Grid or Healbot?

86 Blood Elf Monk
Which one is better or more efficient for Mistweaver healing?
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90 Tauren Priest
Try them both, see which one you feel more comfortable with. :)
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90 Pandaren Priest
They both do the same thing (albeit, Grid does the click-to-cast when you combine it with Clique). So it really is a personal preference.
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90 Troll Shaman
There is also an addon called "Mistweaver" which is pretty cool, i personally use that one.
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90 Worgen Druid

Having used them all I'd say Vuhdo >/= Grid > Healbot >/= bliz raid frames > Healium. I have nothing good to say about healbot. Grid was amazing while I used it and currently I'm enjoying Vuhdo thoroughly. I feel that grid is still good but Vuhdo comes with everything in one package and just seems more advanced? I definitely found vuhdo easier to set up and it has so many features (some of which I dislike). Only thing about vuhdo to be aware of it setting it up might take up to an hour to get everything the way you want it and you might have to look 1 - 2 things up.

I'll help start you off. One of the first places you'll want to go while setting up vuhdo is the panels tab. In the panels tab you'll want to visit general, sizing, bars, text, and hot icons sections. Personally I like 40 bar height and 100 bar width at a scale of 1x in the sizing area of panels tab. In the bars section I highly recommend Unchecking dmg flash at the bottom (It's annoying and pointless) and click the class color circle to the left of dmg flash in the bar color box.

At the top of the bar section you will want to pick out your bar texture. Personally I really like #33 (Plain White) It's really bright and solid throughout which appeals to me for easy visual. The Hot Icons section is where to go to set up how and where you will see your hots or other abilities (Prayer of mending, Power word: shield, Earth shield, ands tuff like that). In the text section you mess around with name plate sizes, textures, whether you feel players health, and how you see their health. In the general section the only things I did was in the box I set panels to none (cause they were annoying) and for background (you literally click on the background word in the panels box) I set opacity to zero. Those were just changes for visual reasons.

In the general TAB you may want to go to indicators in the advanced section. In there you might want to disable or adjust something called "special dot". As a druid it was set to rejuv when I first got vuhdo which was annoying seeing that red dot on everyone in my raid frames that had rejuvenation on them. I disabled mana bar here cause I don't find them that useful. The only ones under indicators that aren't set to --off/empty-- for me are Outer (set to aggro indicator), Bar background (set to background: solid), and Health Bar (set to health (generic, class col)).

In the debuff TAB you shouldn't have to do much. In the standard section, in the ignore/irrelevant box I currently only have class and movement checked. In the icons box the only thing I have checked is icon.

In the spells TAB you will want to set up all you click-to-heal abilities here with shift, ctrl, and alt modifiers. I really like setting dispels to mousewheel for simplicity then generally I set singe target heals to normal mouseclicks with ctrl modifier used for HoTs, aoe heals, and such. Shift modifier are mostly cooldowns for saving tanks or using an ability on myself like innervate. Set it up as you would like. I personally do just fine with a 3 button mouse (mousewheel as third click obviously) but a lot of people like the advanced multibutton mice. Keep in mind that you CAN set macros in this section. What you do is make the macro, name it something unique, and type the name of that macro in the desired click-to-heal section. An example of this is on my priest I made a macro for casting inner focus with ever prayer of heal use and named the macro PoH. In the spells section I simply typed in PoH. I hope this helps a little.
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1 Night Elf Priest
I just use xperil for unit frames, and mouse over macros. Obviously I edit the unit frames alot compared to the standard layout but, I dont use grid or healbot lol.

Mistweaver addon is good for REM ^ and weakauras ^ I use weakauras to keep trak of my REM on targets.
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90 Pandaren Monk
All healing addons do the same thing when configured the way you like them.

While I use Vuhdo like Stratas I'll tell you in a non fanboy way that I prefer it because the developer does a great job keeping it up to date and adding features. I initially switched from healbot because vuhdo had a feature I wanted at the time the Healbot didn't have (though later added it as well).

On the other hand, healbot is much easier to configure and for most classes you can just add it to your interface folder and be 100% happy with it. Vuhdo takes a good hour for me when I lose my settings, and it took several hours the first time I used it.

Though again, once configured, they're all the same. (except Healium. Don't even google for it)
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10 Blood Elf Warlock
Grid sucks without keybinding. Vuhdo wins. Healbot is good if you learn it well, and has a good ease of use when first using it. clique/etc, is garbage.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Grid sucks without keybinding. Vuhdo wins. Healbot is good if you learn it well, and has a good ease of use when first using it. clique/etc, is garbage.

Who doesn't keybind? And I think you're being disingenuous to say Clique is garbage.

They all get the job done. Some people like the more modular approach that Grid/Clique offers. It's nice to pick and choose the modules you want and to be able to control addon bloat.
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90 Human Paladin
I do like the way you can configure healbot to show healers and tanks and then dps. Makes it easier to triage who gets heals when stuff gets hairy. Is there a way to configure vuhdo to do that?

Healbot sometimes has issues with toons moving around when people drop group or just because it is say tuesday. Annoying when you are trying to heal a tank and he has moved somewhere to the middle of healbot.

Never really used grid.
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90 Undead Monk
Mouse over macros are pretty much what I do, but I pvp.

If you plan on pvping then you need to use mouse over macros if you want to be competitive.

... I mean use an addon for pvp...
*Wrings hands*
Yes, that's it. Use an addon for pvp healing and let me know when you queue for arenas...
*Evil grin*
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90 Troll Priest
Vuh-do does everthing HB does but better. also you don't have to have other add-ons to make it work
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90 Human Priest
06/30/2013 09:45 AMPosted by Voodoö
Vuh-do does everthing HB does but better.

That is an exaggeration. Each healing addon has its own strength and weakeness. Which healing addon is better or more efficient also varies from healer to healer. You really need to try them out and see which one works for you.
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90 Undead Priest

I do like the way you can configure healbot to show healers and tanks and then dps. Makes it easier to triage who gets heals when stuff gets hairy. Is there a way to configure vuhdo to do that?

Yes. One way to do this is ordering strictly by role, which is how I set up for 5 mans. To do this you can go under vuhdo options -> move tab. Create a panel with 4 objects with type special and values of Melee-Tank, Melee-DPS, Ranged-DPS and Ranged-Healer. Put them in whatever order you want. Here is a screenshot of what my setup looks like. Note the column headers for each group member identifying their role. You can choose if and how those are displayed in vuhdo options under panels tab -> headers:

Or for raids, you can organize into regular group numbers and then automatically order each group by role. To do this you set up the panel the same way as with roles except instead for type choose group and then select the group number as value. The group ordering can be set in 8 different ways (not counting inversions) in vuhdo options on panel tab -> general. Below is another screenshot example of my 25 man setup where I chose to organize groups by column and then sorted each by Tank => DD => Healer.

There are other special groups you can add, for example I have pets show up on the right in a column, and then I display a private tanks column which you can add anyone to including your target or focus target. For LFR, I tweaked my vuhdo code to automatically add myself and the tanks to private tanks so I don't have to manually set it up each time, and then if for example someone decides to switch to tank in LFR, I will add them to that panel.

For my 10 man profile I did the same thing except only added group 1 and group 2 to the panel, set it up in rows instead of columns and sized it up the same way as my 5 man setup. Here is a screenshot I have of it like that:

I have each of the above profiles to automatically switch based on group size. There is also another addon named RoleIcons that integrates with VuhDo, so that it can display each person's role icon on their tooltip. I also tweaked the bouquet validator code to give me the options to display indicators on people with tanking specs/abilities active, because I like seeing when someone for example has blood presence on but is not tanking.
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