5.4 In Game Store 100% XP Buff/Transmog items?

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if that's added I see more subs leaving the game Micro transactions are not a good way to run a game its only a matter of time if they add that they will make it so you can buy your heroic tier sets and that's the day I delete my toons and walk away.
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I looked over the page and it says requires level 85. That means that the player would be already done with heirlooms and would only be skipping over pandaria faster. I am okay with this actually. As long as its not from lvl 1 and only for the last 5 lvls of any expansion.
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if that's added I see more subs leaving the game Micro transactions are not a good way to run a game its only a matter of time if they add that they will make it so you can buy your heroic tier sets and that's the day I delete my toons and walk away.

And your ignorance of the subject will be seen. It's not bought outside. It's ingame via JP and all that.
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The way I see it, they should never add in an game store as long as the game isn't F2P, this item doesn't change anything, if you have full BOAs you can level a toon to 90 in a week, I'm sure this buff doesn't stack with BOAs anyways

It's not like they're selling gold or gear, this is for leveling alts and will change nothing at level 90.
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You know what's funny - if an achievement were added as an incentive for getting one character of each of the 11 classes to level 90 instead of stopping at just 5 classes, I would probably plop a few real life bucks on magical potions of 100% XP for levelling through Pandaria.

Edit: If a requirement were added for the account it's applied to to already have at least one level 90 (or max level) character, what's the issue? I bet a ton of these would be sold. It's a fantastic idea for alt levelling.
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Even a midst the seriousness of this thread, Doodlegnome can make laughter happen.
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Yay!!! The doodle gnome is here to stop everyone from freaking out!! Right?

Can you draw some forum posters with pitchforks sliding down a slippery slope please?
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(5:19 and onward)
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(5:19 and onward)


Right click -> Copy URL at current time.

"Even things like leveling speed is OK..."

<3 DG
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There is already a 300% XP flask that drops off a rare people farm, I would not be suprised if this was coming. They have said 4965238 times they want people in the current content ASAP so they can play with friends and not come back and quit 2 expansion behind.

I have full heirlooms for like everything, and no the fastest way to power level, but old people or new people do not and I believe these things target them mostly.

Plus I will stack 55% XP with heirlooms and guild perk with this to level even faster lol. Although I would never buy it with real money. F2P garbage there.
These types of items arent good.

Sure its just an elixir, then whats next.

Although with the way subscribers are working out, im assuming we will start to see more of this stuff to make up the difference in subscription costs.
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I am a sad panda,
This would be all fine and dandy but if you do instant leveling like that, no one will ever learn how to play their class? and then you will que with those people who have no idea what they are doing and bring you down......

Anyone remember when they first started queing for random dungeons, and HARDLY anyone knew how to get to the entrance of the dungeon when they died and had to run back because they never had to actually travel there! ugh frustrating!
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If this is for in game currency, I love it!! If it's for real $$ as some fear, that's a kill switch for my wow subscription.

I don't have an active raid team so I almost bailed over the "legendary" being a cloak, but the jp and no faction restricted gear is winning me back. If this is actually a micro transaction thing, that's always been a Taboo for me. I will cancel my sub when any pay to win aspect is added to wow, I've known this since 2005. $15 a month is a bargain considering the stuff it saves you from doing that wastes lots of money, but I couldn't handle pressure to pay more money to get better.

So yes, if this is in game currency, I love it, if it's pay to win, consider me already gone :D My recurring sub is already off for the legendary thing and I just wont turn it back on though I was planning to after hearing about gearing with jp :D

There's one more opinion, Master Blizz, on the matter, if that's what you were looking for while trolling dataminers lol Take care!

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(5:19 and onward)

Yeah, that guy says something like "faster leveling speed is ok" but... I play alts almost more than I play any mains... I would feel compelled to have this to improve my game play, and thus, is as unacceptable as item upgrades for cash.

Maybe it's the way of the future, that' just not for me. It feels very, very dirty. I would be stuck between principle, and feeling the need to have it. It would be like addicting someone to a substance, *saying* it's fine if they don't have it, and then making them pay money for it. In a sideways way that's the same as any game, but we're used to the $15 a month, it's easily worth it for the quality of Wow, this is just bleeding more and more out of us under the pretense of "if you don't want it, don't buy it" except that we're addicted to it and feel the pangs at it's absence constantly. I just can't reconcile subjecting myself to that with having fun.
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You need to remember that it says in-game store, not the Blizzard store.

I'm guessing this will be available via some sort of raid currency.
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You need to remember that it says in-game store, not the Blizzard store.

I'm guessing this will be available via some sort of raid currency.

I can't buy one. All my money spent. Got everything in my momma name.

Least I'm still fly.
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I'd be very disappointed if they added non-cosmetics to the store while still being a subscription based game. That's just too much for me.
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Well RaF is 300% XP buff so would be nice to get some help individually for leveling your alts.

If it's real. But yeah, leveling is not hard at all nowadays.
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I don't get why they'd call it an "in-game store." Why not say it's sold by a vendor, or the BMAH, or something else.

Or are they implementing an in-game store that sells various things the other vendors don't make sense for?
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