Healbot Resto Shaman Issue

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Anyone else here use Healbot for their healing? I've been using it for years, since wrath, and I have it fully updated from Curse. But I've encountered a problem with it only on my Shaman.

Problem I'm having is "Purify Spirit" (on my lvl 88 Shaman) used for removal of harmful magic, isn't an option. Under "Cures" I cannot select it at all, doesn't exist. And I cannot select it as an option for "Spells" either. It either has an old name "Cleanse Spirit" or none at all.

I have tried using a Macro I made of Purify spirit, but it doesn't work. I see the cool sparkly animation, but in dungeons, when cast on a person, it won't remove the harmful magic. The only way I can is by selecting the party member and using "Purify spirit" on my hotbar.

I've tried to report the bug to the Healbot addon creator, but I get a website error for their bug reports. Anyone else have this issue or is it just me? and if you do, how do you go about it.. or do you just click the person and use the Hotbar option like I've had to resort too?

Thanks for any help! :)
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Hmm this works fine for me. Make sure you are in healer spec when setting it, Healbot remember and recognizes 2 setups 1 for each spec. And Purify functions differently depending on spec.

Otherwise..make sure you have it set to check for the right debuffs, have checked all the right boxes (only in combat?) etc. Worst case reinstall HB?
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56 Worgen Rogue
Yea, I was in healing spec

The rest seemed to be set up correctly, but since it's working right for you, then it probably isn't an issue with Healbot, so must be my setup.

Thanks for the reply! I guess I'll have to reinstall :-/
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If you're running healbot it's not showing up. Downgrading to will bring it back.
It's been an issue off and on with purify spirit for whatever reason.

The new beta has the issue resolved if you want to upgrade to that.
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88 Orc Death Knight
Confirmed. now shows Purify Spirit as an option, thankfully :)
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