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I've been watching a lot of healers on lately and have noticed one major difference in their setup versus mine: nobody uses mouseover macros to heal.

90% of my heals are bound to my Naga Mamba mouse. So I move typically using WASD and heal with my mouse. I understand there is a lot of hate for keyboard turning (which I don't do if I DPS) but why do no top end PVPers mouse heal?
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100 Human Paladin
I don't arena so this is based purely on what I've read in these forums and elsewhere. It's my understanding that arena healers generally keybind their heals for specific targets (party2, party3, etc) and use the mouse to move because of the need for really fast and flexible movement in an arena environment.

Hopefully now an actual arena healer will chime in to confirm or clarify my understanding :)
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I'm bye no means a top end healer! From here it seems if your trying to target with the mouse, your not looking at what's going on in the fight. Awareness is key to advancing your rating.
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You kind of have to use arena targeting macros to heal arena. The sooner you start the sooner you'll get used to it. That's just... That's kind of just it man.

If you already have every healing ability bound to your mouse, consider using the keyboard to target. In any case, as long as you don't have targeting and healing on the same hand, (I did this for a long time,) you shouldn't have a problem. When you have one hand swapping targets, (now I use naga buttons to target my team and the other team, SO MUCH EASIER) and the other hand healing, you'll find targeting macros much easier to handle. When I used the Z-X-C row to target my team, as well as the rest of the keyboard to heal, I always felt like I was.... I don't know, trying way to hard? Your target swaps are always in between globals, so its important to separate them hand-to-hand to avoid breaking up the flow of your regular rotation; or you'll basically just be forced to play twice as fast as you need too, if that makes sense.

Think of it like the old "addons VS no addons to heal a raid argument". People who click are adding a pointless step to their mechanical process. In this case, people who don't have their keybinds balanced across the right and left hand are doing the same sort of thing.

So I don't know if you have your F keys bound yet, but I know ALOT of players use F1-3 to target their team. The other obvious choice is to unbind ASD from backpedal and keyboard turn, and use those three keys to target your team, and then use the F1-3 keys to target the enemy. Now, as a priest, its not vital for you to be able to target all the enemy players in any instant since your main CC is an aoe effect. You can probably rely on clicking on the enemy frames in-game to target them for any smiting/holy fire action you may need to do.
EDIT: Lying I forgot you have to do offensive dispels. You need the enemy targeting macros.

As far as focusing goes, I recently discovered this, and though it is kind of lazy it works VERY well:

You know much of a pain it is to keep classes like rogues, or mages, on focus over the course of a game? Forget that. Make this macro:

/cast Power Word: Shield
/focus arena1

Then change the focus every game depending on who you want to focus. You will be spam re-focusing them for the whole game. XD

One last thing: dispel macros will make your life 1000000000 times easier. Having to swap targets for every global is a huge pain! You want your dispels to be on global every time!

/cast [@party1] Nature's Cure
/cast [@party2] Nature's Cure

Swap for the name of the priest dispel obviously...

This way you won't have to hit TWO targeting macros to dispel one person, (one to swap off the target you're healing to get the dispel and the other to swap back.)

I don't know why but I never use a dispel self macro.... Usually if you're going to dispel yourself, you'd only ever do it on like a frost-bomb... And if you're dispelling your own frost bomb then you're 100% already targeting yourself since the other team is hitting you. :P

Anyways, if you're looking at your mouse to heal, clicking on targets or even mousing-over.... That's just somewhere your eyes don't need to be. They could be looking at the other team's health, the CC the other team is in, the position of your partners, the other team's position, etc. etc. etc.
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