Celestial Blessings - Chi-Ji (Healer)

90 Human Paladin
So, for anyone working on this part of the Legendary chain, thought I'd give some pointers since there didn't seem to be much about it on the forums.

1) Buff up - If you can, get some friends to buff you, or you can pick up some extra Shieldwall Commissions to get the temporary buffs at Lion's Landing. Extra stamina (Fortitude, Dark Intent) is useful in this fight. Also, be sure to use some sort of food buff, Int is preferred, or a Mastery or Haste food.

2) Focus the Black Prince - If you use addons a lot for healing, this will probably be a little frustrating. Since the BP is a NPC, he can't be buffed directly by you, but your Beacon of Light WILL and should go on him. You are going to spend the majority of time keeping Wrathion's health up, but there are times you'll need to target other things, so keep him focused.

3) Check your talents/glyphs - Personally, I used Pursuit of Justice, Fist of Justice, Eternal Flame, Clemency, Divine Purpose, and Light's Hammer for the fight. Light's Hammer is NEEDED, and Fist of Justice is handy to stun DW at times to prevent damage towards Wrathion or yourself. Glyph of Beacon of Light should be used, imo, as not to worry about your Beacon falling off at a bad time.

4) GET YOUR CELESTIAL OFFERING!!! - If you're Honored with the August Celestials, you can pick up this coin from their vendor. It may not seem like much, but for this fight, it has a passive health regen that can help take the edge off.

Okay, so now that you're ready to go, ring that gong and the fight begins! Wrathion will face off against a humanoid Deathwing, who does 300% extra damage against his son. So, obviously, you're going to be healing the hell out of the young black dragon. If Wrathion aggros you (especially during the 2nd and later phases), smack him with a Fist of Justice and/or run the hell away until he goes back to smacking his kid around. Whenever DW hits you, he will put a fire DoT on you. Cleanse this as needed, but it can be healed through compared to the rest of the bad stuff you need to be aware of.

Burning Bloods - Similar to the blood adds from Dragon Soul, DW will spawn 4-5 oozes that will bumrush and hit for a fair amount of damage. Round these up, and drop your Light's Hammer on them, and they'll die almost instantly, as they have very little health. If a bad pool or something spawns underneath, just drag them out and then back to your Hammer when the bad fades. These tend to spawn around the same time as our LH cooldown.

Burning Arc - This is a giant frontal swipe that DW does that does a LOT of damage. Wrathion is smart enough to hop out of it, thankfully, so be sure you do the same. It can be seen by a large burning cloud on the ground prior to DW's swing. Don't run just to the edge of it, it's larger than it looks. Very easy to avoid.

Pool of Fire - Deathwing will cast a large red circle on the floor periodically. Move out of this IMMEDIATELY, it does a large and painful DoT that will eat up your health quickly. Again, easy to avoid.

Deathwing's Wrath - Periodically, Deathwing will focus his attacks solely on Wrathion, be ready to hit the Black Prince with heavy healing during this phase. It is very short (5 seconds or so), so just keep an eye on your screen for the warning from Chi-Ji.

Rain of Meteors - During his phase, Deathwing will cast a rain of meteors that will slam down for a fair amount of damage. You can clearly see where they will hit with the black circles on the ground, or you can take one or two for damage. Not recommended, but sometimes you need to get that heal off on Wrathion.

Elemental Bolts - During the 2nd phase when Deathwing fades, Wrathion will run to the center, and 4 elementals will spawn around him. They will cast elemental bolts at the Prince, which you need to stand between the elemental and Wrathion to block. Don't sweat if you miss a couple, but try to block as many as you can, while ALSO keeping Wrathion healed up. As soon as this part ends, Deathwing returns with all his former above abilities.

So, overall, the fight is mainly keeping out of bad while keeping Wrathion's health up. The problem, though, is that Wrathion hits like a little girl, and his dad has a TON of health during this fight. To counter this, you have the Presence of the Dragonborn buff. This is VERY important, it converts your effective healing into a damage buff (basically, it's healer Vengeance). You want to be tossing the odd damage spell at Deathwing during this fight as this buff gains strength (it resets each time you do damage to DW), so during a brief breather, toss a Denounce or Holy Shock at the baddie, and watch his health drop.

It's a challenging fight, but also fun once you've learned the mechanics. If Wrathion's health falls to 0%, the fight will end. You can run back to the steps to reset (or wait for Wrathion to despawn) and re-ring the gong to try again.

Good luck!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Here's my experiences.

1) buffs and stat food. Like he said. Outside buffs work. Don't forget the stupid landsharks from Blingtron!
2) Set focus & Beacon on Wrathion as soon as he pops. It makes it a lot easier to see what his health is at and keep him standing since he is not a party member.
3) Righteous Fury. Wrathion takes 300% damage from Deathwing. You don't. Make's it easier to keep him healed. When Wrathion get's focused on, drop your first of justice on Deathwing, and start using your bigger heals. Don't be afraid to taunt off Wrathion. If you're at this stage you can take a few hits from him.
4) Save your Light's hammer for the 4 bloods.
5) Watch out for the meteor phase, they hurt, and depending on your connection you may only have a second or so to move.
6) During Wrathion's "fear" phase, stack on him and move an inch left/right/front/back to intercept the shards. Spam heal HS & EF on yourself every time it's active
7) Watch your debuffs, cleanse as needed
8) Since you will effectively be tanking/DPSing DW using this strat, Denounce/CS the heck out of DW every oppurtunity you get, and HS/EF yourself. When you heal yourself, you get a damage buff.
9) LoH will instantly bring Wrathion back to 100%. It's your one get out of jail free card.

It took me 2 shard phases to kill DW with Wrath acting as a rogue behind him.
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90 Human Paladin
I tried this with my Holy set as I was struggling with the melee one. This would have been very helpful. Some of it I was doing but not all of it and it seems the devil is in the details so to speak. Thanks!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I tried this with my Holy set as I was struggling with the melee one. This would have been very helpful. Some of it I was doing but not all of it and it seems the devil is in the details so to speak. Thanks!

For pallies, this really isn't a "healing" fight. It's somewhere between a tank/dps fight that requires healing. At least how I did it.

I tried approaching it as a straight healing fight initially and got owned quickly. When I went into it shockadin style, I was able to get much farther, and the following morning I beat it on my third try.
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90 Human Paladin
Yeah. I had no idea I was supposed to help kill Deathwing. Oops.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Yeah. I had no idea I was supposed to help kill Deathwing. Oops.

My first run through I tried it as a "straight" healer and we (Wrath & I) got owned. Once I got DW to focus on me, it became significantly easier (as in I could learn the event).
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90 Night Elf Priest
Just beat this challenge and I'm so proud of myself for doing it. Completed it as a ilevel 516 holy priest and had to change my play style quite a bit to pull it off. I found just sticking with greater heal was the way to go since it procs divine insight. I used the glyph of power word shield so it would diminish some of the damage wrathion takes as well as heal him a little bit. Divine star works wonders in this challenge it will kill the adds that spawn in a single return and heal wrathion and damage deathwing. I also used power word solace to keep my mana up and deal extra damage to deathwing. Chakra state serenity for bigger single heals and to keep a constant renew on wrathion and shadow fiend and soothing talisman of the shadow pan assault off cd and eventually i got the challenge done.
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90 Human Paladin
This is an excellent post! I was able to do this quest as a 509 holy pally. Keep moving, keep taunting, heal when you stun him, etc. Just follow the above post. Love it!
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
They key to winning this challenge is to remember that the point is to keep Wrathion up enough that way both you and him can take down Deathwing. After a while you get stacks, and those stacks can help your Holy Shock/Denounce do some tremendous damage; when I remembered about it I chipped off a good 20% of his health.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
This sounds a lot more complicated than the DPS one.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Finally got this after about 35 attempts. 503 I'level holy pally (thanks ToT drop rates). Went through 4.5 cycles and finally downed him with a holy shock. This was, by far, the most difficult thing i've done solo. My ilev is pretty low considering I do LFR every week.

- PoJ for passive run speed
- Burden of Guilt (used for the slow)
- Eternal Flame
- Clemency (2x Hand of Sac and 2x Hand of Protection)
- Sanctified Wrath (used AW 2x during the fight)
- Lights Hammer (Absolutely needed for aoe'ing adds)

Here's what I did when I completed it.
-Configured Vuhdo with a focus box so I could monitor Wrathion and me during the fight easily.
-Buffs were the AC coin, Int flask and Might.
-Accrue 5Hp before starting.

Deathwing Single Target Phase:
-Set focus and Put BoL on Wrathion.
-Kept 3hp EF at all times on both self and wrath.
-Used Righteous Fury and Reckoninig to keep DW aggro on me most of the time while kiting / cleansing liberally. Used judgements with the BoG talent to keep him slowed to reduce incoming damage and help kiting. Keep moving!
-Used stuns (hammer and Blinding light) off CD as heal-up periods.
-Lights hammer the adds as soon as they are up.
-CD Useage: I had to go through 4 of these phases so i used AW in the first, GoAK in the 2nd, 2x HoS/HoP in 3rd, and AW in 4th.
-Aura mastary during the meteor shower.
-BoP Self if damage when health was low.
-Arcane torrent racial off CD for mana.
-All this on top of healing self and wrath with HS off CD, HL, DL, FoL.
-I was saving LoH for an "oh crap" moment, but I didn't need it on this attempt.

Shard Phase:
-3Hp EF on both toons.
-Intercept Shards and use HS off CD to heal.
-If you get adds right at the phase transition, use Lights Hammer in the center.

Using Righteous Fury and Kiting with the judgement slow was a big help. I tried the semi-tanking method, but he hit me so hard i went oom or died. The kiting took a bit longer but made things more manageable and the damage was much lower. I used damn near everything in my tool bag but was thrilled to get it done.

It's tough, but stick with it. There's a lot of RnG, but it will happen eventually. Good Luck!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I want to thank the person who started it, and everyone in the thread. Your advice and opinions have been invaluable! And I overcame this obstacle today.

My experience has been this: configuring your healing UI to show both your focus and your target, so you can switch readily between them is a must if you haven't done so already. This is not a pure healing fight, so if you just happen to be a priest, and a holy priest like I am, you have to use your dots and your offensive abilities while you are healing the Black Prince. Again, use everything in your arsenal.
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90 Tauren Paladin
I disagree. As a holy priest, and knowing that all over healing on wrathion goes into additional dmg, dot up the boss yea but just heal wrathion. He does more dmg the more you heal him. It took all of 5 minutes when i did the healing challenge because i wasnt paying attention. Easy
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I found this fight insanely easy as a shammy--I dunno why. I didn't even know that my overheals helped dps Deathwing, I just kept myself and Wrathion up. Which is probably why it took SO bloody long to kill him.

I was surprised at how little the adds hurt me. I completed the ranged dps challenge first just to see if I could, and that one was WAY WAY harder, and the adds hurt a crapton. I had a huge crowd of them on me at all times during this fight (well, when my totems hadn't eaten them down) and I took so little damage it was laughable, even with like five on me.

Maybe it is because I did this in gear that was higher than originally intended for the content. (thank you, timeless isle!) I dunno--I barely even had to manage my mana. I accidentally did the encounter in my dps gear and still we never got below 50%.

...Aaand I just noticed that this was in the paladin forum.

Thanks a lot, Google. Sheesh.
/slinks away
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
it's also because it got nerfed multiple times.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
A+ info.

Would buy from again!

Finally got off my lazy paladin butt to pick up this quest again. Third (fourth and fifth) time is a charm!
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