mana burning

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Hey guys,

in raids im pushing out about 40-50 hps at 501 ilvl.. but Im mana burning all the time!! my battle regen is at 11.5k.. any pallies got any tips?
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90 Pandaren Priest
9500 spirit isnt gonna go far on a pally.

Outside of that its hard to tell you where your mana is going without a log or a breakdown of spell use and %'s.
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90 Tauren Druid
My pally has less than 10k spirit, and mana isn't too much of an issue. A couple of recommendations:

- Um, a Str trinket? You may want to invest in the Int/Mana return VP trinket. It is actually quite good if you use it well.

- Make sure you are using your Holy Power consistently. If you have it, use it. Word of Glory/Eternal Flame, Light of Dawn, anything, just don't let it sit. It is extra healing that doesn't cost additional mana. All of its uses apply Illuminated Healing as well.

- Divine Plea as soon as it won't be wasted, then on CD after that, as the fight allows. You may want to let your co-healer(s) know you are pleaing, so they can take up the slack.

- Pace yourself. Only use Divine Light if absolutely necessary. I use a ton of Holy Light on my pally, especially when I heal with a HoT based class. Holy Radiance isn't the beast it was in Cata, so use it relatively sparingly, and only if you know it will hit a large number of people. Light of Dawn should be your "go to" AoE, or Light's Hammer/Holy Prism.

Edit: I would also recommend changing your glyphs. Since you are running a crit-heavy build, you may want to try Glyph of Illumination, and I personally like the Glyph of Divine Plea.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Yea I think my issue is number one I need to get my trinket ( very unlucky with drops for holy trinkets). 1500vp almost got it
2. I think im using holy radiance WAY to much, and its killing my mana in the long run.

I noticed that using Eternal Flame instead of Light of Dawn on procs gives me more output.. but its all relative to the situation.. some fights my mana is perfect, but others I mana burn.

Thanks for the help
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90 Draenei Paladin
Looking at your gear---you need to change quite a bit around. Our stat priority, for the best thoroughput, looks like this: Int > Spirit > Mastery > Haste = Crit.

But even though Int is our top priority, gemming for it is weaker than gemming for pure spirit, spirit/mastery, or pure mastery.

Holy Radiance usage is a drain on mana, but it is also necessary to build up stacks of daybreak.

According to your talents, you're using SS but you just said you should use EF on procs instead of LoD.

LoD is very rarely what you want to use instead of EF. Because our shields proc mastery, it is more beneficial to use even one HoPo and blanket as much of the raid as possible. This will help with your mana, as well, because the more absorbs you have up, the less time you spend topping people off.

Your glyphs are sub-optimal. Avenging Wrath is not a useful glyph for a healer and Battle Healer is only good for prot. It doesn't do enough healing to warrant taking it as a hpally.

Your best choices for glyphs include Glyph of Divinity, Glyph of Flash of Light, Glyph of Beacon of Light, and Gllyph of Divine Protection. Some fights, in 10mans, Glyph of Light of Dawn might be worth taking.

Someone previously mentioned that you were using Glyph of Illuminated Healing. This glyph works only at certain amounts of spirit and those amounts are all sub 8k.

As for mana regen in combat... use Divine Plea on cooldown, whenever it won't affect your healing. I'd take Holy Avenger over Divine Purpose, talent wise, as it is 18 seconds of full holy power, when used correctly, and will help with burst healing phases. It doesn't rely on procs and tends to perform better overall. DP is okay if it's your preference, though.

And yes, the rep trinket from Shado Pan Assault will help enormously, because it restores a solid chunk of mana every 3 minutes.

One other thing you could try is grabbing potions of focus and use them during lulls in healing. Also, try to get into melee as much as possible to get the mana returns from seal of insight. It's not always possible, ofc, but whenever you can, it's helpful.

Also, make sure you are using your cooldowns--Avenging Wrath, Divine Favor, Guardian of the Ancient Kings--because they will boost your thoroughput and reduce the mana you have to spend topping people off.
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