The new JP to HP rate is terrible (imo)

I go into Heroics right now on characters I consider pvp-ing on, because with PvP power still being a stat, I can't get any Tyrannical gear from Arena's and I can't get any Honor from BG's without just getting destroyed constantly. I use the conversion of JP to HP to get those characters geared, and now that rate is being taken away.

It's going to take even longer for me to gear those characters when we're coming towards the end of the expansion. In the same update, the valor cost of items from 5.0 and 5.1 are being removed and turned to Justice, so no changes are being done to the amount of Justice earned.

This change just makes no sense to me, and seems hurtful to the people that have used PvE to get PvP stuff. I mean, isn't that why Blizzard removed Resilience and made 65% baseline? It was to get PvE-ers into PvP more easily. Yet they remove the ability to get the PvP gear by doing PvE. It just makes no sense. It's not like a full Malevolent can beat a full Tyrannical geared player, so even if that person spent a huge amount of time like I have to get PvP starter gear to get into arena's and other things, than why can't it just stay as it has?

What warranted this change?
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90 Draenei Shaman
Uh -- 476 Honor gear is garbage.

Anything 496 PVE is better.

They made the change because everyone and their mother (who isn't already geared) is going to be farming Heroics for JP and converting said JP into 496 Honor gear come 5.4.
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Yeah, but I can make the same point about next patch. So than 496 PvP gear will be garbage, and anything that is 522 PvE will be better. Than it comes back to the exact same point just on a higher item level scale.
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90 Worgen Warlock
The change is purely because honor is intended to be a lower end pvp currency, with justice point conversion being to supplement your honor pool to get those last 200 points you need for your next piece. It is also to help mitigate the penalty a player suffers by participating equally in both spectrums of gameplay, since doing both limits your exposure in either, resulting in lower JP -and- HP gains, and thus slower gear progression. It was never intended to be used to allow easy, mindless farming of honor gear in random heroics.

I can't speak to the necessity or value of honor gear in pvp, but I can say this is a problem that won't go away. Someone new at max level and entering the pvp scene will always be at a disadvantage. No matter how you tier pvp, match teams, etc, there will almost always be a gear element that gives the player who has played longer an advantage.

Frankly, I was quite surprised the day I first learned about the JP <=> HP conversion, and I feel like we should be grateful it's being left in play at all, even at increased cost. I feel like Blizzard would be justified in removing the conversion completely (although I know the ire this would cause in a lot of players.)
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90 Night Elf Druid
The problem is JP have been completely useless this entire expansion, except for the Honor conversion. Nerfing the conversion just makes JP suck more.
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90 Night Elf Druid
---Stampede: Decreased damage for PVP (so you have the effect of 1.5 pets against you, not 2, much like what happened to the DK Rune Weap), but the same damage overall minus pots/procs/Hero/Lust.

Stampede needs a buff, not to stay the around the same damage as a talent with 1/10 the cooldown. The pets should stay out longer so PVP burst won't increase.
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90 Tauren Hunter
I understood it as Honor to Justice was changing not Justice to Honor. I thought it was because they made a lot of JP gear more accessible by lowering the rep you needed to get it. I'll re read the patch notes.
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07/02/2013 06:18 PMPosted by Bowtoamerica
I understood it as Honor to Justice was changing not Justice to Honor.

It's justice to honour, and is being done because Blizzard is irrationally obsessed with forcing people to run content that hasn't been relevant to the game since April. They have had a real bug up somewhere that the game is only fun if you have to suffer through the same content you were running in October on an alt that you dinged 90 with 8 months later. It's easily one of their worst design decisions this patch, but one that they insist on doubling down on every patch to prevent people from having a decent workaround for.
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