Poetic Nerdiness

90 Undead Priest

Some general nerdy poems amidst the other thousands that I've written. Not very edited as I like it raw, dry, you know what I mean...

M.M.O Mouth

Casters have their moments
Until sweeping strikes takes their heads
Soulstone as an act of desperation
Anhk if you the rez button gives you the sign
Epic heals now to watch foes die

M.M.O mouths of anger open wide
As rolls of 100 pass your 99 by
A token last moment need over greed
Main spec vultures starving the rest
Out of upgrades and revenge the guild collapses

Stealth's patience AoE Broken
F'Off DnD or some warlock spell of destruction
Like a fool the rogue waited /sigh too late
The death of the healer at a bad time
No druid for combat rez what a crime

M.M.O mouths of awe open wide
Rolled 99 on a raid boss mount drop
To have it ninja'd by a f'kn noob
Loot vultures pass out frustration
A vengeance GM ticked collapses
You won, sending emotions into bliss

Blinked out of a vanish stunlock
10% HP and into a shadowstep - dance
Iceblock just in the frost nova reset time
Mutlilate won't reach deadly throw missed
Evocate and the rogue goes for blind
He's gone stealthed and it begins again

My M.M.O mouth wide open
The PvP gods must hate me
I can't kill anyone in this BG today
Oh Mr. OP faceroll class come and save me
Before out of sheer frustration I reroll
To waste another month gaining XP
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90 Undead Priest
Dodge This:

Right of Passage,

Stealth mode engage, Rogue passes the bleed thunderstorm cleave area of effect right of passage, Advanced skill pariah hiding in shadow, Cloak of evasion steps through darkness behind the prey one can never keep, Lock of the heart can't be picked, Not even patience driven by a vigilante can

Away in the wake of love,Arms of the unforgiven bound by hate, Even the lover she cannot forgive, Comparative nature of souls, A worrisome internal narrative that leads to reckless words, Touch of the grave spell bound by a conjured stone set in a shield to reflect, Balance of the state of eclipse to distribute evenly the damage, Treants at the chicken's side amidst a forest of healing hands raining down falling leaves from their treeform free cast time limbs on the run from a death knight and a ring of frost.

Tell me a story of a world of war and craft, Witches eaten by warlocks only to be counterspelled by mages trapped in ice blocks after a melee cleave trained them nearly into the ground, Leap of faith rescued the pyromancer from an execute asphyxiation, Welcome to my world... Of Warcraft!

In earnest anticipation of,
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