Do you hate your offspec?

90 Night Elf Druid
In my raid team I'm the Os/heals. So, I get to switch between dps and heals. I enjoy both but my TRUE passion is healing. Especially solo healing stuff like heroic msv or HoF. I was one of the first rdruids to solo heal empress. Maaaaaan that kind of thing really gets the heart going huh?
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90 Tauren Monk
In my raid team I'm the Os/heals. So, I get to switch between dps and heals. I enjoy both but my TRUE passion is healing. Especially solo healing stuff like heroic msv or HoF. I was one of the first rdruids to solo heal empress. Maaaaaan that kind of thing really gets the heart going huh?

Yes. Yes it does :< its been a long time since I felt that way. Probably since BC.
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90 Draenei Shaman
My Priest is Holy/Disc and I usually just chastise my way to glory. I'm not a fan of most caster specs, and am not particularly partial to Shadow.

My Shammy is usually in Enhance/Resto with Resto being the main spec on her that I prefer. I don't mind Enhance for killing mobs for dailies/quests but don't like it all that much in groups.

I used to main a Pally for years. She was Prot. Even when dual spec became cheap and tossed Ret on there for her I still almost always was in Prot, including for leveling and for dailies. I also have a Warrior in her 80's who has always been a tank and nothing else since the other specs don't interest me all that much.

It's definitely doable.
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63 Night Elf Druid
I have a too many alts. Too many druids. Balance is usually the off spec i choose on my healers because of the ease of gear. I think I would like balance if I would get more off pieces to switch out with it. Optimized for resto really isn't so hot as balance, unless I come across a very very very high level boss and then my 50% hit would come in handy.
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100 Human Priest
I have too many healing alts. I actually like Shadow on my priest as I don't really care for melee DPS and I tried boomkin on my druid and it kept my interest for 5 minutes.
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100 Undead Priest
The only reason why I dislike shadow is because of the high amount of haste you even need to be half-way decent. I hate Holy because it has too many mana/playstyle problems that I dislike.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I'm not a big fan of Disc. Not enough buttons. Never touched Shadow.
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92 Worgen Druid
I wish I could have cat offspec, but since the gear I get as a main doesn't switch over, it's kinda pointless :(

This is why my offspec is balance and I absolutely hate it.

I'm terrible with it. Absolutely horrible.

Might have to go run t14 LFR and see if I can't get a cat set. This is just.. bad.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I hate Ret, but I love prot. Too bad I'm not needed in raids for prot!
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90 Draenei Shaman
For me, Enhancement shaman = best offspec ever for a healer.

Ele on the other hand = boring.

I cannot play ele at all and have never had an issue leveling as enhance (even at the start of an expansion where they do not share gear sets and you are still leveling and worried you are not getting resto gear, its still not an issue). You can still build up a strong set of side healing gear in the process.

I miss Enhancement. It will always be my first love (though Resto is without a doubt my true love).

I've had Elemental as my offspec this entire expansion because my goal was to go directly into healing and I wanted to be sure I got Intellect gear as I levelled. I've been cobbling together an Enhancement set here and there, but it's not much so far. Looking forward to being able to use the loot specialization feature and run some older LFRs soon with a friend who's about to start gearing up.
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90 Tauren Druid
i dont have time to keep an up to date feral set as well as resto, so bal it is.

this is my biggest pet peeve about the recent pvp/pve gear changes. in the past a feral honor set was good enough to farm my dailies. now its pointless and i get to go moonkin
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100 Undead Priest
Shadow feels better this expansion than it did in previous ones. I can't spikeblast like I did for dailies in Cata, and the dots ramp up slow, but the flexibility in talents to adapt to different situations make it a lot more fun to solo things that I was previously unable to do.

That said, I still do dailies and heroic scenarios as Holy on occasion. Chastise Chakra's not worthless - I just wish chakra didn't have a cooldown so I could switch more easily between having a disorient and having an instant-cast single-target heal.
On my Paladin, I don't really like Ret that much. I'm not very good at it, and have difficulty maintaining Inquisition. I used to be Prot, but I hate what they've done to it this expansion. So for the most part she (slowly) does dailies with a different glyph set, spamming Denounce, Holy Shock, and Word of Glory (Harsh Words).

On my shaman, his enhancement gear is only dungeon quality (stuff the hunters didn't want), but punching things and mashing the cooldowns and looking just like the character creation screen shaman is just too amazing. Running everywhere and spamming lightning thunder fire fists and planting funny heads in the ground - he's a lot of fun.

On my monk, they had a windwalker set, but I mostly just stayed Mistweaver. I've never really had a problem killing things with punches and kicks, and it just feels more natural to solo with a giant green coil statue near me. It's reassuring.

On my druid... Well, they're not 90. he used to be Bear/Tree. Bear was a simple and easy tanking spec and I enjoyed pulling tons things and not taking damage. Not sure if it's still the same. Furthermore I was still on a PvP server at the time, and killing rogues that tried to gank me was always fun.
Overall I'd say that while I love healing as a role above all else, the off specs aren't terrible, with a few exceptions.
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100 Blood Elf Monk
Entirely possible to never swap out of MW as far as getting dailies done. Does very respectable damage, especially over relatively short time periods like normal mob kills.

Some of the most fun you'll likely ever have as a healer (MW spec in general). And this is from someone who never, ever used to heal.

Short answer yes you can stay in one spec and get most things done no problem.

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100 Dwarf Priest
I love Shadow. I switch between dps and heals as needed, so when we 2 heal fights, or when we have our Holy Pally, I go Shadow and pewpew.
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100 Tauren Druid
I don't mind feral for doing the occassional daily, but strongly prefer not doing feral for raids.
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100 Human Priest
No, because I heal in my offspec too!
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100 Gnome Monk
Even if you do dailies in your mistweaver spec, you will be most likely melee'ing in it so you might as well be doing it in an easier to spec to melee in.
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90 Draenei Monk
I'm full time MW. I don't ever play my OS. There is no need to. I do everything in my heal spec with no issues and things die fast enough. I can even pull packs with no threat of dying.

I have no interest in playing any other monk spec.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Elemental is pretty fun. I like simple DPS specs since I spend hardly any time in them I don't develop good muscle memory for playing them. Elem is so basic that I have no problem adjusting to it when I need to.

On the druid I am gearing up now, I struggle a lot with balance spec. :*( It's complex and extremely gear dependent, and the best stat (crit) is the worst for resto so of course I've reforged out of most of it which makes moonkin suck even more. Don't even get me started on moonkin form, ugh.

The only thing that makes it tolerable is the Stars glyph. :3 lol.
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100 Human Paladin
I honestly like ret spec even though generally speaking I prefer ranged dps. I do not like having to keep 2 gear sets up though. I know it's possible to ret in low end gear but it's so slow and I'm so squishy I might as well be dpsing in holy. And so I do the double gear grind. Not fun.

It's a lot easier on my priest (holy/shadow) as my discarded holy gear gets reforged for a shadow set.

Recently made my resto druid off spec balance (I was feral) in order to level 85-90. Once I'd set up a few weak auras it didn't seem so bad and at least I can use the same set of gear. Still not sure if I prefer it to feral though. The thought of the double gear grind puts me off so I might stick with balance for a bit.
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