Raid team poaching?

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You should be flattered.
He was asking if you had raiders who were available

If they were going to poach, they would've gone directly to whoever they wanted.

Here's a more calm and measured reflection (compared to the knee-jerk THEY'RE STEALIN' MAH RAIDERS!!" ...

Other Raid Leader, to self: "Gosh, looking at our schedule, we're down a couple dps this week. I'd hate to waste time trolling Trade chat for a couple PUGs that might end up being complete scrubs. Hmm, that <Rise from Ashes> guild seems to have been doing pretty good. I wonder if they have some spares who'll be benched this week. I'll ask thier RL"

If you were going to poach, how would you go about it? By asking the raid leader? God no. You'd go about it like this ...

/w Memberofrivalguild "Hey, want a spot in our raid team? I can guarantee you a raid slot and loot priority"
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I don't understand why anyone would think its reasonable to have me ask a couple of my raid team members to go raid with another guild for a week or two when the rest of my team would no longer able to raid. We could raid, but then WE would be the ones pugging /trade. Or at the very least we would be forced to change our own strats because we would be raiding with alts. Read my original...the guy was NOT interested in our alts. Whoops, sorry. I guess I didn't explicitly say that we have no bench. Many times on raid nights, there are only 10 people in my guild on line and we are all in Throne of Thunder.

Personally, I think Solaeris is right. They guy was being an elitist and putting his needs above anyone elses. I was not, nor will I ever be rude to him or anyone else. I'm GM and I hold my guild to high standards as far as server kinship goes. We're all hanging out together on a low pop server, and we all pretty much need to get along in order to 'survive'.

For one - many raid teams maintain a bench. While he may know you've cleared content, that doesn't mean he knows you don't have 13-14 raiders, of who some have to alternate on a per fight or per night basis.

I would be flattered. He considers your team good enough to cultivate a relationship with for player rotation.

If he was trying to truly poach, it would not have been you that was approached, but your team members behind your back.

EDIT: Too funny, I had this partially written before running an errand and posted upon return to see the above response which is almost a match. Sorry if it seemed to be intentional, it wasn't!
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Something to keep in mind is, that in terms of "poaching", well guildies aren't anyone's to steal in the first place, that at the end of the day, we all make our own decisions on who we want to play with and who we enjoy being around, and if you focus on friendships in the guild first, ask yourself, wouldn't you prefer a guild where you know you are respected and liked, and that you are playing together because you want to and enjoy each others company? Because if you don't have that, then of course people will just jump for the better deal that comes along, if you treat someone like nothing but a dps number, whether you say it or not, they will feel that, and jump ship. So focus on treating your guildies well first and foremost?
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