Pros/cons of all the melee dps classes


83 Blood Elf Mage

Windwalker Monks
Feral Druids
Frost/Unholy DKs
Fury Warriors
Ret Pallies
Enhancement Shaman

(if im forgetting something im sorry)
90 Draenei Shaman
Rogues and Ferals have stealth, and Rogues are usually near the top of PvE DPS charts and have at least one successful PvP spec

Enhance has a lot of burst and utility and is currently doing very well in PvE (though I wouldn't count on that becoming the norm)

WW Monks are fun but don't really bring anything to a raid that other DPS cant

I don't know enough about Warriors/Ret/DKs
90 Night Elf Hunter
Cons: Have to be in melee range (jk Tosser Rogues)
Pro: Carry cool looking weapons

Also Arms Warriors
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90 Orc Warrior
Pro- very strong DPS
Cons-mediocre raid utility, poor survivability

Pro- insane burst, good DPS, bloodlust, major healing CDs

Death knight
Pro- top melee with rogue, strong survivability, ams
Con- too many?

Pro- skull banner extremely powerful raid cd, shattering throw free in 5.4, strong DPS
Con- extemely rng based (fury sub normal
ToT gear)

Pro- good DPS after buff, crazy good burst, powerful offheals thru selfless healer
Con- still subpar DPS overall, no real utility besides offheals

Don't know much about WW so can't help there
90 Pandaren Monk
Pros - better to give loot to a melee than to just disenchant it. Its going to drop anyways.

Cons - less room to move means more damage taken (or DPS lost). You might hear "this fight is bad for ranged". You'll never hear "this fight is a lot harder if you have lots of ranged". You *will* hear that second statement in regards to melee.

From a PVE standpoint, assuming DPS is relatively equal:


Pro - defensive CDs, mobility, Tricks, Smoke Bomb
Con - target switching, weaker self-healing


Pro - Offtanking, defensive CDs (especially with symbiosis Dispersion), mobility, Battle Rez, Stampeding Roar, self healing, group healing, dispel (curse/poison)
Con - behind the back mechanic, target switching

WW Monk

Pro - Mobility, defensive CDs, self healing, (according to devs, group healing should go here, but not currently), dispel (poison/disease)
Con - Weak buffs and raid utility,

Enh Shaman

Pro - self healing, group healing, buffs/utility, dispel (curse), purge, short CD interrupt
Con - defensive CDs (not enough), mobility (I think, not familiar with Enh, Ghost Wolf seems weak for raid mobility to me)

Death Knight

Pro - Defensive CDs, self healing, Battle Rez, AMZ
Con - Mobility

Ret Paladin

Pro - (Massive amounts of) utility, self-healing, off-healing, defensive CDs, Devo Aura, dispel

Cons - um...other than being melee, of course...they share a token with Disc Priests, Warlocks, and Prot Paladins, three of the most overpowered specs in the game at the moment? There mobility is there, but a bit understated.


Pro - Mobility, target switching, entire phases of WOW raiding named after their abilities (Execute Range, Mortal Strike debuff, Cleaving, X Cleave arena teams, wait for sunders), Utility (banners and rallying cry)

Con - Defensive CDs, overly reliant on Execute DPS, self healing,
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90 Pandaren Monk
no real utility besides offheals

You do realize what Hand of Protection does, right? They also have a tank CD in Sacrifice, and whatever the DOT reduction one is called, they have that, too. Salvation sees use in tank swaps. Then there's Devotion Aura.
100 Troll Death Knight
pvp or pve?

DKs - pve

Has a dot based spec for fights that reward that, good for AOE and single target
Decent repeatable magic defensive Cd in AMS
Gripy grip grip
Some of the better melee DPS right now
Brings a combat res


Does not get into the crazy damage realm of Rogues
Outgoing damage suffers when AMS soaking is not available
We interact with Blood Lust in an awkward fashion, that can present a lot of wasted resources
Can't solo soak on lei shen :P
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90 Troll Mage
Rogue Poor survivability???? THey are probably the most durable Melee there is. CloS Recuperate and Feint. A rogue should never die in a Raid
100 Human Warrior

Pros: Excellent utility. Massive damage post 20%(generally the hardest part of a fight). Decent survivability.

Cons: Prone to RNG. Very gear dependent. DPS can be subpar at times before 20%.
90 Gnome Monk
Pros- Overall awesome, great survivability, great dps when we start getting BiS, good for locking down a lot of classes, Self-healing

Cons- Lack of on demand burst for lust at the start of a fight, very RoRo dependent for dps, Smaller hit box than other melees.
100 Night Elf Druid
Pro- very strong DPS
Cons-mediocre raid utility, poor survivability

Actually rogues have some of the best survivability in the form of Feint. Especially in PvE content where a lot of the damage is raid wide and thus able to be reduced.
You do realize what Hand of Protection does, right? They also have a tank CD in Sacrifice, and whatever the DOT reduction one is called, they have that, too. Salvation sees use in tank swaps. Then there's Devotion Aura.

And you do realize that all of these abilities are shared by Prot and Holy, yes? It's been acknowledged several times that Ret's problem was competition -within- the specs of its own class, in particular Holy offering the same if not superior utility to Ret.
90 Undead Priest
Pro- very strong DPS
Cons-mediocre raid utility, poor survivability

Is this real life.
100 Troll Shaman
Pro- very strong DPS
Cons-mediocre raid utility, poor survivability

Is this real life.

Nah man, Feint and CoS are terrible.

Bomb also sucks
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90 Worgen Warrior
Fury Warriors


No ranged filler attacks like icy touch, or Howling Blast on DK's which allowed them to be the only melee kiters in Cata.

Since they are true melee, they are guaranteed to have mechanics that force them to tunnel the boss and cross their fingers in hope that everyone else knows what the hell they are doing.

Heavily RNG dependent. You need BT / CS crits to trigger raging blow, then you want enough raging blows to trigger from tier while CS is up instead of down, and you want them to crit. Doing the exact same rotation has me all over the place dps wise on the same boss encounters just due to the extreme variability.

A lot of empasis on execute phase damage, means that if you have a lot of other classes who excel at execute phase like S Priests with their talent, Hunters, Other warriors, then the place where a warrior can truly excel in a fight is diminished greatly. In short, a good, lasting execute phase makes execute my second highest damage done. A short one makes it my 4th damage done.

Warriors are very subject to time variability on fights on top of RNG. Since I'm balanced around a 5 minute CD and two 3 minute CD's I can't tell you how frustrating it is for the boss to die right before my CD's come up during execute phase, robbing me of a lot of damage.


... We aren't the lowest on the dps charts, I guess?

We bring Rallying Cry and skull banner (Never seen anyone explicitly bring a warrior for those buffs unless they were a top end guild who had the luxury of doing so)

I got nothing.
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