I know what Darrowmere's PuG problem is

90 Night Elf Druid
For the second time last night my team had to PuG in a couple people in order to raid. We lucked out with one dps... awesome Frost DK from DIA who came in with the right attitude, great dps, and offered several viable suggestions. The other, a warlock....not so much.

Long story short ... Darrowmerians ... if you're gonna PuG in with an established team, DO NOT start mouthing off and being rude to the people you are playing with, especially when they rotated their team around off their normal toons in order to fit you in and raid. Instead of badmouthing the healers (much like the LFR heroes we all know and 'love'), offer suggestions to help down the boss. And, if you claim that your dps is 100K+ (like the spriest that I asked to switch to heals so you could join), then you damn well better be able to pull that off. 60Kdps from a 518 ilvl warlock on the trash bats before Tortos is just ... BAD!

/end rant
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90 Blood Elf Monk
60k dps? maybe you werent interupting the bats, only thing i can think of if that all you complaing about is his trash dps lol. and besides its trash, i turn my brain off and run on auto pilot for it
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I agree about the low dps on trash not being a big indicator since sometimes people will semi-afk during trash. (I know I do.)

However, the rest of it... yeah. Guy sounds like he needs an attitude check. Sucks that you had to find out the hard way.

A few months ago, we had a Warlock come into HoF with us, and he talked a lot for someone with less progression under his belt and mediocre dps. Even though we had the first few bosses on farm and there hadn't been any issues, when we got to one of the on-farm bosses he said, "healers better have Decursive." My mouth just dropped.

That comment and the guy who made it have become a running joke ever since then, and his pug rating went down with us.

If pugs don't think very highly of other players' performance but they want to keep pug'ing, they should strongly consider turning off their mics, and not typing out their opinions either.
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90 Worgen Druid
why even complain?
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90 Night Elf Druid
First trash bats before Tortos= no interrupts needed. Responded ready to ready check before pull. And his dps got no better as the (short) night went on. FFS, my monk fistweaving healer did more dps than he did overall for the night.

The dps issue was minor...we have enough to cover what we lost. My problem was that he brought absolutely nothing to the table except for a bunch of nonstop chatter in vent. My bad...when I pugged him and found out he was 9/12, I fluffed his ego and told him we would welcome all his advice, not knowing that all I would get from him would be "where's the heals?" and "so-and-so's ivl is too low". No help on strats, no advice on positioning, not even any constructive criticism.

I'm not complaining, really. I'm just opening a new thread in response to posts by Fluxetta and Emopally about how bad our server is for pugs. If you have to pug a spot in a raid, know what you can bring to the table. Know HOW to play your class. Its OK if you've never seen the 10 man fight...I will be more than happy to explain whats going to happen and what you're role will be. Offer suggestions if you think they will help. Limit your vent and RC conversations to current raid information...we don't personally know you yet and dont really want to hear about your date last night. And don't complain or criticize without offering solutions to what you're complaining about

And also, don't get me wrong. I dont think that all pugs are as bad as this one was...we were pleasantly surprised with the frost DK that joined us that night. A previous DK pug had not gone so well either, but this one turned out excellent and will be one of the first we turn to if we have a spot to fill. Although, I have to admit that the pool has dried up considerably now that the 25-man SfOS pug is doing so well. /sigh
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85 Draenei Paladin
On an alt, my Shammy, I went to do a level 86+ heroic. It was the Lionman one, where they stun the crap out of the healer. While I have not had problems before, the guys from the other server dropped, except for 1 DK and 1 hunter. The DK switched to blood, and the 3 of us finished all the remaining mobs as a trio. So, it was not me, the other guys were geared worse than I (after a 2 year break), and they could not hold the aggro to save their life on their crap-tank.

Just another PuG gone wrong story, but with a better ending.
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90 Human Death Knight
You should pug me

I best dk
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