Wow on Macbook Pro retina 13inch

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Hi, I am getting a macbook pro retina 13 inch for work. I was wondering if it could be used to play wow or will playing the game on the mb pro be really slow and bad ?
Can the computer support well the game ?

What about the new macbook air 2013 that is faster and has a better processor ?

Thank you in advance for all your help.
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I'm in the same boat. I've always had Mac desktops, which I prefer, but I have to upgrade to a small, portable laptop for work purposes.

Looks like the 13" MacBook only comes with built-in graphics, and I'm wondering if that's gonna be viable for WoW at all.
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I play on a 13" rmbp and it handles WoW just fine. I can run most everything on fair/good and can easily get 35-40 fps in populated areas. In LFR I average 25-35fps.
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You'll get even better performance if you do NOT play at a retina resolution as well. if you play at just an ordinary gaming resolution it is quite playable for raids too
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Thanks for both of your responses—that's good news!

Cupcake, I'm curious: what configuration are you running? Did you opt for an i7 with extra RAM?
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This just made me excited! Im buying a new MBP in the next month or so for school, and with the student discount i get a good price for the one i want. With the new computer, im going to be picking WoW back up after a year or so break. Mazondi, let me know how it works for you
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i wouldn't buy last years model next month though. they will be refreshing them any month now. hopefully in your case they refresh before next month but doubt it, probably looking at a august or sept release at earliest
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Oh ok thank you Omegal!
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I play on the original 15" Retina MacBook Pro. There have been several performance upgrades since this one came out. I usually play on "Ultra" graphics with no problems, although in raids and crowded areas (like in PTR) I sometimes reduce resolution to get better performance. I also reduce resolution if I am tabbing out frequently to check web sites or if I am dual boxing (running two copies of WoW on the same computer -- this requires two accounts).
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Sorry to necro this thread, but I figured I would add my two cents to this as it is very relevant to playing the game on a Macbook and on similar laptops in general. This post comes up under related searches on Google and may be of use to people browsing for information on performance without bias and too much tech jargon or flashy numbers that mean next to nothing on a real world level for most people. For a reference point; I play on a base model 2011 Macbook Air with 1.7GHz i5, HD3000 and 4GB of ram, 128GB SSD(Samsung Model). Take point that the newer model Airs and Pros completely obliterate what I am using from a hardware stand point and will yield better experience on all fronts, even the base models.

I initially wasn't sure I could play anything at all when I got it (school requirement) but quickly realized it was more than capable of most things, despite benchmarks and the various biased nonsense spewed out like garbage on internet forums that I had read prior to picking it up. I must say this, as long as you expect performance within reason of the hardware, you will be fine. By that I mean, don't come at the laptop all pissed off because it can't play games like Crysis 3 at 600 fps on max settings with 4k resolutions. Get a desktop if you want that kind of performance with those settings. Also, just because the GPU is integrated, that does not mean it will never be capable of running anything either, despite what people want you to believe about laptops and internal GPUs. iGPUs have come a long way over the past 3 or 4 years and will continue to do so. Sure, a base level desktop GPU may or will out perform them, but you can't just easily take an entire desktop computer with you when you walk to your friends house, go to school, hit the road for business or do anything that people actually need to do in daily life with minimal set up time. You especially won't get that for under 2.5lbs and the size of an actual 1 subject notebook that can be tossed in a bag and literally not be noticed.

For consistency purposes I play World of Warcraft at 720p, low settings (except high character detail, high particles, projected textures enabled.), capped at 20fps (you can set this by /console maxfps #), you can go as high as 30-55 depending on population density, but fans turn on. Fans are annoying, and I can't recommend settings that make them run at max. The system can absolutely run higher settings and resolutions but with varying mileage we should not get into as we are talking about the minimum comfort level here. The thing is though, with these settings I mentioned, gameplay is consistent the entire way through and there are no chokes, even in populated areas. Hell, the fans never even kick on because it runs cold. For most people, any choppiness you would normally expect to experience with 20fps is hardly noticeable on a 13 inch screen. If you have a trained eye, it's still tolerable due to the consistency in performance. This is a reality, not someone claiming it is better than it is. I have a desktop, and I play games at max with 60fps and you can't really tell the difference here like you would on a bigger screen.

If you're wondering about the other Blizzard games; they all run at 720p on low without fans ever kicking in, even with clutter.

Taking a quick look at my steam list for things that are currently installed, the following non Blizzard games are playable at acceptable rates with varying degrees of heat and fan noise. Almost all were on low settings with 720p but managed a consistent 20-30 fps. If they are windows only, I ran them on bootcamp. Some games maxed out, some games even offered laptop modes for greater performance. Again, these all varied but were playable:

Gone Home
Tomb Raider 2013
GTA Trilogy
GTA IV and Expac.
Guild Wars 2
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham City
Every Assassins Creed
CoD: Modern Warfare 1 and 2
Dust: An Elysian Tail
Mark of the Ninja
Rogue Legacy
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
Dear Esther
Shank 1 and 2
Trine 1 and 2
Don't Starve
Ace of Spades
ALL Valve games, these performed to near perfection. Amazing work on their end.
Borderlands 1 and 2
Hotline Miami
Lone Survivor: Directors Cut
Civ 5
System Shock
Velvet Assassin
Two Worlds II
Rush Bros
Many more that I can't add because it'd involve mentioning 500+ steam titles as I have played almost all of them at some point.

A newer Macbook, air or pro, WILL run this stuff with much higher frames and better settings than I used.

Overall, I am pleased with the ability to run these games while maintaining portability. Hopefully this is of some use to someone looking for the "Can I run this?" without fearing the typical ignoring of the question followed by the typical "NO YOU CAN'T! BUY PARTS FOR A WINDOWS DESKTOP PC AND BUILD IT YOURSELF BECAUSE WITH THAT BUDGET YOU CAN HAVE BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!" drabble. One key thing to note here is that nearly every benchmark I saw online was wrong. So many websites claimed I would barely get 10 fps in some of these games, but I clearly had 30 or more in some cases.

Key things to take note of when setting a game up:

DO NOT max out the resolution; drop to 720p, on smaller screens, this is better and it's lighter on your hardware.
Turn shadows off and water to it's lowest settings if you can. Water and shadows are evil in this context.
Restrict texture filturing and AA to it's lowest option if possible
Do not play on recommended settings for any game, turn everything down to bare minimum, experiment and work your way up.
Drop the maximum fps limit, most games allow you to do this in console or settings. Some games require editing a text document, but it can be done.

Do not listen to people who tell you it's impossible to play a game on a laptop. Their idea of playable forgoes all reason and generally demands something no laptop is capable of. These people will never give you good advice on a laptop or they will ignorantly try to convince you that you need a 3000$+ laptop because it meets their expectations of what is "playable". /gag

On the other hand, the good guys at Lenovo do have gaming laptops that beat all competitors with their Y series laptops. They however are NOT ultra books, like a Macbook in the 11" or 13" line, have poor to average battery life, but do tear it up in gaming performance at about 100$ less than a base Macbook Air (they currently have 1 or 2 gt750m cards in the Y series laptops and frequently go on sale). I digress though, don't let those people scare you away from a laptop.

Good luck and happy computer hunting!
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Thanks Probear for the tips. It's great not having the fans turn on and completely worth the lower framerate.
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can I use the version of WOW I have a my HP laptop on my new MacBook Pro
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can I use the version of WOW I have a my HP laptop on my new MacBook Pro

you will need to re-install the mac version of the game which can be easily done through installing the application through once you log on to your new mac, should take a while to download though because the wow file is around 20GB
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05/23/2014 11:05 AMPosted by Flagos
can I use the version of WOW I have a my HP laptop on my new MacBook Pro

you will need to re-install the mac version of the game which can be easily done through installing the application through once you log on to your new mac, should take a while to download though because the wow file is around 20GB

HOw long does it usually take, because my still hasn't downloaded completely and i've been trying to since saturday evening?
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<span class="truncated">...</span>

you will need to re-install the mac version of the game which can be easily done through installing the application through once you log on to your new mac, should take a while to download though because the wow file is around 20GB

HOw long does it usually take, because my still hasn't downloaded completely and i've been trying to since saturday evening?

It depends on how fast your internet connection is. My WoW folder is ~28 gigs. How fast does it say it's downloading in kbps or mbps?
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Does anyone know about playing on the 15" MacBook Pro retina late 2013 with the iris pro graphics?
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This is great news. I have been playing fine on my Macbook, just didn't know if I was crazy for doing so lol.
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I'm also playing on this years 13" rMBP as well so you aren't crazy for doing so! I've been impressed by the performance. Everything on high with shadows, water and SSAO to low or disabled and frames capped at 35. The fans don't kick on, even in LFR and frames only dip to about 25-28 in LFR. :)
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So I just started playing on my 2013 Macbook pro 13' retina and I play with the graphics at fair/good. Frame rate ranges from 19-25 and my fans turn on and remain that way the entire time I play. I'm worried that it is bad for my mac if I keep playing on here. Any help or suggestions?
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Hello! Yes, I am having the same problem as bloodriser.
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