.
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Thank god someone made a thread.. I was about to..


Does anyone else have totally weird/random people talk to them in game? Nothing bad or lewd or anything like that.. just straight up WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT?!

Case in point:
I get on this morning and go do my farm like usual and hearth to mail herbs to my flask alt. As I am walking to the mailbox I get a whisper "Excuse me, I need your help." I think nothing of it because now and again I get whispers from people asking to get lifegripped because they got stuck behind a box so I say "Sure, what's up?" to which they reply "I saw your pretty transmog and thought you could help me pick out a mount for my transmog. I want the Raven Lord, but it hasn't dropped yet, but I did just get all these new Netherdrake mounts and thought you could help me pick which one to use." Ok, that's a touch on the strange side, but ok "Sure, what transmog do you use?" "Come outside I will show you." So I go outside and he models all his mounts for me "That one clashes." "Almost! but that blue is just a wee bit too light." meanwhile I am thinking "Could lightning please strike my house so my computer explodes so I can get away." We finally settle on the Cobalt one... so things end here right?


"Why don't you carry your mana in a backpack like me?" "Uh, maybe I should do that." "I have an extra backpack, you should come with me and see." "Er.. oooo.k." We go to the bank where he now models his different backpacks. This one comes from here.. that one comes from there. "You can wear 2 backpacks at a time but bad things happen when you do that." "Oh that wouldn't be good." "See, watch when I wear 2 backpacks. Oh no! It's happening! I am going to transform!" and apparently whatever backpack this is makes him turn into something that looks like Professor Slate or whatever from Scholomance.

"Ok, thank you for having fun with me!"

My daughter was watching.. and laughing at me and says "I almost feel bad for you, but I don't." Probably because I am so socially awkward that even game conversations that I don't understand I am sitting here like MAYBE IF I STAND HERE REALLY QUIETLY THEY WILL THINK I AM DEAD AND GO AWAY.

I think I am a weirdo magnet.
90 Human Paladin
You missed the perfect opportunity for "be right back, my cats on fire"
I will use that one next time!
90 Draenei Monk
Open for name suggestions when people actually wake up.
90 Human Priest
I just want to restate (since people will probably miss it...)

I stacked crit on my holy priest because I can

Look at it...LOOK AT IT.
90 Human Paladin
I stacked crit on my holy priest because I can

There is nothing wrong with crit now nor ever. People are scared of it because they think of it singularly. Over a larger portion of time it is a fine stat.
90 Troll Shaman
I managed to solo a warbringer last night on my shaman. But this morning when I tried, I ended up dying at 6%, 29%, and 8%. :( In a few ilvls hopefully it'll be really easy.

Wtb heroic tia-tia or something nice!
90 Troll Druid
Tangerines are a snooty variety of orange.
90 Human Priest
I stacked crit on my holy priest because I can

but... but you could have stacked mastery! ;_;

e: guys I can't make it more than halfway through r7 brawlers guild as disc QQ
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WOW.. so tentative tangerines. titillating is a good T word
90 Draenei Monk
e: guys I can't make it more than halfway through r7 brawlers guild as disc QQ

quit being bad. End of Story.
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meanie eiko
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Paging Dayani
90 Pandaren Monk
06/17/2013 06:41 AMPosted by Ionnex

*juvenile giggling*
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90 Troll Druid
Paging Dayani

Probably asleep, Aussie time and all.
90 Draenei Monk
Probably asleep, Aussie time and all.

Figured yeah, I'll give her a shout on Real ID later today.
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