This Game Does Nothing To Teach Bad Players..

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06/18/2013 03:02 PMPosted by Shuku
Also I think you are forgetting that Blizz has lost about a 4th of its subs within the past two xpacs,

All the while remaining profitable.
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You seem to be working on some mistaken assumptions as to the purpose of this game.

WoW does not exist to make its subscribers better at playing WoW.

And why not? Simple, Blizzard is a business. A business is in business to make money. They will not spend their time and money to help you get better at something unless its in their best interest. This is called Return On Investment (ROI).

Should I, as Blizzard, spend my money on adding more features that would reach the majority of my subscriber base (pet battles, LFR, and coming in 5.4 Proving Grounds) or should I spend that money in developing content that will benefit a minority?

Of course, this also has its pitfalls, as Blizz has seen.

By catering to the majority of "casual" gamers (and I use that term loosely), who tend to have a high turn around because they have no real commitment to the game, they are alienating the minority who are invested in the game.

I can guarantee if the subscription numbers keep dropping as they have Blizz will do either one of the two things:

1) Give a timeframe for ending WoW and focus on Titan (if that ever comes out)

- OR -

2) Shift their focus back to the needs of the minority and hope that it grows, because it is this minority that has a vested interested in the game.

So yeah... there you go.

~ With no love for Blingtron 4000 because he always gives me junk.

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It was nice of you to waste more of your miserable little existence with that long winded post I did not read, but have you checked the latest patch notes?

They include a new "training ground" thing where you can learn about your role while fighting increasingly tough enemies.
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06/18/2013 03:09 PMPosted by Shuku

Oh you mean like to correlation that a game sells a lot of copies makes it good and not just well advertised or pushed into the hands of the public?

I'm saying everybody has their pet reason for the subscription loss in China.

They don't agree with each other, but they ALL try to claim they are right "because subscriptions are down"

However they have not shown that THEIR reason is the reason. They see correlation, but they cannot and do not prove causation.
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06/18/2013 03:02 PMPosted by Shuku
Also I think you are forgetting that Blizz has lost about a 4th of its subs within the past two xpacs, in which they have substantially dumbed the game down and made everything easily accessible with hand out epics and LFR. It was pretty much at its peak in BC up into WotLK at about 12mil or whatever then LFR came out and then Cata and now it is what? 9million? 8million?
You presume that your thread topic has anything to do with those sub changes.

1. Asian market droped pay-to-play for free-to-play, en masse. Kiss about a million subs byebye.
2. Mass bot elimination with removal of /follow command in BGs. Add to that many muti-boxers and disabled players who used that command extensively and you have another pile.
3. Market saturation (look it up). Unsustainable. Wrath was the peak and the #'s have normalized to their true market level (8-10 million).

There is nothing in there about "bad" players or Blizz's lack of/inability to ....

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I think more powergamers should graduate into things like addon development or guide writing.

... if real challenge is what they want.

I contributed some math to the old warlock spreadsheets. That counts, right?
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Sorry but you just missed the point of this enterprise OP. The idea is to keep people playing as long as possible. Part of that longevity is called "the learning curve". Make the gearing process difficult and rng based. Make the abilities obtuse and hard to understand, harder to master. Interlink the functions of the interface on a split second by split second basis but forbid automation. Require touch typing! That's just the character. Then you must interact with a world gone mad, much of it run by the inmates of the asylum you happen to be in.

Works pretty well. If they taught us everything it would be no where near as much fun. It's like letting your kid stick his finger in a light socket. He'll learn either way, but...
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100 Night Elf Priest
I contributed some math to the old warlock spreadsheets. That counts, right?

I think it does.

So what I am understanding is that you and the majority of people are okay with Blizzard taking a glorious golden game full of excitement and challenges and running it into the ground and turning it into a lumpy homogenized PoS that you just faceroll through with no effort and has no ascetic value, just to make money?

You are okay with that?
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Shift their focus back to the needs of the minority and hope that it grows, because it is this minority that has a vested interested in the game.

Ya try pitching that too the shareholders, I imagine it would go something like this.

"We want to trim the game down to only heroic raiding and top level pvp, and yes we are aware that only accounts for less than 5% of subs but we think the other 95% of the player base will suddenly step up their game"

"Security escort this man off the premises"
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06/18/2013 02:52 PMPosted by Judgernaught
Who should I trust when it comes to opinions on what makes video games good? A companies opinion who's goal is making more money? Or a gamer who has a love for video games and actually plays the game?

Well if you have any capacity for logical thinking you will realize the company only makes more money when it continues to make great games, and last time I checked Blizzard was still making a profit.

Diablo 3 says hi. Bad games make profit for companies like blizzard too.
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The problem is your thesis is incorrect.

The game is not hard enough to have "bad" players. It would be like saying people are bad at checkers.

This game is more like wii sports. It's designed around fun, not being a challenge.
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90 Orc Hunter
Blizzard had the carrot on a stick down to a science in the BC model of the game. It was the best iteration of WoW in my opinion and while MoP has gone leaps and bounds beyond what BC was, they have destroyed what WoW was built on and what kept people subbed for years and that is allowing everyone to reach the carrot with zero effort.
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06/18/2013 02:42 PMPosted by Shuku
See the problem?

The only problem I see is that more and more gamers are becoming complacent with having boring game content and easy games that require no critical thinking.

"Thinking makes my brain hurt! I just wanna shoot terrorists that are highlighted bright yellow with my auto aim gun."

What is fun about a game that plays itself for you?

But they don't have time to be 'hardcore' enough to play the game with half a wit. Don't you know that they all have such busy IRL schedules? So much so that they demand that the game they don't give any time or commitment lower it's standards so they can faceroll through it and have something to do in their oh so precious free time.
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