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If you've actively gone out of your way to recruit out of someone else's raid group, then you're an !@#$%^-, plain and simple.

Everybody you recruit is coming from somebody else's raid group, whether they are a core raider, bench player or 'that guy who is gearing up.'

Fact is, if somebody pugs into my raid group and I like what I see, I'm going to make an attempt to recruit them. The only time this won't happen is if (referencing another thread) they come from a guild that i have friendly relations & a 'no recruit' agreement with.

If that person can make my guild raid better and my raid is a better fit for that person than his current raid (for whatever reason) then so be it. At the same time, if one of my guild members thinks the grass is greener on the other side and jumps ship for a different raid team, I wish them well.

Now, going back to the OP - doing it from within a guild IS a dbag move. I'll agree with you there. And he should have been kicked immediately. I'd called mutiny.

But outside of that I can't be poached from and I can't poach others from other guilds. All I can do is watch people make a choice for what they feel is a better raid environment, whether its joining my team or leaving my team. My job is make it so they don't want to leave my team, no matter what.
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06/16/2013 10:28 PMPosted by Cowzilla
Our GM has been light in his activity we rarely see him on and its only generally for less than an hour. The guy who is leaving said he can't seem to catch him on and has not spoken to him about what he is doing. I'm not into raiding so its not important to me if he stays or goes but trying to get others to leave who would not have without his encouragement makes me feel like he is doing something he shouldn't be.

You have more issues than your mannerless lout of a raider.

It's poor manners to stay in a guild to try and convince people to leave. And it is most certainly worth a kick, if only to not allow him to kill any morale that's left.

However, your problem at least in part stems from your absentee GM. For someone to be able to easily convince people to leave - there has to be dissatisfaction or unrest. And the GM has obviously left you in a quandary about what should be kick-able. Not a good situation for him to leave the guild in.

I would mail your GM - but not about your troublemaker in particular. More about - what direction does he want this guild to move in in his absence, and how does he intend to give you the tools you need to make it happen? A guild without a structure is always in danger of hemorrhaging players - because all it takes is one person who has been an "anchor" or focus of activity to leave - and the activity dries up.

Even a social guild needs something to build on. Talk to your GM and see what he wants to do from here, and what he's willing to do about it.
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