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We have an officer in our guild that is a problem on a different server & I am not sure what to say to him to make him realise that the image of our guild is important to me & our other members. And that he needs to be showing a better example.

He has many alts in with us, but the problem is he goes around sticking any bit of armor he can find on any of his toons, & the armor he uses has no stats on it at all. And just today I was out helping him find a new pet for his hunter & did a quick look at his armor to see what he was upto, & I was ashamed that he was in very poor quality gear, most of his mail armor was just that armor, no agilty, no stamina, no anything.

Please suggest some way I can let him know that he needs to improve his gear without upsetting him.

Thank you in advance
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6 Gnome Rogue
If this officer is not associated with your raiding, or PvP groups then frankly if he wants to wear whites and greys that's his own business.

If he IS associated with your raiding or PvP group, then why don't you start by saying that you had noticed that he usually selects his gear for cosmetic rather than functional purposes, and discuss the possibility of transmog with him.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I agree with Chatte.. unless he is Raiding or doing Rated BGs.. how he choses to armor his toons is really none of your business. I would not even discuss it with him unless he asks for your advice. As unsolicited critiques are never taken well.

If he is not raiding or pvping with your guild ,You do not have a problem officer,, you have a the problem in that your disagree with his personal choices for his toon
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90 Human Mage
Without being confrontational with him, have you ever just asked why he's geared like that?

If he just doesn't know better, maybe it will help him out to know (though if he has multiple toons, he would, I'd guess.) Maybe he likes the look and since you can't xmog grey and white items, he goes around geared like that. Maybe he's doing some modified version of ironman challenge. (If it was going to really do it, he can't be in a guild).

I don't think this is a guild problem, unless he's doing group content - not even raiding, but even dungeons or scenarios where people should try to contribute what they can, and halfway decent gear is something I'd expect to see on people I do group content with. If you are a new or inexperienced player and don't do well, I don't care. If you are an occasional player with inferior gear and not doing great, I don't care either. But if I saw someone coming in with white or grey gear, I'd think, WTF?

BUT the guy may have legitimate reasons for doing what he's doing. If he's just soloing or sitting in town, it shouldn't matter what his gear is. If he wants to sit around in a wedding dress all the time, hey, that's fine too. It's only when it involves grouping with others that I'd worry.
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90 Draenei Priest
First question, why do you have an officer that either doesn't know or doesn't care how to properly gear himself? What kind of guild do you run that someone in a position of LEADERSHIP wouldn't understand this basic, fundamental concept of WoW?

Second question, why are you even remotely concerned that his gearing choices will somehow impact the image of your guild? I see poorly geared people all the time, and not once did I ever think to myself, gosh that person is a direct reflection of their guild and they're probably a bunch of scrubs. HOWEVER, that thought may cross my mind if I happen to notice that person is an officer, which goes back to question one.

And lastly, I agree with the others. If he isn't raiding or pvping in your guild, then how he chooses to gear himself is none of your business. If he is raiding or pvping and geared like that, why do you continue to allow him a raid spot (or BG team spot) in gear that isn't maximized? That's on you if you're allowing this.
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I had a guildy in a previous guild who was a ret pally, but wore a mishmash of prot, holy, and ret gear.

I was raid leading back then, so I explained to him how ret pallies should gear, and his primary stat, etc. I also made him all the epic crafted ret gear available at the time, which was a pretty decent amount (this was back in wrath). I enchanted it all and gave him the right gems for it. He wore it for a few weeks but then left the guild. When I checked his armory a couple of months later he was to the prot/holy/ret mashup.

That taught me to just live and let live. Unless the guy is one of your raiders, I'd just let him do what he wants.
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In addition to what others have already said -- people find enjoyment in the game in different ways. We used to have a group of guys who were delighted to find the grey pieces in Kara that are usually just vendor trash. They collected the sets and wore them proudly when they weren't raiding. It was just something that they had fun with.

Our guild is 7 years old this month and believe me, I have zero tolerance for people wearing our guild tag acting the fool in public -- for something like this though, as long as it isn't affecting a raid group or upsetting guildies in dungeon runs, I don't see it as a problem. That being said, I would definitely ask WHY he is doing it. If he doesn't know any better, then I would definitely make the effort to educate him. If it's for fun and it's not hurting the game play for anyone else, where's the harm?
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90 Gnome Warrior
I have a confession to make...
Outside of raiding, I never check anyone else's gear.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
There's nothing wrong with gently saying to somebody, that you want to help them improve the gear for their toons, and you will take them for some runs so they can farm the gear they need to put their toon in the best possible position for raiding, but OP, sell it to them as something that you are doing in THEIR best interests, that you are doing for THEM, not for the guild or whatever,

in your position if I was concerned about it, I would say, 'hey you, agility/stam would be very good for that toon, main stats that hunters need, want to come for some dungeons/LFR with me to farm some gear for that toon?'

your guild will have a much better image if people realize that you are willing to help people get the gear they need to be able to do content successfully, and regardless of whether this member takes up your offer or not, the fact that you would be willing to make an effort to help him get the gear he needs, is something I am sure that will mean a lot to him :)
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90 Tauren Druid
Unless he's doing group content in that gear it's really none of your business.

Back in WotLK one of our tanks collected Priest gear and wore it around town as his Town Set. Nobody gave lip to that and it was actually pretty amusing to see a "Priest" running around with Thunderfury.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Explain to him how to select his armour. He may just not know. No one selects crappy armour on purpose.
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90 Tauren Warrior
I have a confession to make...
Outside of raiding, I never check anyone else's gear.


And to add what everyone else is saying, there's a warrior on our realm who used to have a healing set. Seriously, he'd roll for healing offspec, and due to how long DS was out, his healing set wasn't bad at all.

We all got a kick out of it, and as long as he wasn't actively taking gear from someone else, it was mostly just a faction wide inside joke.

He was a pretty good dps too, but as the above quote says, outside of raids, who cares.
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90 Tauren Paladin
I remember when I was a noob, I would replace armour based on the armour score. Didn't matter that the piece I had was green or had stats on it...I would go to the NPC vendor and buy something that had a higher armour rating.

So yeah; ask if he needs help with outfitting himself. If not, leave him be. There are many people who wear different things for different reasons in the game. It's not always all about being outfitted the best at all times.
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I would say ask him about his gear, I noticed in my guilds first raid with this shadow priest she had done 1500 dps....and I am thinking "Your kidding me right?" Now prior, I did a item level check....but now I know better. I checked her gear and she ended up havijng agility gear. I asked her about it and she told me " and so told me to equip it" this other person was an officer in my guild, so I got onto him for giving her wrong information, then went to the auction house and bought her a whole new set of gear and explained how she should gear....just recently we noticed her dps started to falter again...I had my guilds toon advisor look her over (he is in charge of toon optimization for my raids since he has more time and more knowledge then I do and all the other officers..) and now she is a shadow priest with healing gear on >.< we are working with her on that one now. I would say like these others, if he is with your raids...then help him to know better, if he is NOT with your raids....then leave him be.
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